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This is your chance to get ahead and learn from experts about the most dynamic topics for developers. Artificial Intelligence, Cloud, Blockchain and Internet of Things are rapidly advancing in not only business but all facets of our society.

Speakers from around the world will provide their professional insights on the current and future trends that will keep you up to date with the skills needed for the field’s accelerating pace.

Cloud Computing

Cloud technology trends are evolving and dominating the IT industry. Our speakers will give you a chance to learn about the latest improvements in cloud services.

Artificial Intelligence

The competition in AI development is increasing and the best practices are continuously being adapted. Learn about the newest advancements & boost your skills.


Blockchain has been and will continue into the foreseeable future to disrupt industries with its numerous possibilities. Learn at our congress about the latest advancements and techniques from industry leaders.

Internet of Things

IoT applications are increasingly connecting our world. Experts will talk about the newest development trends to help you stay up to date with the continuously evolving technology.

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Developers, Tech Pioneers & Heroes of Innovation

Tanmay Bakshi

AI expert at age 15, IBM Cloud Advisor

Tanmay Bakshi is a 15 year-old Canadian author, AI/Machine Learning expert, TED and keynote speaker, Honorary IBM Cloud Advisor, and a media personality who has addressed over 200,000 executives, leaders, intellectuals, and developers at international conferences, universities, and multinationals worldwide. His passion to develop algorithms and to work with machine learning lead him to apply this tech mainly in the fields of education and healthcare. His goal is to help at least 100,000 aspiring coders in learning how to code and innovate through his books, workshops and seminars. Tanmay’s YouTube channel called “Tanmay Teaches” and his consistent work towards his goal for the past 8 years has earned him numerous recognitions such as Knowledge Ambassador Award, IBM Champion for Cloud, Google Developer Expert for Machine Learning, Twilio Doer award, and Global Goodwill Ambassador at Linkedin, to name a few.

Tanmay Bakshi

AI expert at age 15
IBM Cloud Advisor

Cassie Kozyrkov

Chief Decision Scientist, Google, Inc.

As Chief Decision Scientist at Google Cloud, Cassie Kozyrkov advises leadership teams on decision process, AI strategy, and building data-driven organizations. She works to democratize statistical thinking and machine learning so that everyone - Google, its customers, the world! - can harness the beauty and power of data. She is the force behind bringing the practice of Decision Intelligence to Google and she has personally trained over 15,000 Googlers in machine learning, statistics, and data-driven decision-making. Before her current role, she served in Google's Office of the CTO as Chief Data Scientist. Prior to joining Google, Cassie worked as a data scientist and consultant. She holds degrees in mathematical statistics, economics, psychology, and cognitive neuroscience. When she’s not working, you’re most likely to find Cassie at the theater, in an art museum, exploring the world, or curled up with a good novel.

Cassie Kozyrkov

Chief Decision Scientist
Google, Inc.

Siddha Ganju

Solution Architect, Nvidia Corporation

About Siddha Ganju
Siddha Ganju, who Forbes featured in their 30 under 30 list, is a Self-Driving Architect at Nvidia. Previously at Deep Vision, she developed deep learning models for resource constraint edge devices. A graduate from Carnegie Mellon University, her prior work ranges from Visual Question Answering to Generative Adversarial Networks to gathering insights from CERN's petabyte-scale data and has been published at top-tier conferences including CVPR and NeurIPS. Serving as an AI domain expert, she has also been guiding teams at NASA as well as featured as a jury member in several international tech competitions.

Deep Learning for Mobile devices
Over the last few years, convolutional neural networks (CNN) have risen in popularity, especially in the area of computer vision. Many mobile applications running on smartphones and wearable devices would potentially benefit from the new opportunities enabled by deep learning techniques. However, CNNs are by nature computationally and memory intensive, making them challenging to deploy on a mobile device. We explain how to practically bring the power of convolutional neural networks and deep learning to memory and power-constrained devices like smartphones. We’ll illustrate the value of these concepts with real-time demos as well as case studies from Google, Microsoft, Facebook and more. You will walk away with various strategies to circumvent obstacles and build mobile-friendly shallow CNN archit...

Siddha Ganju

Solution Architect
Nvidia Corporation

Leo Shiwei Li

President, Tencent Cloud Europe

Shiwei Li is President at Tencent Cloud Europe and responsible for the expansion of China’s biggest internet company into Europe. Before joining Tencent Cloud in 2018, Shiwei Li was leading international teams at Huawei Technologies in the APEC region and Europe, where he gained rich experience in the international expansion of Chinese companies for almost two decades supporting Huawei’s globalization strategy.Today he is a renowned thought and business leader in the IT and Cloud computing industry who combines a deep technological and cultural understanding.Leading several teams during the past 17 years allowed Shiwei Li to develop a deep understanding of different industries such as Internet, automotive, telecommunications, retail, finance, media and entertainment. Leading teams overseas enabled him to develop a deep understanding of different cultures and close relationships with business leaders in China, Asia Pacific, and Europe.

Leo Shiwei Li

Tencent Cloud Europe

Or Levi

Data Science Team Lead, eBay

The Fake News Arms Race: How AI Can Create – and Detect – Fakes
Recent advancements in AI have made powerful content-manipulation tools - that can create realistic images and videos - accessible to the public. Deep-Fakes have already undermined trust in democracy, incited violence and damaged the reputation of brands and individuals. This has motivated the research of technologies that can catch the fakes, such as In this session, Or Levi - Founder of, will take us through the emerging Fake News arms race, between “Bad AI” for generating fakes and “Good AI” for detecting them. Learn how AI can help fight Fake News with a spectrum of tools, ranging from Machine Vision for detecting manipulated images to Natural Language Processing for identifying psycho-linguistic features, and data pipelines for Deep Learning at the scale of billio...

Or Levi

Data Science Team Lead

Noa Barbiro

Group Product Manager Data Science,

Noa Barbiro is a Group Product Manager Data Science at Tel Aviv, with over a decade of experience with leading product development in Israel and the US.At, Noa is leading applied machine learning product teams focusing on computer vision, NLP and voice-to-text transcription.In addition, Noa leads a mentoring program at the non-profit organization ‘LeadWith – Women Leading Tech’ to encourage women’s professional growth.

Noa Barbiro

Group Product Manager Data Science

Flo Pachinger

Developer Advocate, Cisco DevNet

About Flo Pachinger
Florian (or Flo) is a Developer Advocate at Cisco DevNet focusing on IoT and Network Programmability. With a software and networking background he is working since a couple of years on many IoT projects mostly in Germany. DevNet leads the Developer Community within and outside of Cisco and covers information for APIs, DevOps, applications, automation and infrastructure management.

From CLI to APIs: You can easily talk to your network now
How you manage your IoT network infrastructure is changing from classic CLI towards a more API-fun way! This session will tell what is nowadays possible with tools like RESTCONF, NETCONF, gRPC and YANG data models to monitor, configure and manage gateways and other network components. It will also cover on how you can leverage these technologies with real-life use-cases, e.g. Connected Machines in IIoT. To make it more fun, there will be a demo about how you can talk to or manage your devices via a chatbot.

Flo Pachinger

Developer Advocate
Cisco DevNet

Dat Tran

Head of AI, Axel Springer AI

Dat is the Head of AI at Axel Springer Ideas Engineering, the innovation unit of Axel Springer SE which is the largest digital publishing house in Europe. He establishes and leads Axel Springer AI where his goal is to make AI more accessible within Axel Springer and hence drive innovations within the group. His ultimate plan is to turn Axel Springer into an AI first company.Dat's interests are diverse from traditional machine learning, deep learning, AI in general to computer vision. Previously, he co-headed the data team at where he built up the machine learning team from scratch. His team mainly focused on computer vision problems from teaching a computer to understand aesthetics to upscaling low-resolution images. He is a regular speaker and has presented at several renowned conferences. He also blogs about his work on Medium. His background is in Operations Research and Econometrics. Dat received his MSc in Economics from Humboldt University of Berlin.

Dat Tran

Head of AI
Axel Springer AI




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