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Our speakers do not beat about the bush. The stage program is all about concrete advice for the eager-minded. The speaker lineup features some of the most accomplished inventors, experienced specialists and curious dev ninjas out there sharing their best-kept secrets with the WeAreDevelopers community.

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Sir Tim Berners-Lee

>Founder of WWW & HTML

Jeff Atwood

_Coding Horror

Srushtika Neelakantam

>Developer Advocate
_Ably Realtime

Brenda Romero

>Game Designer
_Wizardry, Train, D&D, Def Jam

John Romero

_Romero Games Ltd.

Håkon Wium Lie

>Inventor of CSS, CTO of Opera Software
_Opera Software

Glenn Gore

>Chief Architect
_Amazon Web Services

Natalie Sererbyakova

>Sr. DevOps

Sani Yusuf


Alexandra Waldherr

>Chemical Engineering Student
_TU Vienna

Jimmy Song

_Programming Blockchain

Sumit Gupta

>VP, AI, Machine Learning & HPC
_IBM Cognitive Systems

Mathias Döpfner

>Chairman & CEO
_Axel Springer SE

Nikki Lannen

>CEO & Founder

Ricardo Ferreira

>Developer Advocate

Philipp Krenn

>Code and conference monkey

Mithun Dhar

>General Manager, Developer Relations
_HERE Technologie

Jigyasa Grover

>Machine learning Engineer
_Twitter, Inc.

Eric Steinberger

>CEO & AI Researcher
_Climate Science

Siddha Ganju

>Solution Architect
_Nvidia Corporation

Frank Riemensperger

_Accenture Germany

Garance Flore Vallat

>Fullstack Engineer

Boyan S. Benev


Fadzayi Chiwandire

>Lead Frontend Developer & SCRUM Master
_OnePointFour Consulting

Adam Klein


Milan Todorovic

>Swift/iOS trainer & Software Engineer

Kerstin Ewelt

>Head of Marketing & Business Development, Northern Europe

Martin Haunschmid


Devlin Duldulao

>Microsoft MVP & Senior Consultant

Björn Wendland

>Full Stack Developer

Christian Waha

>Technical Fellow
_ti&m AG

Markus Harrer

>Software Development Analyst

Luka Kladaric

>Chaos Manager
_Sekura Collective

Dr. Halil-Cem Gürsoy

>Senior Solution Architect

Natalie Ramp

>Agile Sunshine
_Mayflower GmbH

Ratko Mutavdzic

>Cloud Services Director
_Microsoft Corporation

Katrin Strasser

>Software Developer

Johannes Ferner


Teemu Kinnunen

>Data Scientist

David Stancel

>Cryptocurrency & Blockchain Author, Evangelist & Consultant

Jonathan Avinor

>Frontend Developer
_Corvid by Wix.com

Rishabh Misra

>Machine learning Engineer
_Twitter, Inc.

Tobias Schröder

>Full Stack Wizard

Avichay Eyal

>Fullstack Architect
_Tikal Knowledge

Kristijan Sedlak


Artemii Novoselov


Mira Jago

>CEO & Coder
_Cuckoo Coding GmbH

Flo Pachinger

>Developer Advocate
_Cisco DevNet

Olli Salonen

>Senior Tech Lead
_Futurice GmbH

Arto Liukkonen

>Lead Developer

Ulrike Strommer

>Requirements Engineer & SCRUM Master

Denis Washington

>Senior Full-Stack Developer

Steffen Heilmann


Greg Scullard

>Lead Developer Advocate
_Hedera Hashgraph

Atul Luykx

>Head of Cryptography

Carolin Ullrich

>Student & Robot Enthusiast
_Technical University Berlin

Stephen Jones

>CUDA Architect

Andreas Grimm

>Serverless, Identity & Access Management, Domain-Driven Design, Meetup Organizer

Alphonse Delaporte

>Product Engineer

Branislav Bujisic

>Director of Accounts Engineering

Jonas Kröger

>Solutions Architect

Sebastian Benz

>Lead Developer Advocate

Dr. Zoltan Fazekas

>Blockchain Consultant
_iteratec GmbH

György László Kiss

>Blockchain Developer
_Kiss Consult

Olivér Pintér

>Blockchain developer
_Kiss Consult

Pablo Weremczuk

>Frontend Developer

Sergej Dechand

>CEO & Co-Founder
_Code Intelligence

Mikko Pohja

>Master Builder, Emerging Business
_Futurice Oy

Tomislav Tipurić

>Chief Technology Officer

Bernd Stransky

>Solutions Architect
_New Relic

Olaf Stelter

>Developers Community Manager

Maria Laaksonen

>Customer Success Engineer

Dana Farhat

>Senior Developer

Tadej Vengust

>Head of Blockchain development
_Kalmia LTD

Katrin Bertschy

>(Frontend-)Dev loving UX


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