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World Congress 2018

Fireside Chat – Joseph Sirosh and Sabrina Hoffmann

Joseph Sirosh, Sabrina Hoffmann
Microsoft, Business Insider

The Power of Diversity and Collaboration

Mihir Pathak, Benjamin Perlzweig, Angie Jones, Anna Radulovski, Alice Pollard
Panel Discussion

Fireside Chat – Joel Spolsky and Stephan Dörner

Joel Spolsky, Stephan Dörner
Stack Overflow,

Value Ethics & Humanity In The New World Of Media

Philipp Belcredi, Markus Lust, Susanne Ostertag, Head of Applications Services Group at Microsoft Austria Sabrina Hoffmann, Anna-Maria Wallner
Panel Discussion

Cloud Computing: Fueling Digital Transformation

Doris Lieber, Johannes Litschauer
Microsoft, EBCONT GmbH

Creating a Democratic Decentralized Blockchain Organization in 10 minutes

Luis Cuende

Blockchain and Crypto: Disrupting Capitalism

Lorena Skiljan, Alexandr Sheinerman, Henok Tekle, Luis Cuende, Benjamin Bilski, Sarah Wiesner
Panel Discussion

The Rise of APIs

Uri Goldstein, Gregory De Jans, Jason Harmon, Piers Clough, Jose Luis Takahashi
Panel Discussion

Where We Store Our Code

Christian Stredicke
GitStorage, Snom Technology

Strategic Digital Disruption

Tom Upchurch, Dorothea Von Wichert-Nick, Margarethe Schramböck, Salma Abbasi, Rumman Chowdhury
Panel Discussion

Fin Tech: Innovation in Banking

Stephen Dörner, Patrick Kua, Tina Pogacic, Piyush Purang, Helen Tanner, Hannah Preston
Panel Discussion

Cybersecurity in the Age of Digital Transformation

Philipp Belcredi, Roel van Rijsewijk, Harald Leitenmüller, Fred Streefland, Markus Klemen
Panel Discussion

Cybersecurity in the Age of Digital Transformation

Panel Discussion
Philipp Belcredi, Roel van Rijsewijk, Harald Leitenmüller, Fred Streefland, Markus Klemen

Ecosystems to Enable Future Vehicle Technologies

Jost Bernasch
Virtual Vehicle

Coding & Creativity in Education

Robert Axelsen, Thomas Bachem, Kathleen Mullaney, Micael Holmström, Marwa El houasli
Panel Discussion

Empowering Developer-Driven Entrepreneurship

Chris Mayfield, Nadine Damblon, Dino Osmanovic, Chris Obereder
Panel Discussion

Digitalization in the Automotive Industry

Peter Kürpick, Klaus Straub, Walter Kreisel, Michael Fausten
Panel Discussion

The Potentials and Pitfalls of AI and Machine Learning

Jan Mendling, Charlotte Han, Tuomas Syrjänen, Christian Heilmann, Rainer Steffl
Panel Discussion

5 Years of Building an Environment for Innovative Entrepreneurship

Markus Raunig
Austrian Startups

Rethink: The Relationship Between E-Commerce and Shop Retail

Regina Haas Hamannt, Paddy Benson, Julia Stone, Peter Wolter, Andreas Kranabitl
Panel Discussion

IoT Revolution

Panel Discussion
Daniel Kalbeck, Carlos Haertel, Melih Yener, Rolf Werner, Steffen Fidelius, Daniel Kalbeck

Supporting Tech Entrepreneurship in Vienna

Gabriele Tatzberger
Vienna Business Agency

Human Enhancement Through Technology

Panel Discussion
Catharine Simon, Genta Kondo, Hans Jørgen Wiberg, Jowan Österlund, Chaudhry

Moving Towards Future Railways

Johann Pluy

Boosting Innovation

Stefan Kreppel and Marlis Baurecht

The #1 Challenge of Knowledge Workers: Triple Overload and How To Overcome It

Beat Bühlmann

Trends and Challenges in the EU’s Tech Landscape

Noah Meiri, Alex Cercel, Ed Hoppitt, John Graham-Cumming, Margaret Childs, Wolfgang Platz,
Panel Discussion

What Makes a Good Engineering Culture

Natalie Korotaeva
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