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November 23-25, 2021

9 AM EST / 6 AM PST / 3 PM CET
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Best Practices
Modern Web Development
Open Source
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All Things JavaScript ❤️

Get updated on the latest trends in JavaScript, dive into best-practices, frameworks, libraries, tools and more to level up your skills as a developer.

Multiple tracks
with tech talks, coding sessions, workshops, panels, Q&As, awesome speakers, a lot of fun and a fantastic community to connect with - everything a great event needs.
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Speakers & Program

Check-out the confirmed speakers below and be prepared for an amazing line-up with awesome creators, innovators, core contributors and proven experts in JavaScript.

Miško Hevery
Inventor of Angular/AngularJS | CTO at
Laurie Voss
Co-founder of npm | Data Evangelist at Netlify
Ire Aderinokun
Co-founder & VP Engineering at Helicarrier
Dmitry Vinnik
Open Source Developer Advocate at Facebook | Fmr. Salesforce & EA
Luca Mezzalira
Principal Solutions Architect at AWS | O'Reilly Author | Ex-VP at DAZN
Anna McDougall
Software Engineer at Novatec | Full Stack Dev | Ex-Opera singer
Matteo Collina
Node.js TSC member | Lead maintainer of Fastify
Alexander Lichter
Nuxt.js Maintainer | Founder Developmint
Roy Derks
Developer Relations at StepZen
Maxim Salnikov
Angular, PWA & Web Expert | Founder of PWASummit | ngVikingsConf | DevRel Microsoft
Rob Richardson
Developer Advocate at Cyral, Tech Speaker, Community Leader
Josh Goldberg
Staff Frontend Developer at Codecademy
Sani Yusuf
Founder of Haibrid | Author | Trainer | Angular Expert
Manfred Steyer
Trainer & Consultant at; GDE; Microsoft MVP
Sasha Shynkevich
Eng. Manager at Bravado | Organizer MinskCSS, MinskJS, FrontendConf | Google Dev Expert
Samuel Snopko
Head of DevRel at Storyblok | Frontend Knight | Vue.js & Nuxt.js
Chris Ferdinandi
The Vanilla JS Guy | Go Make Things, LLC
Alp Uguray
Senior Solutions Engineer / Growth Operations at Ashling Partners
Jessica Janiuk
Senior Software Engineer at Google
Nikita Dubko
Frontend Developer at Yandex | CSS Evangelist | Google Dev Expert
Christian Krey
Developer at Eisberg
Ramona Schwering
Software Developer at shopware AG
Bartosz Pietrucha
Software Engineer and Trainer at
Trishul Goel
Principal Engineer at Westwing
Ron Dagdag
Lead Software Engineer at Spacee and Microsoft MVP
Nicolas Carlo
Senior Developer at Centered | Organizer Software Crafters
Rahat Chowdhury
Co-founder of Whimser | Frontend Engineer at Simple Health
Maximilian Henrich
Senior Frontend Developer | Domain Owner Agile Development at IBM iX
Georgi Parlakov
Web Developer at VMWare | Angular, .NET, RxJS Dev
Stanimira Vlaeva
Developer Advocate at MongoDB | Angular GDE
Eze Amaka
Blockchain Software Developer at West Atlantic Ports Services
Dávid Lévai
Indie developer & Content creator at Pier 418
Daniel Roe
Open Source at Nuxt.js
Miki Lombardi
Full Stack Engineer at Growens
Mikhail Kuznetcov
Team lead / developer at ING
Miroslav Jonas
Senior engineer at Nrwl
Wisdom Nwokocha
Senior Android Engineer at Savics | Technical Writer
Liudmila Mzhachikh
Senior frontend developer & team lead at Mail.Ru Group (VK)
Christian Liebel
Web Developer at Thinktecture AG
Gil Zilberfeld
CTO at TestinGil
Principal Developer Advocate at ‹div›RIOTS
Adnan Rahic
Senior Developer Advocate at Cube
Brandon Roberts
Developer Advocate at Nrwl
Kirill Efimov
Security Research Team Lead at Snyk
Shalom Mathew
Founder of Code Inclusive and Tech Tour With Shalom
Konstantin Bifert
Frontend Consultant at passionpeopleNL
Raul Onitza-Klugman
Security Researcher at Snyk
Tobias Münch
CTO / Researcher at Münch GmbH
Sead Ahmetovic
CEO & Co-founder of WeAreDevelopers
Simone Sanfratello
Senior Backend Engineer at NearForm
Sumit Gupta
Founder & Leadership Coach at Deploy Yourself
Nathaniel Okenwa
Dev Evangelist at Twilio; Creator of The Baby Developer Show
Tal Joffe
Engineering Director at Nielsen | Tech Writer
Evyatar Alush
Front End Engineer at Facebook


Have a look at the preliminary agenda. Three days, multiple tracks!
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