May 20, 2019 in VR / AR

Accelerating Innovation with Flexible Access To Technology

Experimenting with new technologies like Augmented and Virtual Reality can invigorate your development process, sparking creativity and accelerating innovation. However, investing in a bunch of new hardware for the sake…
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May 20, 2019 in Corporates, Teams 3.0

Software Made by the Volkswagen Group:
 Sustainable and User-centered

Wolfsburg, Berlin, Dresden, Lisbon and Pune: there are now five Software Development Centers (SDC) within Group IT, in which cross-functional teams use agile methods to find strategic and innovative software…
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April 30, 2019 in Corporates

æternity devs are taking Moore’s law into the realm of code: faster execution, smaller code size

Beyond hardware: Moore’s law is now spilling over into the software within For decades since its inception, Moore’s law was something associated with hardware—that the number of transistors per silicon…
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February 22, 2019 in Stories

Brain Pickings – Gaming special

Brain Pickings is the series of posts revisiting stuff which has hit our inboxes. I clicked on all the clickbait, dipped into all the honeypots and browsed the web on…
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February 13, 2019 in Stories

Brain Pickings – From incremental learning to video game skies

Brain Pickings is the series of posts revisiting stuff which has hit our inboxes. I clicked on all the clickbait, dipped into all the honeypots and browsed the web on…
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February 13, 2019 in Uncategorized

☕ Coffee with Anna Buldakova, product manager in the Workplace by Facebook Machine Learning Team

Today we are chatting with Anna Buldakova, who is working in the Workplace by Facebook Machine Learning (ML) Team. We asked Anna some questions about applications for ML at Workplace,…
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January 22, 2019 in Corporates

Whitepaper – Understanding Developers

The whitepaper presents specific ways in which recruiters can reach out to devs and topics like building a strategy, how to be present, and the importance of establishing a relationship…
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January 17, 2019 in Artificial Intelligence

Augmented Intelligence: a Human-Machine Marriage on the Way to Complete Intelligent Automation

Nowadays, everybody is talking about Artificial Intelligence. It has become a major buzzword of the yet young 21st century. But are we ready for a largely automated world driven by…
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January 14, 2019 in WeAreDevelopers

5 reasons why you should use WeAreDevelopers to find a new job

Many of us choose the time around new year to think about changing circumstances in our lives. Often these so called new year’s resolutions include career decisions like becoming more proficient…
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November 27, 2018 in Artificial Intelligence

Shaping AI visions together

Dorothee Ritz, General Manager at Microsoft Austria  Nothing in life is more constant than change. In the past, there used to be an elevator attendant in every elevator who would…
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August 8, 2018 in Corporates

Introducing The WeAreDevelopers Tech Leaders Series

Have you heard about the WeAreDevelopers Tech Leaders series launch? Meet the faces behind the leading tech company cultures you keep hearing about. Learn about the life of developers at…
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July 12, 2018 in Corporates

Developer Relations Event Recap

Tabs or Spaces, the Vienna-based consultancy specializing in developer communities, held its first Developer Relations event on June 27. More than 40 participants came to hear an exceptional group of…
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