From basic research to the medical, financial and tech industries, everyone is talking about artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML) and deep learning (DL). While for many these terms might seem self-explanatory, for others, the lines between their meanings are not so clear. When a company executive speaks of AI and a developer talks about ML, it often seems that they are speaking different languages. And among developers themselves, there is often disagreement about where the border lies between strong and narrow AI.

AI and ML are real

Over the last few years, FOMO (fear of missing out) has led to a surge of interest in AI in the economic world, but many are asking themselves whether AI will turn out to be just a bubble like the cloud and Big Data. Many people are familiar with IBM Watson and AlphaGo, but what are the more meaningful and realistic applications of AI and ML? While big strides have been made in object recognition, neural networks and speech recognition, many companies lack the basic infrastructure needed to handle the simplest ML algorithms, let alone complex systems that support something like deep reinforcement learning. And then there is the Internet of Things (IoT), autonomous vehicles and the threat or promise of artificial general intelligence (AGI).
What seems to be generally missing at the moment is a clear understanding of the state of AI, ML and DL. This is where the WeAreDevelopers Congress 2018 comes in. Read on below to learn 5+ good reasons why you simply must attend this year’s developer conference in Vienna.

PEOPLE: The Visionaries

First and foremost, there is Joseph Sirosh, VP of Artificial Intelligence at Microsoft, who will give the keynote address on Day 1 on the topic of “AI: Tidal Wave.” One of the world’s leading experts on AI will speak not only about the great strides made in the last years in terms of AI and ML, but also the challenges that still lie ahead to achieving something like real artificial intelligence. His talk will also focus on how artificial intelligence can help companies leverage digitalization to empower people by providing them with the services they need to improve their lives. Don’t miss this unique opportunity to hear how one of the biggest innovators in the tech world envisions the future of AI and ML.  
Austrian-born computer entrepreneur Dr. Hermann Hauser, probably best known for co-founding ACORN Computers in 1978, will speak on Day 2 about “Intelligent Machines – are machines better than humans?” His talk, which is ideal for beginners, will explain how computer systems outperform humans in several areas and how we can learn to co-evolve with intelligent machines. Come see one of the most influential and successful venture capitalists in Europe speak about how AI is already changing the ways we think about intelligence in general. 

CODE: The Coders of ML

Then there are our sponsors like VW, Daimler and BMW. From driver assistance to full automation, automobile companies are looking to AI and ML to make driving more comfortable, safe and efficient. Once a topic of science fiction, driverless vehicles are becoming a reality thanks to deep learning, faster processors and major improvements in computer vision. Daimler’s F015 Luxury in Motion, VW’s I.D. Vizzion or BMW’s new Autonomous Driving Campus, the big three are leading innovation and shaping the future of self-driving vehicles.
The release of the open-source library TensorFlow in 2015 greatly simplified the process of building deep learning models and thus made machine learning available to a wider, less tech-savvy audience. Kaz Sato, Staff Developer Advocate at Google Cloud, will present concrete examples on Day 1 of how non-tech companies (including a cucumber farmer) have used TensorFlow and Cloud ML to solve real-world problems and increase productivity. Find out how this platform is helping businesses drive innovations in deep learning applications at low cost and without much expertise.

FUTURE: The Creators

     One of the biggest challenges facing AI is overcoming users’ fears of technology and ethical and privacy concerns. Catalina Butnaru, City AI Ambassador for London, will talk on Day 3 about Humans in AI – a practical, easy-to-implement work framework that helps companies account for ethical considerations, user adoption and job augmentation before deploying AI in a real environment. Following her talk, Simon Stiebellehner, Data Scientist at Craftworks, will speak about using text embedded logarithms in recomm. system. Suited for an intermediate audience, his talk will focus on neural probabilistic language models and how its most prominent representative, word2vec, has expanded the range of possible use cases beyond the traditional field of NLP. Finally, Lassi Kurkijärvi, SVP at Solita, will speak about how developers are shaping the future relationship between humans and AI and how writing code and algorithms is a moral act these days. His talk entitled “Reshaping our minds and lives – how you build and prepare the coming human/AI partnershippromises to be a thought-provoking and introspective look at the future of AI.
And last but not least, WeAreDevelopers very own Eric Steinberger and Liad Magen will speak on Day 3. Eric will talk about AI and its future – artificial general intelligence (AGI). Besides offering a glimpse into what neural networks really look like from the inside and how problems are solved using deep learning, his talk will primarily focus on what AI can and cannot do yet and why further research is needed. Liad will go deep on the difficulty of staying up to date with the latest progress and research results in the field, and will show approaches of filtering relevant content using practical NLP and Machine Learning methods.

WeAreDevelopers World Congress 2018 – what else?

So as you can see, based on the number and caliber of the speakers, the WeAreDevelopers Congress 2018 is the place to be if you want to learn about the latest developments taking place in AI, ML and DL. Plus, you get the chance to exchange ideas and experiences with like-minded people and talk to companies and entrepreneurs who are always looking for new talent. And hey, if these are reason enough to attend the conference, don’t forget that there is an after-party that promises to be an event of epic proportions.
So don’t wait and get your ticket today. Plus, free coffee:)    

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