Many of us choose the time around new year to think about changing circumstances in our lives. Often these so called new year’s resolutions include career decisions like becoming more proficient in a specific field, learning new programming languages or even finding a new job.

Now, everyone knows (or should know) that a good developer can find a new job easily nowadays. But how do you find the right one? The one that truly makes you happy? In an organisation or company that respects you and builds its team around the people and not around projects! How to find the one job that perfectly fits your needs and desires, that brings you further in your career and that is the next logical step on your career path?

Now, this part is still challenging, even for developers. And this is where WeAreDevelopers comes into the game. is an online platform that connects developers with the best job opportunities on the market and here are the five reasons why you should give it a try.

1. Developers are in the driver’s seat

WeAreDevelopers is neither a recruiter nor a headhunter. Instead, WeAreDevelopers is built and run by developers who have the mission to help other developers to find the job that truly makes them happy.

We have turned around the recruiting and hiring process on the IT job market. We know what to look at and understand your desires and motivation.

With WeAreDevelopers you don’t search and apply for jobs. It’s the companies who apply to you. And the best thing? You don’t even need to filter them. We do it for you! You will only receive career opportunities that truly match your profile.

2. We hand-pick companies and job offers

WeAreDevelopers is not a job board. Not every company can just sign up and use our service to find top tech talent. WeAreDevelopers has a strict catalogue of criteria that companies need to fulfil in order to offer their open positions on our platform. That way we make sure to offer only suitable jobs in cutting-edge companies.

Some of the dozens of parameters that we take into consideration include an above market average salary scheme, side benefits, company culture, internationality of the team, diversity, tech stack, work environment and much more. WeAreDevelopers will not send you crappy job offers, but only the most suitable ones.

3. Zero spam and 100% anonymity

Our mission is to get the best job for you, not just any job. Therefore we will not send you a huge amount of boring job offers. You’ll get matched with opportunities that fit to your profile and requirements. It is a half-automated process with a sophisticated matching engine and human validation.

Employers can’t browse developers on our platform. Only when our system detects a match and it get’s approved by our Talent Managers you will receive a notification. And only after you review a matched opportunity and give your consent the company will be able to contact you. That way you stay anonymous as long as you want and your current employer will never know that you are registered on our platform.

We will not take too much of your time. In some cases, and only if you are interested, our Talent Managers will make a conference call with you to further improve your profile and learn about your expectations.

4. A lot of side benefits

As a registered user on you will not only get interesting career opportunities, but you will also enjoy a lot of side-benefits.

You will receive discounts to our events like the WeAreDevelopers World Congress which is world’s largest conference for developers. There you can meet and learn from legends like Steve Wozniak, John and Brenda Romero, Andreas Antonopolous, Håkon Wium Lie, Rasmus Lerdorf and many more.

As a registered user you will get access to exclusive content, you will be able to join ask-me-anything sessions with experts from your field, you will receive early access, discounts and vouchers for various development tools and you will take part in special promotions.

5. It’s free

The best thing? It’s free. Nothing more to add to this point.

We don’t see developers just as another job role within an organisation. For us, being a developer means being a pioneer on the way to a better future for humanity.

Sead Ahmetovic
Co-founder & Managing Director @WeAreDevelopers

Photo credits: Tamas Kuensztler

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