A look at what’s next in AI, virtual collaboration, and beyond  

March 8, 2022
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A look at what’s next in AI, virtual collaboration, and beyond  

The rise of AI and machine learning is undisputed. It’s accelerating breakthroughs in robotics development, tackling climate change, delivering the next generation of autonomous vehicles, and redefining the pace of scientific research. The developments being made in these fields rely upon knowledge sharing and collaboration across industry and academia, as well as specialist skills, to keep up with the pace of change. 

NVIDIA GTC, which will run online March 21–24, explores the most important challenges and breakthroughs developers are experiencing today. You’ll hear from some of the greatest minds about how the power of AI is redefining the world of tomorrow. 

The conference kicks off with NVIDIA founder and CEO Jensen Huang’s keynote on March 22 at 4:00 p.m. CET, no registration required.

Choose from 900+ sessions across robotics, speech AI, data science, and more

The conference is packed with talks from the brightest minds in the business. With over 900 sessions to choose from, you’ll find the insights needed to accelerate your life’s work, whether you’re fascinated by robotics research, looking to learn more about the flexibility and customization potential of speech AI, or want to hear from futurists about the potential for virtual worlds. 

Breakthroughs in robotics are helping to solve real-world problems in industries like manufacturing, logistics, healthcare, and more. At GTC, learn about the latest developments and explore real use cases showing how companies are using new technologies to form groundbreaking solutions. You’ll also hear from experts in deep dive technical sessions about efficiencies to streamline simulation and accelerate time to market for robotics applications. 

Speech AI is becoming increasingly sophisticated, with automatic speech recognition and text-to-speech technologies providing new opportunities in areas like customer service, fraud detection, and healthcare. Hear from the experts at GTC on topics including introductions to building and deploying speech AI pipelines, and review case studies demonstrating how speech AI is driving efficiencies across a variety of industries and use cases. 

Digital twins have been around in various forms for many years, but now we’re on the precipice of an explosion of possibilities. Businesses are already using digital twins to simulate their operational processes to find possible optimisations, and smart cities are providing a wealth of data on everything from traffic flow to crime patterns, helping urban planners improve city design. In the future, scientists will be able to create ultra-high-resolution models to monitor the effects of climate change or simulate accessibility in product testing to enable more inclusive design.

Autonomous vehicles will transform how we move about our world. At the same time, developing a robust and safe autonomous vehicle architecture is one of the toughest challenges facing developers today. 

Get connected with your peers

GTC is more than just a conference. It’s an opportunity to network with your peers and speakers, digging deeper into the data powering new discoveries, research methodologies, and the ways to deploy AI. This means getting to the best solution faster with the help of your community. 

Connect with the Experts sessions are designed for you to discuss your projects and challenges in a group setting to get a fresh perspective, or break out one-on-one to explore more detailed topics. With topics ranging from Deep Learning, Machine Learning, and Data Science  to GPU Performance Analysis and Optimization, there are sessions for every specialist skill and experience.

Uplevel your skills with hands-on developer training

Hands-on, instructor-led training sessions are available at the conference to help you stay up to date with the latest SDKs, hardware, and AI technology. Whether you’re an engineer, developer, or data scientist, our Deep Learning Institute training sessions will keep you at the pinnacle of the latest developments in your field. You get access to two-hour workshops for free as part of your GTC registration. Or, sign up for a full-day workshop to earn an NVIDIA Deep Learning Institute certificate for just $149. 

Learn from the industry’s brightest minds, connect with experts, network with your peers. Let’s take on the world’s greatest challenges together. Join us in March to find out what’s next in the era of AI. 

Highlights from the developer program:

6 p.m. CET, March 22 – Magnus Östberg of Mercedes-Benz AG talks about the software strategy behind luxury cars. 

8 p.m. CET, March 22 - NVIDIA Inception will cover key frameworks and services for accelerating startups

12 p.m. CET, March 22 – NVIDIA experts deep dive into GPU-accelerated big data and data science technologies. 

9 a.m. CET, March 24 – Bilberry’s Hugo Serrat discusses how NVIDIA TensorRT and GPUs can take you from proof of concept to industrial products without rewriting your software.

1 p.m. CET, March 24 – Discover how Transformers and ASRs are changing the way we think about search, to allow for an easier, faster, more intuitive experience.


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