Many apologies to Fitbit, which must give up its crown to Apple as the world’s top wearable company.

Apple won’t reveal its precise Apple Watch sales numbers, but it has been named the new king of wearables, taking Fitbit’s place.

According to Strategy Analytics’ most recent report, Apple’s wearables market share has grown dramatically in the global market since last year, jumping from 12.1 percent in Q1 2016 to 15.9 percent in 2017. Supposedly, it was calculated that the company shipped around 3.5 million watches this year, compared to 2.2 million the previous year during the same period.

With the help of aggressive marketing, the new sleek design, and great retail presence, the Apple Watch Series 2 is selling great worldwide. Not to mention its focus on health and fitness features, which are becoming increasingly popular and appealing to customers.
A lot of Apple’s rise to the top is also due to major competitor Fitbit’s loss, due to the latter’s diminishing demand for its fitness bands and to its late entry into the rising smartwatch market. Fitbit’s shipments, pricing, profit, and revenue are all currently decreasing, leaving a big challenge for the company to recover – making its destiny still unknown.

While Apple has now taken its throne as the king of wearables, some believe the future of smartwatches’ demand is still unclear, especially since Google Maps, Amazon, eBay, and other well-reputed apps quietly halted their support from the Apple Watch. So, Apple might be at the top for now, but the size of the market reigns supreme when speculating a company’s relative success.

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