Brain Pickings is the series of posts revisiting stuff which has hit our inboxes. I clicked on all the clickbait, dipped into all the honeypots and browsed the web on the way to work – just for you.

So, grab your favourite mug, lean back and enjoy.

Become a better you – a better dev

I learned the hard way that learning to develop is a question of stamina and repetition. I think I am not alone. What if there is a chrome plugin which supports you with that? Every time you open a new tab in Chrome you get a 30 second snippet of developer wisdom. Topics range from Python to React.

Laravel Core Adventures

How familiar are you with Laravel? If you want to get a guided tour under the hood of Laravel the core adventures are the place to go. You can shine at your next job interview if you know that stuff. Christoph did an awesome job to make it easier for you and me to learn the inner workings of Laravel.

Fancy a weekend build? Your own OAuth2 Server in Go

If you have a REST API and want to make it accessible in a secure way Open Authorization Version 2.0 (or short OAuth2) is the way to go. You do not have to go through a lot of research because Cyan already wrote a niece piece how to do that with GoLang. …and there goes the weekend.

Are you Julia’s Romeo already?

Since 2012 Julia is around and gaining popularity. Is it already dethroning Python as the machine learning language #1? Not yet, but its userbase is growing super fast.

How long does it take to migrate from Python 2 to 3?

In the case of Dropbox it took a little longer. Why? Because they have a product that people rely on and they wanted it to stay that way. So how did they do it? In increments. Read their take on their journey to find out more.

Swift open source libraries you should have read about

Some of them are quite known, some of them not. When I reached number 4 and met LoginCritter, an animated avatar that responds to text field interactions I started to think what our UX people will say to that.

They will definitely like the fluid interfaces libraries (#9) and the WhatsNewKit (#22) because it can save a lot of time and makes perfectly sense. Check out for yourself.

JavaScript ecosystem tool landscape

We all the people who do not understand what makes a modern JavaScript ecosystem. It is more than just the MEAN stack (for the muggles: MEAN = MongoDB + ExpressJS + AngularJS + NodeJS). So this something worth forwarding to that one friend you want to understand you.

Before you leave, enjoy some video game skies

Believe it or click. There is a Tumblr full of video games skies. The perfect way to get nostalgic with old NES graphics. Amazing how that can give you itchy thumbs and the fear that you might not find that charger for an hour of retro gaming.

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