Brain Pickings is the series of posts revisiting stuff which has hit our inboxes. I clicked on all the clickbait, dipped into all the honeypots and browsed the web on the way to work – just for you. This week I stayed with the topic gaming.

So, plug in your gamepad, lean back and enjoy.

Make your first steps with games

I finally managed to read through the blog post on game programming with Python on the Pyxel engine. Konstantin leads us through the steps we need to create our own single player Pong. This is a very simple game, but all the parts are so well explained, that especially beginners will find it helpful.

Python’s most underrated game engine for beginners

The StarCraft Multi-Agent Challenge

Did you know that there is an API to StarCraft II? There are some really interesting projects building on top of that.
For example the SMAC – the StarCraft Multi-Agent Challenge – which uses the API as an interface for autonomous reinforcement learning agents. Just a short disclaimer: SMAC is about collaboration and not to master StarCraft II.

SMAC: The StarCraft Multi-Agent Challenge

Romero saw it coming

John Romero did father the Single Person Shooter. The birth of the game is a long story with a lot of interesting sidenotes. Lean back and enjoy John himself telling the story of DOOM and maybe you even want to see him live coming June in Berlin? Use the discount code DOOM_40 to get EUR 40 off your ticket.

Controllers everywhere – I am getting nostalgic again

We all know that games without a decent controller can be half the fun. When looking for the different types of controllers out there I found “The Chart of Controllers” which gives a nice history lesson on gaming controllers.

The Chart of Controllers

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