A remarkable step forward in the fight against AIDs. It is now possible to ultimately eradicate the HIV virus from mouse cells with CRISPR/Cas9 technology.

Currently, patients living with the fatal virus are confined to using a toxic mic of anti-retroviral prescription medicine to stop the virus from multiplying within the body. But, CRISPR/Cas9 can now be set up to remove any generic code in the body with extreme precision and detail, hopefully including all HIV-1 DNA from the organism. Ultimately if you eradicate the HIV-1 DNA you can prevent it from multiplying itself and prevent further infection from developing.

The team of scientists whom have made this discovery have published their findings in the Molecular Therapy journal, showing how HIV can be thoroughly destroyed from the body employing CRISPR with remarkable efficiency. Following just one intervention, scientists were able to demonstrate how their method successfully cut out all remnants of the virus from mouse organs and tissues.

It is not a stable solution as it is still early to assess its efficacy on humans as the method has only been tested on mice so far. Although, if researchers can replicate their discoveries, human trials could begin to test the method further.

This amazing breakthrough in science and technology could potentially save millions of lives in the future.

Image retrieved from: http://igtrcn.org

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