What do you get when crossing a bear’s resilience with the elegance of an elf?

An ability to work hard while remaining classy. And this is what Estonia feels like – you can work together with people with uncannily elegant skills and the willingness to pull their weight. An atmosphere to be envied!

IT is one of the most developed fields in Estonia. In just 20 years, Estonia has become one of the most wired and technologically advanced countries in the world – a true digital society. Here you can file your taxes, do banking, sign documents, vote in elections and get a doctors’ prescription over the Internet. It is all fast and secure. You can do it from anywhere using a state-issued Estonian ID card which means no wasted paper and no queueing where you don’t need to.

As an entrepreneur you can also register a businesses in as little as 18 minutes, and check vital company, property and legal records online. Estonia’s most popular e-services are electronic ID card, e-tax, digital signature, e-business register, e-school, e-prescription and e-residency.

Just recently the Estonian Ministry of Enterprise and Information Technology made it possible to support the Estonian employers in finding workforce in the ICT sector even more. The initiative is warmly welcomed as approximately 3,700 Estonian ICT companies are currently hiring to the Europe’s #1 entrepreneurial (according to the World Economic Forum) and #3 country in number of start-ups per capita (according to the Funderbeam Start up Investment Report).

It is also found that here one can achieve career goals faster than in other global hubs (according to the Velvet Labs survey among expats in Estonia). Some foreigners applying to Estonia have also named the country as the Little Silicon Valley of Europe!

All of this sounds as too good to be true? Even though it might be hard to believe, it is the usual environment for one of Derivco’s offices. Derivco is a global software development company with more than 2200 talented individuals of varying skillsets worldwide.

They create games and e-commerce solutions for the online gaming industry. Derivco designs and developstrailblazing technology for Microgaming, which is one of the world’s biggest suppliers of online gaming. So, if you think of any game you can find in a typical land based casino – a slot game, roulette, bingo, poker or any of the card or table games then these are what they develop for online use. They own the process from start to finish which means that these guys come up with a game concept and bring it live.

Derivco headquarters are in Durban South-Africa but they are also present in UK, Australia, Hong Kong, Costa Rica, Estonia and Sweden. The company was founded approximately 22 years ago but still there is the excitement and energy of a start-up (especially good fit for Estonia) alongside with the security of a longstanding and large corporation. It is the perfect combination by many.

Their vibrant team of people around the globe consists of developers, QA, mathematicians, automation engineers, technical coordinators, designers, sound engineers, technical writers, business analysts and many other IT specialists who use top notch technology to create new and innovative products.

The different offices of Derivco work in tight cooperation. People get to strive on multiple projects with teams from all over the world, so instead of average days there’s diversity – like a bag of liquorice allsorts. They do a lot of research daily to align theirselves very closely with global trends and pioneering how they build their games.

Derivco has established offices that focus on informal work-spaces for teams to collaborate, generate ideas more effectively and feel creatively free.

Derivco team is also a passionately curious bunch who insist that questions be asked and answers be found always striving to create new boundaries. The ever-changing technical IT environment gives them unique challenges, so people never stop learning, they are continually encouraged to upskill and improve themselves.

People in Derivco believe taking people out of their comfort zone, out of their day-to-day tasks to be challenged in a different way. Their developers have described that working in the company atmosphere is very exciting which means that every day is a school day.

The culture of the company differs from others a great deal. People want to help colleagues to become the best they can, and that’s an amazing atmosphere to work in. In addition to working on different projects the Derivco staff can find itself mentoring interns, participating at a BrownBag events (company internal lecture format), giving presentations at different events, taking part of summer days, wellness weeks or team building events.

In Derivco the ideas of the employees are actually listened to! They have a special staff-powered innovation initiative (or format) that collects, refines and presents ideas on anything to do with their culture, processes and technology – Idea Factory. It is an internal contest with very real rewards and it is open to all employees.
Derivco has a bright and friendly work environment, teeming with brilliant minds and vibrant personalities; the kind of place where you make good friends, and work alongside people who are enthusiastic, passionate, and engaged.

Derivco’s vision of inclusive, supportive, collaborative, and flexible company culture has morphed into an environment that encompasses all that and so much more. There is the usual array of perks, plus a good level of social engagement, team and company activities.

Good working conditions are guaranteed to anyone who comes to work in Estonia (especially in the IT field) as the employers there know that they compete for the best in the global market. But work is not all that matters! At Derivco, a work-life balance is a hugely important part of how they operate. There is flexibility in working arrangements, they have many team events and an excellent working environment with everything one could wish for during breaks and mingling with others. They are also the dev house that every developer wants to work for, so if you think you’ve got game, they want you!

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