The front-end developer at ChillBill Eva Lettner led an inspiring ode to creativity in development.

Eva still remembers the first line of programming she ever did: “it felt like magic,” she said, “I felt like God, like I had created something that wasn’t previously there.”

In our daily life as developers, we sometimes forget the magic in what we are doing. We arrive at work, take on the newest issue, coding a feature, and ship the feature, losing the initial magic we first felt in creating new and exciting things.

Eva wants to bring back that magic.
“We are creators” she says, referring to developers’ jobs to create things for the web.
She remembers first starting with CSS, beginning with Inline, then Internal Stylesheets, and now External Stylesheets. Every time a new feature is released she quickly learns it and integrates into her tool arsenal. Making it a priority to always make every new creation with CSS a learning session.

Eva then continues on with showing the audience how to draw something with pure code (using CSS, of course). Her choice of image is a somewhat charming zombie head.
She begins with coding the shapes, using rectangles to create both circles and triangles, using border radius and the transparency option. She stresses to keep markups short and concise, using Pseudo Elements, a powerful tool in CSS.

After building the zombie and giving it life with some animation, Eva mentions that CSS is not preferable for production (like SVG), but should be used for experimenting, learning and having fun instead.

“Just because it’s useless doesn’t mean it’s a waste of time!” the front-end developer insists, “have fun with code and don’t just use it for work.” Create, have fun, and share on CodePen for the community to like, comment, and appreciate. After all, code is art and we are all creators.

Main takeaway:

Play: Entertain yourself with code, make something useless, have fun, and share.
Learn: Keep learning, stay up to date on the latest features.
Create: Have fun with code and don’t just use it at work.

Re-experience the talk from WeAreDevelopers Conference 2017

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