The DXC development team of the German Application Services department came up with the idea, to contribute to the 2018 Football World Cup fever with the development of a state of the art mobile Football Contest application.

Goal of the Game

Users of the app can prove their skills to predict the game results of the World Cup and can collect points by tipping the results of 2018 World Cup matches and by predicting who will win the championship.
The better the tips, the more points can be collected.
For a correct prediction of the game result you receive more bonus points as for the correct prediction of the winner and loser of the game.

Concept of the Competition Groups

Every user can create new Competition Groups.
The creator decides, if a Competition Group is public or private.
Public Competition Groups are open for all users and every user can join a public group by selecting it.
To join a private Competition Group a user must receive an invitation from the creator of the group or he can ask for participation via the app.

The challenge

Compete with colleagues, friends and family in an individual challenge by creating or joining suitable Competition Groups.
Which nation has the best football team?
Which app player is in the lead, who has better predicted the game results and has collected more points?

Which Competition Group is more challenging?
Which user leads the national high score ranking?
How Germany does compete against other Nations regarding the prediction of game results?

App Framework and Design

The application is being developed agile and incrementally in small Sprints to be able to present results (Minimum Viable Product MVP) as fast as possible.
The application is based on micro services architecture where various micro services are developed independently. This allows to apply the best fitting languages, frameworks and concepts for each service. E.g. we use Server-less Lambda functions with GO, Node.js and Java as well as Spring Boot applications.
The team makes use of modern DevOps concepts and automated the build and test processes of each service and an integrated deployment of the application environment.
For the underlying architecture we decided to use the Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud platform as the technical basis to leverage the AWS Services and to allow for scaling according to the current system load. Key AWS Services we use are:

  • AWS Cognito for User Authentification
  • AWS ECS and ALB for scalable deployment
  • AWS API Gateway
  • AWS SES and SNS for notificationsAWS CodeCommit and CodePipeline for CI/CD


Some App Features

The application UI implements a timeline concept, where the users can see all events in a timely order. This includes:

  • upcoming matches, where tips have to be placed
  • news messages from the system
  • match results from recent matches. Hopefully with a good prediction and therefore with points.

Via Notification (Push and Email) services the user will be informed about upcoming matches with missing predictions, so that the user can still do the predictions in time before the game starts. Of course the user can disable or enable this feature in personal settings.
A central Tournament Service maintains and delivers the official match plan including schedule and fixtures.
Once a game is completed the Tournament Service provides the official match results, so that the points can be calculated by a comparison of prediction against the actual result.
In addition the app provides a News Service to allow for a DXC news feed.

Growth of the initiative and social engagement together with Lions Club

The initiative started small and became bigger over time.
After some discussions with the DXC Marketing department we all recognized an increased marketing potential.
In order to utilize this potential we had to invest more by adding additional people to the team spending additional development hours.

At this point in time we started initial discussions with Lions Club Schweiz-Lichtenstein and managed to win them as a customer of our app.
We negotiated to provide a dedicated for the Lions Club.
This app has the Lions Club branding and will have an integrated donation service for micro payments.
With the help of our app Lions Club will sponsor a social engagement, which will support a radio station for and with blind people.

DXC Sponsorship

The DXC initiative delivers a unique showcase for the relentless digitalization in modern business and IT, interlinking professional and private life continuously. Therewith the DXC Football Contest App is an outstanding illustration of the ongoing innovation taking place within DXC every day. It effectively represents our DXC capabilities, giving us the chance to improve our image as well as awareness in a fun and tangible way. This showcase helps us to improve customer relationship and to promote the new style of business. As a result it enables growth by attracting customers.
On the other hand DXC sponsors this SW development initiative as an investment in the training of our staff, since we bring together young talents from the Universities with experienced SW consultants from DXC.
This close collaboration creates a lot of discussions and exchange between the team members, so that at the end everybody is learning from each other, what makes this engagement so valuable and enjoyable for all.

Written by: DXC Technology

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