With so many new threats popping up all over the internet, it’s difficult for a kid to navigate the web safely these days. It’s time for kids to be educated on the issues phishing, online security, and internet harassments; and Google has it covered.
The online titan is announcing its “Be Internet Awesome,” which will be covering the complicated task of teaching children how to master internet usage. The program is composed of an educational classroom curriculum and a fun, interactive, and informative game named “Interland.”
Online safety experts collaborated with Google in the development of Be Internet Awesome, providing parents and teachers with the necessary tools to teach kids how to defend themselves online and navigate safely. This program comes in at excellent timing as the internet is playing an increasingly important role in our lives, from an exceptionally young age.
The curriculum includes a range of topics relevant to all age groups, especially:

  • Be Internet Strong: Keep your secrets safe
  • Be Internet Brave: When unsure, talk about it
  • Be Internet Alert: Don’t fall for the fake
  • Be Internet Smart: Be careful about what you share
  • Be Internet Kind: Be kind to others online

The curriculum incorporates activities, lessons, discussions about digital citizenship, and tests to track the learning progress. Interland, Google’s video game, engulfs kids into a fictional world made up of four lands where they can fight against phishers, harassers, and over-sharing characters in a fun, engaging manner.
Google’s approach to online safety goes against the increasing trend of limiting internet usage to children, rather choosing to encourage education at a young age to develop the rights skills and tools to surf the endless realm of funny, terrifying, inappropriate, and other content that makes up today’s internet. Also, teaching young children how to be kind on the internet will prevent future incidents of virtual bullying and harassing, creating a positive and safe environment for everyone.
Way to go, Google.

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