Hiring great talent starts with attracting the right talent using powerful job ads. 

What it seems like an easy mantra, nowadays it is more complex than ever, as the whole process revolves around job ads creation. It looks like an intuitive process where recruiters are well aware of what the job is and have an idea of the kind of person they are looking for. Well, it isn’t. 

To help recruiters knowing their target groups better, we at WeAreDevelopers,  #1 community for developers in Europe, have asked our community members to help us to define the most important items they want to see inside job ad. 

So, you have probably asked yourself – Why isn’t your job ad attracting strong candidates? And the answer is:

Job descriptions are usually long, overwhelming and not focused enough. 

Based on the experience of our carrier advisors and continuous contact with developers, we have defined 6 ultimate tips to create a job ad that stands out:


When thinking of job title – just keep it simple. Creativity might help your job ad stand out. It also could be counterproductive for the candidates looking for the same job under the different, more conventional name. We suggest integrating industry-standard names over the ”ninjas” or “rockstar” terms. Keep in mind, over the top language tends to prevent candidates from applying.

Tech stack

Must have skills are the most critical aspect for developers to go ahead and engage with the job ad. To save precious time, show to potential candidates what exactly will they be focusing on. If they don’t feel that everything that they are looking for is listed, they will be discouraged to apply. 


Yes, this still matters. As listed salary job ads attract more applicants, we suggest being as transparent as possible. Software developers generally don’t show interest to know the minimum according to local salary levels. If your salary is not attractive enough, they might look elsewhere. The safest way is to present the average target salary for the role and then negotiate along the way. On the other hand, this is a convenient way to eliminate expensive candidates and stay in line with the budget. 


A good design will not only grab attention but can also help to sell the job. Once you are satisfied with the final job ad outcome and its punchiness, the next step is to make sure that it gets enough visibility. Strategically ask people to share your job posting, this will only make sense if your network has access to developers. On the other hand, you can ask professional assistance from specialized companies such as WeAreDevelopers, with a platform built around the company needs and skills of software developers. Our job ads are tailored to the exact set of information that software developers are looking for. However, for companies that are looking to stand out in their recruiting endeavours we are able to provide extended reach via premium options: 

Premium Job Ads Benefits:

  • Higher reach: Reach up to 5x more talents
  • Visibility: Benefit from features to stand out from other jobs published on our platform 
  • Ranking: Have optimized higher ranking than other job ads 
  • Cross-promotion: Your Premium Job Ads will be cross-promoted on other job ads to generate additional views
  • Community integrations: Your Premium Job Ads will be cross-promoted on other job ads to generate even more views


Product or project is one of the two most important things for a developer. These elements will define the overall company attractiveness level and might be the very reason to make or break the deal. It’s not that easy to integrate project scope inside the job ad in easy to understand the tone of voice. Make sure to provide an attractive overview of your product/project to avoid being dry on details as one of the biggest mistakes when it comes to creating software development job listings.

One more to blow off the competition 

Put it in the job ad/description together with the timeline and stick to it. Communicate to developers how long the whole process will take, what are the different recruitment phases, or potentially who will interview them. Simply, it’s not about the job description. It is about the overall experience. 

At WeAreDevelopers, we can provide an experienced team of carrier advisors who have professionally devoted to finding developers – Frontend, Backend, you name it – we’re on it! If you’re interested in working with a professional team, saving you both time and money – get in touch today, and we’ll be happy to walk you through the process.

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