How to stay sane when coding remotely

July 13, 2022
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How to stay sane when coding remotely
Anna Lysiuk
Anna Lysiuk

The worldwide lockdowns in 2020 disrupted work in the office environment and most programmers switched to working from home. Working from home boosts productivity and tech workers have proven this quite well.

More often, programmers who work from home experience different challenges. Remote working environments are often disruptive. They can lead to early burnout, cause mental challenges, and reduce productivity. Here are expert tips for coding professionals on how to do coding from home and keep their careers safe.

Create work schedule

Working from home can have more challenges than working from the office. The problem is greater when there are young kids at home. They will demand attention when you are working on an urgent task. They may want to watch TV or play games. Pets can also distract you when they want to play.

To help you focus on your work better:

  1. Create work schedules.
  2. Consider factors such as when kids wake up or their time to go to school.
  3. Set aside time for your house chores. Your coding time should be the time with the least distractions.

This will help you to focus on creating the best codes deeply.

Plan your work smartly and set achievable goals

Most programmers experience burnout due to working for long hours. Coding needs the programmer to have a lot of energy and a great amount of focus. Their brain needs to stay active to help them perform their tasks to their best abilities. Some programs are complicated and require many hours to complete.

You should not overwork yourself by working on your computer from morning to evening. Your brain will develop fatigue, and you will be less productive. The best solution is to break your tasks into smaller bits and start tracking your time for doing different types of tasks. Do one bit at a time and test it. After every bit, pause for about half an hour before starting the next bit.

Create time to socialize

Coding is complex and it can drain your brain fast. When working from home, you will be alone most of the time. Other members of the family might be working from the office. The kids could be spending their day at school. That means you will be alone most hours during the day. If you stay in the house alone for many hours, you could develop a feeling of loneliness, which can turn into a depression in the long run. This can affect your work productivity and negatively impact your day-to-day life.

To stay sane:

  1. Do not confine yourself to the house for several days.
  2. Create time to go out and socialize.
  3. Create time for your family members.
  4. Make your weekends the time to visit public places and have a good time. Eat out, do shopping, engage in sports activities, etc.
  5. Reduce the screen time to the minimum possible levels.

Stay physically active 

Whether you are working from an office or home, the workstyle of programmers is sedentary. You could be stuck to your laptop while coding daily for 10 hours or more. That’s the norm in the coding line. You will complete many tasks, but a sedentary lifestyle will eventually become a challenge to your physical and mental health. You may gain weight fast or feel fatigued and stay unmotivated all the time.

Some programmers may experience backache, which can decrease productivity. One of the ways to deal with this problem is to exercise. It will keep your brain refreshed, and your body energized. Resolve to exercise either early in the morning, evening, or any other time that best fits you.

Take regular breaks

Working on the same thing for many hours harms your body. The level of tiredness will keep growing with every hour that passes. Your brain cannot focus for many hours. What you need are breaks in between. You can schedule a break after every two hours.

Give your brain time to refresh and regain energy. Do some light exercises in the house to help enhance your mental health. Your creativity improves every time you take a break. Limit the amount of time you spend on breaks.

Working outdoors

Working indoors can be disturbing due to the usual movements in a house or people using TV and other gadgets or appliances. The space in the house could be limited too. You can get a better experience and breathe fresh air when working outdoors. That’s why coding on a laptop can be a great solution because you can work anywhere.

But first make sure you have a laptop with greater speed and power. Coding software requires more disk space and can sometimes cause battery draining fast which makes it impossible to work outdoors without a charger. 

Don’t work from just anywhere – create a good place to work from

Some remote workers do not have a specific place to work from. You will get them working from the bedroom at one time. At another time, they will work from the living room, outdoors, or balcony. Your body should get used to working from a specific place. Buy a good chair to keep your back healthy. Make your workspace beautiful. Have a table with drawers.

You will rarely get fatigued when your mind gets used to a certain work routine. Taking care of your health goes beyond exercise. The type of food that you eat matters. Make sure that you eat healthy food all the time. Focus on superfoods, prepare a diet chart, and minimize your carbohydrate or processed food intake.


Working from home has many challenges and benefits for coding professionals. You could develop burnout or increase mental problems. The tips provided in this article will help developers increase productivity. Create your working schedules and follow them. Have time for exercise, and do not ignore your social time. Have a specific place to work from and set a specific work time.

About the author:

Anna Lysiuk is a part of the MacPaw team. She loves to share her knowledge about IT career best practices and always loves to chat about Mac and Apple world innovations.

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