On average, I speak with 15 IT employers per week. Our customers are based around the world and leverage both the WeAreDevelopers World Congress and the WeAreDevelopers Recruiting Platform in order to connect with the brightest developers in Europe. And in most conversations with HR, the number one restraint that is slowing down the recruiting process is the limited budget.
How can you persuade top management to increase the recruiting budget for developers & tech talents? My suggestion is simple: Visualise and calculate the opportunity cost of not having the required tech resources in order to prove that the additional investment in recruiting & employer branding will have a positive financial outcome.
I recently spoke with the Managing Director of a German subsidiary of an international tech conglomerate. He told me: “I could immediately place 30 developers in running customer projects, but I don’t have the budget to engage in measures that will provide me with these developers” – an absurd situation. The calculation here is simple. Calculate the business case: How much additional revenues & profits would the company wqgenerate if they had the developers they need? What measures do you need to take (employer branding campaigns, developer conferences, recruiting platforms) in order to hire the developers, what is the total cost of these activities and what is the financial outcome in terms of profit?
Now is the time where budgets are being negotiated for 2018. Do the math, calculate the business case for increasing next year’s budget and prove to your management that investing more into your recruiting & employer branding will reap greater profits than not making this investment and forgoing the possible revenues.

By the way: If you’re interested in learning more about the international best practices for recruiting & employer branding in the developer target group, join us in Vienna on October 6th at our event: “Developer Recruiting: Best Practices” – here’s the programme and ticket shop.

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