As much as every computer needs an operating system in order to run smoothly, every restaurant does too. In a constantly changing environment, technology needs to adapt quickly to make sure it serves restaurants and its guests efficiently.

7 years after founding orderbird, more than 10,000 restaurants count on the company’s point of sale system, and with this conference, orderbird wants to take its vision of making restaurant owners more successful through technology one step further.

The POS system is the heart of every restaurant but it doesn’t stop there. It is only when all other solutions are connected to it that a restaurant truly benefits from a new age of digital tools.

During the WeAreDevelopers conference the Berlin-based startup orderbird will show its plans to combine four work streams in order to open up their POS to existing digital solutions that help restaurant owners, waiters and guests to a better experience every day.

The core POS with an iOS application and cloud-hosted backend has made orderbird the No 1 tablet-based POS system in Europe. The massive growth of users has shown that digital solutions are now a reality. The platform will serve as the pivot of additional connected services such as table reservation, inventory management and shift planning.

The custom WiFi solution that allows to analyse not only the internal WiFi but usage by guests as well. WiFi is the fuel for a connected world and by providing an in-house developed solution, orderbird emphasises on the importance of a controlled analysable WiFi.

A big data stream, backed by machine-learning initiatives and data science in order to make sense of all the collected data, not only for restaurant owners but for big industry partners too. Production site or price analysis is an advantage usually reserved to big chains, but data from more than 10,000 restaurants allows for comprehensive data studies and custom suggestions and predictions to individual restaurants. Essentially orderbird is on its way to building a massive chain of individual restaurants. In addition to that and for the first time in the DACH region, a company is able to give heart- stopping insights to the food and beverage industry. Did you every wonder which district of Berlin is ranked highest when it comes to Jägermeister consumption or at what time of the day restaurant guests drink the most Red Bull? orderbird knows. And above all, now an all-new API as the centre of the restaurant OS that will turn restaurants into a smarter place by connecting every digital solution a restaurant owner could possibly need to make processes more efficient.

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