Sparx Systems’ Founder Peter Lieber on How Young Entrepreneurs Can Make It Big

Peter Lieber tells us how Sparx Systems’ Enterprise Architect tool makes software and systems development a walk in the park for developers and how he created his empire of successful companies.

WeAreDevelopers interviewed Peter to get insights into his drive. This man has truly a lot to tell and inspire young developers and entrepreneurs on how to start their own business, especially in Austria.

All it takes is devotion, determination, and quick-learning.

WAD: As founder of many different businesses how did you manage to create your empire? What is your vision?
Peter Lieber: Founding companies can be compared to taking on responsibility for children – as a founder you work for a company, not in a company. Only then you will have a clear view of the vision and mission moving forward.
I learned that my competence focuses on the creation of tools for developers. I prefer modeling tools and I am devoted to Enterprise Architect.

WAD: Tell us about Sparx Systems’ Enterprise Architect, what tool is it? What is it used for?
PL: Enterprise Architect supports the model-based design and development of software and systems. Enterprise Architect Version 13 is highly regarded by over 380,000 users for its high performance at an unbeatable price.
Enterprise Architect is an intuitive modeling environment catering to teamwork, supporting companies in their analysis, design, and creation of highly-traceable and precisely-documented systems. With it, organizations can collect, display, and implement the often highly-distributed knowledge of teams and departments.

WAD: What tips do you have for young entrepreneurs who wish to found and grow their own companies?


1. Believe in that what you do
2. Try to find the market. Try to find the blue ocean, not the one stained red with blood.
3. Focus on that what you really can do. For everything else, delegate and forget – with the help of a competent manager.
4. Learn fast. Fail fast. Learn faster.
5. Find a business model that is scalable and does not need your person, but benefits from your vision/mission

WAD: Have you seen a renaissance in the Austrian IT landscape as the country – especially Vienna – has been making major efforts to digitalize?
PL: Yes and no. I don’t believe in startup euphoria. I believe in young entrepreneurs who believe in themselves and in their ideas – not only in big money.
Digitalizing is only the first step, but it’s a major one and is expected to impact everyone (EVERYONE). We also need the next level of education to move closer towards computer science. Not everybody has to become a software developer, but everybody should understand the concepts so that he/she is at least able to explain his/her needs in a clear, unambiguous way.

WAD: What are the biggest challenges for entrepreneurs in recruiting bright IT talent?
PL: The expectations of both parties do not fit together.
Coding is not always fun… Who needs coders, we want programmers… Who needs programmers – we want developers 

WAD: What opportunities for developers do you see in the Austrian region?
PL: Demand for skilled developers is high and rising, but we need universal geniuses who are good in communication, good in development, good in processes, good in abstraction and good in vision and mission…

WAD: What opportunities do you see in WeAreDevelopers and the growing European IT market?
PL: WeAreDevelopers is crazy. What a story, and in only 3 years. WeAreDevelopers brings an event to Austria or even Europe that I would never have expected to actually experience. Austria has the chance to become a hotspot of conferences of scale in this industry – what an opportunity.

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