Jobs, jobs, jobs. American jobs.
As a central element of his candidacy and now presidency, U.S. President Trump stressed the importance of creating and maintaining American jobs for his citizens. The tactic for fulfilling this promise is to call out companies through various Tweets, other posts on social media, or through pressuring policies.
U.S. President Trump spoke and companies listened. Several companies have followed up on the American president’s pressures by promising thousands of new jobs in the U.S.; companies such as Alibaba and SoftBank were some of the first to respond. Companies pledged to finish factoring constructions within the United States, expand their businesses, and create new jobs.
Job announcements from tech companies soared, even among those who produce most of their devices and products overseas. Apple has also stated it is working on creating more jobs in the United States, stating it will make its first investments this month and it plans to break the mold by creating more manufacturing jobs within the U.S. – initiating a system in which increased manufacturing jobs create more jobs around them as they will have a service business constructed around them.

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