Intelligent Automation – the combination of robotic process automation (RPA), artificial intelligence (AI), and data analytics – is one of the fastest growing enterprise technology sectors ever.  

Using an RPA platform, coders of all types – from tech-savvy business user through to the professional developer – can build software robots, or bots, to automate any business process.  Artificial intelligence can be integrated directly into processes to off-load decision-making, and data analytics can assist with process intelligence and optimizing.

More and more companies are looking to free their employees from manual, repetitive tasks, making them exponentially more productive and far more fulfilled. For that reason, automation has seen explosive growth.  Gartner projects that the adoption of automation by large enterprises is expected to grow to 85% by 2022, up from 10% in 2018 and there’s a $100B opportunity for developers to capitalize on.

As more and more organizations adopt intelligent automation, they need help expanding their footprint across the organization to accelerate innovation and growth.  One way to do this is at a task or a process-level, but another way is to look at it is from a role-centric standpoint. Role-centric automation means looking at human job roles and automating repetitive, tedious tasks end-to-end, so that human workers can focus on more value-added work.

Meet the Digital Worker from Automation Anywhere

At Automation Anywhere, we see a world where every employee will work side-by-side with Digital Workers.  A Digital Worker contains professional skills that enable it to:

Think: Perform cognitive functions – everything from extracting unstructured data to intelligent decision-making.
Act: Execute routine, repetitive activities.
Analyze: Crunch data to derive operational and business insights the way humans do.

Let’s take an insurance claims analyst.  On a day-to-day basis, the claims analyst receives the submitted claim, say when someone has a fender bender.  The analyst then manually pulls the data out of the submitted form and keys it into a system. The claims analyst then invokes a predictive AI engine to assess the likelihood of a false or invalid claim.  If the claim is assessed to be at a high risk of fraud, it is then assigned to a claims manager to manually verify it. Once verified, the claims analyst sends the approved claim to a claims adjuster to initiate fulfillment, while other claims are denied.  As you can see, a process like this involves a lot of manual steps, which are repetitive and inefficient, even with the use of a predictive AI engine.

A Digital Worker can augment a human worker by performing complete business functions from start to finish.  They work with humans, keeping them in the loop to perform special investigations or otherwise handle exceptions.

In this case, an RPA bot built on the Automation Anywhere platform could receive the submitted claim, which may come in different formats.  That bot could call an artificial intelligence offering such as Automation Anywhere’s IQ Bot to extract the right unstructured data from the claim, which is then keyed into the right system by another bot. The predictive AI engine used by the insurance company would then be called to assess the likelihood of fraud. If there’s high risk, another bot could assign it to a claims manager to manually verify it. Once verified, yet another bot would send the approved claim to a claims adjuster to initiate fulfillment, while other claims are denied.  Bot Insight, Automation Anywhere’s analytics offering, can then deliver operational and business intelligence on the processing of claims for review by the claims manager, helping them identify opportunities for improvement.

The Benefits of Intelligent Automation

This type of intelligent automation can drive dramatic improvements in business performance.  For example, one of our customers is a global financial institution that spans 120 global locations and employs over 10,000 people from 170 different countries. The institution needs to regularly track and manage hundreds of human resources onboarding forms coming from all over the world, in different languages and formats. In order to meet their administrative needs, five full-time employees had to manually sort and file thousands of forms with hundreds of variations. The manual tracking, management, and data entry process was slow and characterized by a high error rate.

To address this problem, this institution used a combination of our RPA platform plus IQ Bot, our cognitive analysis solution, to automatically identify HR data so that it could be used in an end-to-end automated process.

The solution involved a scheduled, daily deployment of bots that downloaded HR case files and fed them to IQ Bot for data extraction. The extracted data was then cleaned using a post-validation ruleset. Each record was then entered into the organization’s HR systems automatically.

The results were impressive. Within five weeks after the initial deployment, this global financial institution was able to automate 40 percent of their HR form volume, saving 70 percent of the time compared with the old process with zero errors. This resulted in about $1 million in cost savings.

The Opportunity for Developers Everywhere

There is a tremendous opportunity (a $100B opportunity) for developers everywhere to capitalize on the Digital Workers – whether you’re building these for your company or looking to start a business. As a developer, you can:

  • Build on the world’s most widely deployed platform for intelligent automation: Automation Anywhere is the RPA industry leader with over 1,600+ global enterprises and 1M+ bots in 90+ countries.  We’re the only platform that brings together all three components for intelligent automation: RPA, IQ Bot (artificial intelligence), and Bot Insight (data analytics).
  • Participate in one of the fastest growing enterprise software segments ever: The global RPA market is emerging as a $100 billion opportunity according to KeyBanc Capital Markets.

We’re committed to the success of developers everywhere in building on our platform. You can start your journey today by taking these steps.

  • Install Community Edition: Community Edition provides free access to our full suite of products, including RPA platform, IQ Bot with AI, Bot Insight with embedded analytics, the Bot Store (the industry’s first online marketplace for bots and Digital Workers), and our Automation Anywhere Mobile app. You then have everything you need to get coding and make great things happen.
  • Start building fast using our Product Documentation Portal: The Automation Anywhere product documentation portal provides comprehensive information on how to install and use the company’s RPA solutions.  The “Build” section of the portal includes step-by-step guidance on how to build your first bots, build more advanced bots that integrate third-party code, and to build digital workers.
  • Engage in the A-People Community: Developers worldwide can participate in A-People, Automation Anywhere’s community portal, where you can join a forum, access information, get support, and share ideas and expertise.
  • Build your career through Automation Anywhere University: We provide two free options through Automation Anywhere University to hone your skills:
  • Fast-Track Accreditation: An accelerated education and accreditation program for existing RPA developers to learn Automation Anywhere essential commands, features, and functions.
  • Bot Developer Learning Trail and Certification: A comprehensive training and certification program, teaching developers how to understand business requirements, identify RPA opportunities and deploy automation using Automation Anywhere commands.
  • Post to the Bot Store: Automation Anywhere offers the world’s leading bot marketplace with 500+ bots, and the only one offering Digital Workers. Starting this summer, developers will also be able to charge for the bots and the Digital Workers they create, enabling them to build a business on our platform.

The future of work is happening now through intelligent automation, and we invite you to this journey with us at Automation Anywhere. Visit us at booth #C3 at the WeAreDevelopers World Congress in Berlin to see all this in action.

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