Over the past months the WeAreDevelopers team has been on tour across the continent to spread out the word of our growing community. While visiting the beautiful city of Mostar in Bosnia & Herzegovina, known for its magnificent old town, the team had the opportunity to meet up with our friends over at SPARK and NSoft, two organizations located at the SPARK Business Park in the city.
Our team became interested in looking into these two great organizations following the visit of 60 of their developers to Vienna, to participate in WeAreDevelopers Conference 2017. Such a big interest from an unexpected origin intrigued us to look into what is evolving in Mostar.
SPARK is a digital acceleration platform for CEE-based startups, whereas NSoft is one of the leading software development companies in the region, working closely with customers in the sports and gaming industry. We were well welcomed by Sara Lerota and Sanjin Osmanbašić, who kindly guided us through their facilities.

A great ecosystem and only one rule: NO RULES
For over 200 employees of NSoft (out of which 150 are developers), there is but one rule: NO RULES. There are no designated office hours, no vacation-limitations, a very high degree of freedom and a family-like work environment, all of which, among others, left us very impressed.
Table-soccer, table-tennis, billiard tables, a variety of game consoles, a small basketball court, four very cute little dogs, a coffee-shop and a bar for the employees have all rounded up our tour through the business park.
It’s worth noting that another amazing benefit of working at NSoft is that once a month four employees of the company get the chance to take a one-week all-expanses-paid trip to one of the world’s most attractive destinations. That’s right, a dreamlike work-place, at the heart of Bosnia.

Free development courses at SPARK
The SPARK School offers free development courses on various topics and languages to everyone who are interested in anything-IT, no matter the age, no matter the level of experience. Within the last couple of years, over 1,200 people have already successfully finished various programming courses at the school.
Beside the acceleration program for startups SPARK is also working on improving the general cultural ecosystem in Bosnia-Herzegovina and cooperates therefore with organizations such as the UN Women, IT Girls and many others.

Well done

Our overall impression is that SPARK & NSoft have succeeded where many other fail – implementing best-practices for employer-branding and creating the perfect working environment for their employees. All of this is done not just by by investing in people, knowledge and new technologies, but by granting their employees with the freedom to exploit their own potential to its full extent and express their creativity openly.

Bridge jumping
As mentioned, Mostar, with its rich history, is a beautiful place to see and explore, and as we walked through the old down of the city, we witnessed as a fellow jumped from the legendary old bridge of Mostar into the Neretva river. Kind of scary when you think of the freezing low temperatures of November.

To sum up, visiting Mostar and meeting the great people of SPARK and NSoft has been a truly great experience and we are looking forward for another visit soon!

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