Software developers are among the most highly sought-after professionals on the job market today, but many HR departments often find themselves at a loss when it comes to recruiting them. Are we looking for a programmer or a software engineer? And what do these long job titles like “Senior Full Stack Developer for Angular” mean? And why is it that I get the feeling that during interviews devs want to talk about something other than salary and benefits? If you’ve ever found yourself asking these questions, then you should check out the “Understanding Developers” whitepaper from Europe’s largest job platform for developers, WeAreDevelopers.

Why a foosball table is not enough

The whitepaper starts off with a short history of IT from the advent of hardware to the birth of software, and how it has changed the world. Then it breaks down the different types of developers (web, mobile, machine learning, Blockchain) and provides a brief description of each in easy-to-understand terms. This section will prove particularly useful for recruiters who struggle with terms like front-end or back-end, native or hybrid, and technology or platform. After this quick introduction to the industry lingo, the whitepaper offers a brief insight into the needs of software developers, and how their expectations differ from other job seekers.

While there is a commonly held view that all you need to attract devs is a couple of bean bag chairs and a foosball table, software developers are demanding employees who, besides disliking rigid hierarchies, care deeply about issues of free access and privacy and are more interested in talking about methodologies (like agile) than corner offices.

How to build a B2D strategy

The final section of the whitepaper presents specific ways in which recruiters can reach out to devs and discuss job opportunities in their language. Covering topics like building a strategy, how to be present, and the importance of educating everybody, the whitepaper shows you how to take your recruiting from merely looking for a Senior Java Developer to developing a B2D (business-to-developer) strategy, organizing hackathons, and establishing a relationship with developers that goes beyond contracts and NDAs.

Download the Whitepaper to learn what makes software developers tick and step up your recruiting game.

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