Your office desk just received a makeover, and it’s a lot smarter.
Herman Miller, the producer of the Aeron chair, is bringing a cloud-connected desk meant to revolutionize the manner data is gathered on you while you are at work.

Cloud-connected furniture seems to be the future as companies are racing to develop smart objects from your home to the office.

Named Live OS, the system connects sensors with desks to track employees’ time spent standing or sitting, all recorded and reported on the app. Employees can set their preferences for sitting and standing throughout the day by connecting the app with any smart desk.

Also, the cloud-connected furniture can switch positions from seated to upright and vice versa in order to get people to be more productive, engaged, and efficient during their work day.

Companies who decide to invest the $100 for Live OS and the $36 annual desk fee won’t only gain more results from their employees’ work, but also the added benefit of getting data on how their facilities are used by applying digital technology to their furniture and settings. Live OS will provide organizations data on how to edit or improve on of the most important factors of their business – their employees’ workplace.

For example, managers looking to move to a smaller or bigger office can take a peek at how their office space is being used and make informed decisions on how to use their workspace more efficiently.

So, if you had a problem with the Internet of things encompassing your personal workspace, Herman Miller has a rebuttal – this technology has the potential to make any space you approach feel like home. It adjusts to your preferences. So, welcome home workers, get ready to set up your bed in the office.

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