WeAreDevelopers (WAD): What’s your topic?

Björn Ganslandt (BG): I’ll be talking about Space Jam, a website that has been unchanged since 1996. Exploring its code I will be explaining how the web worked back in the 90s and how that relates to current developments. Also, I will be showing a bunch of animated GIFs, because they are as popular now as they were in 1996.


WAD: Why is your topic important?

BG: Although the web changes at a pretty rapid pace it also builds on a fairly long history. Looking back on the history of web development helps in understanding how we got to where we are.


WAD: What are the prerequisites should the audience have for attending your talk?

BG: If you know what an HTML tag is, you should be fine.


WAD: And afterwards, we want to know…

BG: You’ll probably want to know how I implemented code-highlighting for Netscape 2. The answer is taking the output of prism.js and running it through a shell script that creates static HTML.


WAD: What are your favourite tools?

BG: In my daily work, I use the Chrome and Firefox devtools a lot. Apart from that Visual Studio Code and npm are part of my web development toolchain. It’s amazing how far frontend tooling has come in the last few years. If I work with visual design Sketch is my tool of choice.


WAD: Which programming language did you learn first?

BG: I started out with Basic on an Apple IIe when I was 7. The computer was as old as me at this point.


WAD: What is one of those things you wish you knew when you started out developing?

BG: Starting out I felt my code wasn’t good enough. Only much later I discovered that everyone is struggling with their code no matter their level of experience. Just keep coding, learning and don’t be afraid to share what you are working on.


WAD: Do you have idols when it comes to coding?

BG: I met a lot of people who taught me how to be a better programmer. I never felt the need to burn incense at their feet though.


WAD: What project will you do next?

BG: Being at an agency you never know what project comes along next. No matter the client, I hope I will be able to use CSS variables in production soon. Also, design systems seem to be a constant in my work, so there’s bound to be a new one I will be working on.


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Björn bridges the gap between user experience and frontend development at intuio in Vienna. He splits his time between user observation, CSS wrangling and UI scribbling. At one point he was a design theory researcher and hosted a weekly radio show, but still feels very much inadequate when it comes to discussing typography and music. In his spare time, Björn typesets books and builds duplo houses with his daughter Ada.

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