WeAreDevelopers (WAD): What’s your topic?
Felix Krause (FK): Trusting SDKs

WAD: Why is your topic important?
FK: We all as developers love the wide variety of SDKs that make our lives easier every single day. However, we don’t often enough think about the potential negative consequences of bundling third-party code within your application. When doing the research in that area, I learned how easy it is to hijack SDKs while they’re being downloaded, and how an attacker could abuse this to cause damage to millions of users.

WAD: What are the prerequisites should the audience have for attending your talk?
FK: Just knowing about general software engineering is enough to understand my talk.

WAD: What are your favorite tools?
FK: BetterTouchTool to have shortcuts for every single application and website I use frequently

WAD: What is one of those things you wish you knew when you started out developing?
FK: Nobody knows what they’re doing. I always assumed everybody in San Francisco was a “rock star” engineer. Turns out, I couldn’t be more wrong. While it’s accurate that an excellent engineer might choose to live in San Francisco, it doesn’t mean engineers in San Francisco are better than in other locations.

WAD: Do you have idols when it comes to coding?
FK: @orta and @mattt


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Felix is the creator of Fastlane, an open source toolset for automating all your iOS and Android development tasks. He joined Twitter in 2015 and recently started working at Google, where he now works full-time on open source tooling for mobile app developers. Before that Felix worked at various startups in Europe and in the U.S. where he collected over 6 years of experience in the iOS ecosystem. 

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