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So, you were craving a high-quality meetup in your city so you decided to organize one yourself?

Alright fellow dev, that’s the exact attitude we are looking for! WeAreDevelopers is a global community of developers coming from over 70 countries in the world.

No matter the city you come from or whether you happen to be a human or an alien, as long as you are passionate about writing code and even more passionate about sharing it with your local community, we will be happy to welcome you on board.

Please do note: Being WeAreDevelopers brings benefits of global value, but it does require commitment and a passionate approach as well. If you are absolutely ready to include these two key ingredients in your ambassador activities, keep scrolling.

Meetups WeAreDevelopers
Meetups WeAreDevelopers

What is a meetup powered by WeAreDevelopers?

A meetup “powered by WeAreDevelopers” is a developers hangout where everything revolves around pure dev content.

It can be delivered by a seriously good dev from the local community, a fellow dev from another city, both in-person or WeAreDevelopers World Congress applicable video materials can be played for the community.

WeAreDevelopers and we went from organizing our first meetup for hardly 200 people to becoming the developers community that gathers 10 000 devs annually, and now we want to share the knowledge.  Getting your meetup fully powered by WeAreDevelopers ensures event, speaker and community support whenever you need it. We roll on a community-by-community basis.

Meet Keep Current powered by WeAreDevelopers

Keep Current powered by WeAreDevelopers meets once a month to share the latest updates in Software Development, DevOps, Machine (and Deep) Learning, Data Science and Data Engineering, in Vienna, Austria. They contribute to the community through the hands-on development of this open-source project, which uses Natural Language Processing and social recommendation system algorithms to filter relevant content, adapts to your preferences and keeps you up to date.

WeAreDevelopers Ambassador leading this productive meetup is Liad Magen, a fellow dev on a continuous mission to assist all of us – researchers and developers – to advance in our career by staying current with the latest technologies through creating a contextual recommendation system that filters personalized content from the web.

We are honored to support leaders and communities like Keep Current is and provide support that would empower their local community and expand their voice to our global audience.

If in Vienna, join Keep Current to see what are we talking about.

Keep Current Meetups powered by WeAreDevelopers

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