Robust & Scaling Backends

The requirements related to serverside technologies changed a lot in the last couple of years. Different requirements have emerged when it comes to the way data is stored and accessed on the web, new languages are being developed and the emphasis on scalability in architecture is bigger than ever. Some of the leading speakers and companies are dealing with this topic by looking at reliable and scalable backends, and you are invited to join the discourse with your ideas and views on serving backends.

Microservices – API – Java – .NET – CMS/CMF – Node – PHP – Python – Databases – GoLang – (No)SQL - Rust

Teams 3.0

Digital transformation is no longer a niche phenomenon as companies have started to shift from managing technology and teams separately to managing tech teams by introducing agile methodologies such as Scrum and Kanban. The change has been inevitable as coding culture and people management have been important factors for improving quality of code and efficiency of programmes. We have created a track to look at how implementing agile methodologies transforms teams and allows for efficient programming.

Managing Technology – Evaluating Technology – Managing Tech Teams – Digital Transformation – Agile – Scrum - Kanban

Technologies of tomorrow

The future we envisioned in movies and books is being created as we speak, machine learning mechanism are solving our problems faster than at any other point in time; chat-bots are carrying out our conversations; infrastructure, platforms and services moved into the cloud. Currencies are moving from a controlled centralized environment to a decentralized and anonymous infrastructure. The latest technologies in VR/AR have introduced a new layer into our reality. Those companies that invest in the future will be the first ones to reach it, so do not miss one of the most innovative tracks in 2018.

Artificial Intelligence – Machine Learning – Natural Language Processing – Blockchain – VR/AR/Mixed Reality – Cloud computing – Big Data – A-Frame

Frontends and UX/UI

A vital track that cannot be missed in 2018 is the one dealing with the fastest changing technologies nowadays, frontend technologies. Keeping up to date with all the new frameworks and new APIs in all the major browsers, as well as the richer set of features in the field of HTML and CSS, and the changing protocols and file formats have posed a big challenge for many companies.

SEO - UI/UX– React – Angular – Vue – HTML5 – CSS3 - Data Visualisation - Responsive

Robotics and IOT

Wearable exoskeletons for industrial workers or autonomous machines - the interest in robotics and IoT is more popular than ever, they are not just feeding big data storages and analytic tools on the cloud they are also becoming a part of us humans. Humans creating and controlling technologies is nothing new, technology becoming part of humans is still new and uncharted territory we have yet to explore.

Protocols – Hardware to Human – Embedded Systems – Smart products – Connectivity – Wearables

Mastering mobile

Nowadays, most of our waking hours is spent on our mobile devices therefore user experience has never been more important, no longer bound by specific language platforms, moving between new and trusted methods, developers are pushing mobile applications to new heights.

Native / Hybrid mobile – PWA - iOS – Android - Windows Mobile– Ionic – ReactNative – NativeScript – Xamarin

Reactive architecture

The requirements for today’s application cannot be met by yesterday’s technologies. Reactive programming is all about non-blocking applications that are asynchronous and event-driven. Many big companies are currently in the process of switching to these technologies. One key aspect of reactive applications is the switch from pull based to push based architecture which also leads to a major shift from an imperative to a declarative async composition of logic. This switch not only takes place in the front- but also in the backend, which is creating a responsive and elastic foundation for modern apps. How reactive are your apps?

RxJs – Firebase – Stream processing – Node – Functional Reactive Programming - Real-Time

Automated Environments

From the cradle to the grave software needs attention. Quality does not only extend a software’s life but also a company’s. DevOp skills are needed everywhere, TDD is a default requirement and continuous integration is a must in the workflow. Several strategies can help you here: be it testing the right things and using proven methodologies, deploying in smart processes and having zero maintenance in your tool stack.

Product development – Continuous Integration – Versioning – Testing – DevOps – Scaling – Testdriven Development – Exploratory Testing

Private & secure development

With data moving to the cloud security has become a big issue not just among individual users but also organisations and companies. With the release of GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) by the EU, the topic has received even more attention. In addition to that, the topics of privacy, net neutrality and decentralized web are receiving tremendous attention today. Many developers are dealing with these issues as we speak, tasked by their organizations to protect data and secure software against the threats lurking in the web. This track is perfect for those dealing with these issues and working on protecting and securing software against all threats.

Security – (Pen-)Testing – Hacking – Debugging – Metrics – Privacy – GDPR - Net Neutrality