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Steve Wozniak, Brenda and John Romero, Andreas Antonopolous, Angie Jones – you name it. WeAreDevelopers is known for gathering top-notch tech speakers. Keep scrolling and see it for yourself.

Steve Wozniak

Co-founder, Apple Inc.

Steve Wozniak aka “The Woz” is considered to be one of the pioneers of the personal computer revolution. He co-founded Apple together with Steve Jobs. As a Silicon Valley icon and philanthropist for the past three decades, Steve Wozniak helped shape the computing industry into what it is today.

He single-handedly developed the 1976 Apple I, designed Apple II and was deeply involved in Apple’s decision-making until 1985. He left Apple as a day-to-day employee, however he still remains on the Apple’s official employee list and continues to represent the company at events. After Apple, The Woz was into remote control businness until late 80s. Today, he is a Chief Scientist at the data virtualization company, Primary Data.

Wozniak founded the Electronic Frontier Foundation, an organization that defends free speech, privacy, innovation, and consumer rights.

Andreas M. Antonopoulos

Open Blockchain Expert , Author of “Mastering Bitcoin” & “Mastering Ethereum”

Andreas M. Antonopoulos is a best-selling author, speaker, educator, and one of the world’s foremost bitcoin and open blockchain experts. He is known for delivering electric talks that combine economics, psychology, technology, and game theory with current events, personal anecdote, and historical precedent—effortlessly transliterating the complex issues of blockchain technology out of the abstract and into the real world. In 2014, Antonopoulos authored the groundbreaking book, Mastering Bitcoin (O’Reilly Media), widely considered to be the best technical guide ever written about the technology. His second book, The Internet of Money, unveiled the “why” of bitcoin—and became a bestseller on Amazon— and led to the successful follow-up The Internet of Money Volume Two. His fourth book, Mastering Ethereum (O’Reilly Media) will be available in the fall of 2018.

Angie Jones

Senior Automation Engineer, Twitter

Angie Jones is a Senior Automation Engineer at Twitter who has developed automation strategies and frameworks for countless software products. As a Master Inventor, she is known for her innovative and out-of-the-box thinking style which has resulted in more than 20 patented inventions in the US and China. Angie shares her wealth of knowledge by speaking and teaching at software conferences all over the world and leading tech workshops for young girls through Black Girls Code.

Rasmus Lerdorf

Inventor of PHP, Distinguished Developer at Etsy

Rasmus is known for having gotten the PHP project off the ground in 1995 and has contributed to a number of other open source projects over the years. He was an infrastructure architect at Yahoo! for more than 7 years and joined Etsy in 2012. He was born in Greenland, grew up in Denmark and Canada and has a Systems Design engineering degree from the University of Waterloo.

Joel Spolsky

CEO of Stack Overflow, Co-founder at Trello

Spolsky, who holds a B.S in Computer Science from Yale University, is the author of Joel on Software, one of the most popular software development blogs, and the sitting CEO of the Stack Exchange Network. As a software engineer himself he led the Microsoft Excel team as a project manager in the ’90s. He later on founded Stack Overflow, the Mecca of Devs, and Trello, the popular project management software, which was acquired by Atlassian in early 2017 for $425 million. He is the sitting CEO of the Stack Exchange Network.

Joseph Sirosh

VP of Artificial Intelligence, Microsoft

Joseph Sirosh is the Corporate Vice President of the Cloud AI Platform at Microsoft. This is Microsoft's platform for enterprise customers to build AI applications, and covers a rich collection of components including Cognitive Services, Bot Framework, Machine Learning, Azure Search etc. His team also engineers the core algorithmic toolkit for Machine Learning that's used both internally at Microsoft as well as in our external products. Prior to this, he was a Corporate Vice President of the Data Platform at Microsoft responsible for Databases, Big Data, ML and Information Management. Before Microsoft, he was the Vice President of the Global Inventory Platform at Amazon in the Consumer Business.

Elise Xu

Product Manager, AR Publishing at Facebook

Elise Xu is a product manager for Facebook’s augmented reality camera. Her team builds the tools for creators to target and distribute their AR experiences to audiences across Facebook. She has also worked at Facebook on video ranking and recommendations in News Feed, as well as developing new advertising solutions in the auto and financial services industries. Elise recently moved to London after living in San Francisco for five years. When not pondering the next AR product idea, she loves cooking for friends and writing fiction and poetry.

Stefan Thomas

CTO, Ripple

Stefan Thomas is the CTO of Ripple. As an early Bitcoin contributor, Stefan produced the popular “What is Bitcoin?” video which introduced millions of users to Bitcoin. He also created the first Bitcoin implementation in JavaScript (BitcoinJS), which is still used by hundreds of blockchain companies of all sizes. Currently, he works on deconstructing blockchain with Interledger Protocol (ILP), an open payments routing and clearing protocol. Stefan currently sits on the board JS Foundation.

Håkon Wium Lie

Inventor of CSS, CTO of Opera Software

Håkon came to Opera from W3C, where he was responsible for style sheets. In 1994 he invented a small language called Cascading Style Sheets (CSS). CSS describes how web pages are presented — on screens, in print, or read out loud. You can read about it in a book “Cascading Style Sheets: Designing for the Web” he co-authored with Bert Bos. The book is written in HTML and CSS. Håkon is a graduate of the MIT Media Lab where he was part of Walter Bender's Electronic Publishing Group.

Patrick Kua

CTO, N26

Patrick Kua is the CTO of the mobile bank N26 (Berlin, Germany), where he is building the engineering group that will change modern retail banking for people like you and me. Formerly a Principal Technical Consultant at ThoughtWorks, he is the author of three books, The Retrospective Handbook, Talking with Tech Leads and most recently, Building Evolutionary Architectures. Patrick is a frequent conference speaker, blogger and is passionate about bringing a balanced focus between people, organisations and technology. You can find him blogging at http://www.thekua.com/atwork and on twitter as @patkua

John Romero

Game Designer, Doom, Quake, Wolfenstein 3D

John is an award-winning game designer, level designer, and programmer whose work portfolio includes 130 games, of which 107 have been published commercially. John Romero has co-founded 8 widely successful game companies, including id Software, Gazillion Entertainment, and Loot Drop. He co-owns Loot Drop and Romero Games. He is regarded as one of the world’s best game designers and his products have won over a hundred awards to prove it. Furthermore, John Romero is fully a self-taught designer and programmer, drawing inspiration from early Apple II programmers.

Brenda Romero

Game Designer, Wizardry, Train, D&D, Def Jam

Brenda is a major figure in the area of game design and is famous for her work on the role-playing series Wizardry, as well as Def Jam: Icon, Playboy: The Mansion, and Dungeons & Dragons: Heroes. She is the Course Director for the University of Limerick and Managing Director and Co-Founder of Romero Games Ltd., a game studio focused on fun.

Preethi Kasireddy

Software Engineer, Sapien AI

Preethi is a software engineer that designs and develops user interfaces and builds conversation dialogues using NLP and Machine Learning. She’s passionate about conversation interfaces and the future of human vs. AI interactions. She was previously a front-end & API engineer at Coinbase, a digital currency platform, where she helped architect and rebuild their front-end in React.js. Prior to that, she was a partner at the top venture capital firm Andreessen Horowitz and an Investment Banker at Goldman Sachs.

Christian Heilmann

Senior Program Manager, Microsoft

Chris Heilmann dedicated the last 20 years of his life to make the web work and thrive. As a lead developer on some of the largest web products he learned that knowledge is not enough without teamwork and good handover. He dedicated most of his time since on educating, writing and sharing, presenting on average at 30 conferences a year. He strives to make code and coders work efficiently and get more done quickly without losing the understanding of what we do. He is the author of several JavaScript books and the Developer Evangelism handbook (http://developer-evangelism.com). He is currently a Senior Program Manager in Microsoft and spends a lot of time pondering how machine learning and AI can aid humans and replace jobs we're too important to do.

Jonathan LeBlanc

Head of Development, PayPal

Jonathan is an Emmy award winning software engineer, author of the O’Reilly books "Identity and Data Security for Web Development" and "Programming Social Applications", and the Head of Global Developer Operations PayPal.

Mate Rimac

CEO, Rimac Automobili

Founder and CEO of Rimac Automobili

Dominic Price

Head of R&D, Atlassian

Dominic is Head of R&D and work futurist at Atlassian, a leading provider of team collaboration and productivity software. Dom manages planning, execution and operations for Atlassian's five global R&D centres, and is responsible for leading the company's global innovation programs and workplace best practices for its 1700 employees. Over the years, he has held a variety of roles in technology, risk consulting, product development and program management across businesses in beverage, telco, manufacturing, software development and gaming.

Peter Sunde

Co-Founder, The Pirate Bay

Peter is co-founder and ex-spokesperson of The Pirate Bay, an online index of digital entertainment and software content recently announced as the biggest torrent directory in 2017. He is co-founder of Flattr, a microdonation site, and of Kvittar and IPREDator. He is now an activist fighting for a free virtual world and involved in projects seeking to change society and raise awareness over people’s decreasing immaterial rights.

Ire Aderinokun

Frontend Developer & UI Designer, eyeo

Ire likes to build things. She is a self-taught Frontend Developer and User Interface Designer based in Lagos, Nigeria. Ire is passionate about all aspects of technology, but specialises in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, and has written over 100 articles on her blog, bitsofco.de. In addition to writing articles, Ire also spreads her knowledge through speaking at conferences worldwide.

Timothy Holman

Tinkerer, Tuner and Tamperer,

Tim is a tinkerer, tuner & tamperer of all things online who enjoys the artistic and creative aspects of development. If you've grown up on the web, you'll have probably bumped into something of his somewhere along the line. More on Tim's blog: tholman.com

Dustin Whittle

Developer Advocate, Uber

Dustin is a Developer Advocate at Uber where he spends his days helping developers build moving experiences using the Uber developer platform. Find out more at dustinwhittle.com

Zeev Suraski

Co-founder & CTO, Zend Technologies

Zeev is a PHP programmer and Co-Founder of Zend Technologies. He co-created PHP 3 in 1997, and in 1999 wrote the Zend Engine, the core of PHP 4, and thus founded Zend Technologies, which currently manages PHP advances. Zeev is a veteran member of the Apache Software Foundation, and was nominated for the FSF Award for the Advancement of Free Software in 1999.

Felix Krause

Software Engineer, Google

Felix is the creator of fastlane, an open source toolset for automating all your iOS and Android development tasks. He joined Twitter in 2015, and recently started working at Google, where he now works full-time on open source tooling for mobile app developers. Before that Felix worked at various startups in Europe and in the U.S. where he collected over 6 years of experience in the iOS ecosystem.

Eileen Uchitelle

Senior Systems Engineer, GitHub

Eileen Uchitelle is a Senior Systems Engineer on the Platform Systems Team at GitHub and a member of the Rails Core team. She's an avid contributor to open source focusing on the Ruby on Rails framework. Eileen is passionate about security, performance, and making open source communities more sustainable and welcoming.

Renaud Visage

Co-founder, Eventbrite

Renaud Visage is the founding technical architect of Eventbrite and mentors and invests in startups across the globe as venture partner at Index Ventures. He anticipated several fundamental shifts in the way we use the internet – including the arrival of social media, big data analysis, the shift to mobile devices as first screens and the ubiquity of APIs – and leveraged their disruptive power to Eventbrite’s advantage, fuelling the company’s growth into the globally leading ticketing and event technology platform it is today.

Monty Munford

Founder of Mob76, SXSW, emcee and public speaker

Monty Munford is an emcee / panellist / moderator / interviewer ​and speaker at events such as SXSW, ​BDL Accelerate, ​The Europas, Slush, TechChill, ​ STEP, Zest, Digital K, Startup Village, South Summit, Mobile Web Africa and others in cities such as London, San Francisco, Beirut, ​Helsinki, Riga, ​Moscow, Dubai, Lagos, Madrid, Sofia, Austin and Dublin. He writes a weekly tech column for Forbes in New York and a monthly business / tech column in London for the BBC and writes regularly on technology for The Economist, VentureBeat, Newsweek TechCrunch, Mashable Fast Company and many others​. His tech blog, Mob76 Outlook has more than 110,000 unique visitors per month. The highpoint of his interviewing career to date was in November 2016 with a 60-minute one-to-one conversation with Steve Wozniak in front of 10,000 people in Beirut.

Amanda Cavallaro

Google Developer Expert, Women Techmakers London

Amanda Cavallaro is a software developer, passionate about Cloud technologies, Human Computer Interactions and Chatbots. She works at resolver.co.uk and is a Women Techmakers Lead and Community Organiser at Google Developer Group Cloud London. You can speak to her in Portuguese, English, Italian and a little of Japanese. More info on her personal website: amanda.ml/index.html

Anand Raman

Chief of Staff for AI Platform and GM for AI Ecosystem, Microsoft

Anand Raman is the Chief of Staff for AI Platform and GM for AI Ecosystem at Microsoft. Previously he was the Chief of Staff for Microsoft Azure Data Group covering Data Platforms and Machine Learning. In the last decade, he ran the product management and the development teams at Azure Data Services, Visual Studio and Windows Server User Experience teams at Microsoft. Anand holds a PhD in Computational fluid mechanics and worked several years as researcher before joining Microsoft.

Ada Rose Edwards

Senior Developer, Samsung

Ada Rose is a JavaScript developer specializing in front end web performance and real time graphics (including 3d) comfortable working with latest web apis and using ES6. Also comfortable writing server side JavaScript and writing isomorphic code; code which can run server and client side.

Jonas Jacobi

Head of Developer Advocacy, Worldwide, IBM

Jonas Jacobi is an internationally known Web, Mobile and IoT visionary, technology innovator, and published author. Jonas’ industry experience includes tenures as Technology Evangelist, VP of Marketing and Strategy, and co-founder and CEO, including the co-creation of one of the most prolific and game-changing new industry standards for the World Wide Web, the W3C and IETF WebSocket standard. Currently, Jonas is responsible for the strategy and execution of IBM’s developer engagements. In the world of the symbiotic relationship between developers, technology, and open source, his teams are responsible for building the trust and respect required to engage with today’s millennial developers. Our mission reflects the continuous evolution of technology and how we help developers live up to their full potential by helping them achieve success in their own missions.

Katerina Skroumpelou

Front End Developer, Upstream

Katerina is a front-end developer at Upstream. In her free time she is all web, speaking at conferences (AngularConnect, ngVikings) and co-organizing the AngularAthens meetup. She likes to mix and match web technologies. Before diving into web development, she studied Architectural Engineering and Spatial Analysis at UCL. She is indigenous to the internet, and she loves web development. So much that she does not understand the distinction between work and life sometimes. Or so her friends say. She lives with her Maine Coon in Athens, Greece.

Mars Jullian

Senior Software Engineer, Netflix

Mars Jullian is currently a Senior Software Engineer at Netflix working on the Acquisitions UI team. As part of the AUI team, she works to constantly improve the nonmember and account signup experience. Mars became a UI Engineer since it lies at the intersection between design and problem-solving. She is passionate about UX that is born out of the empathy for the user and writing extensible code. In her spare time, Mars is a panelist on the Frontend Happy Hour podcast and plays in the San Francisco league of the American Poolplayers Association.

Eyal Felstaine

CTO, Amdocs

Eyal Felstaine has co-founded several startups, including SANDARD and Traffix which were acquired by multinational companies, so he’s pretty passionate about entrepreneurship and incubation, both inside and outside of the corporate environment. (And that includes having brainstorming discussions while walking along Tel-Aviv beach.) As a governing board member of Linux Foundation’s networking group, Eyal’s very involved with creating an open-source telecom universe, and in parallel, he’s responsible for planning and developing Amdocs’ technology vision, architecture and roadmap for some rather cool new products. And if he’s got any spare time left after that, you’ll find him on the ski slopes or mountain biking (but obviously not at the same time).

Kristen Gastaldo

Senior Community Marketing Manager, Alfresco

Started my career in the music industry, managing two music venues, for approximately 7 years. In that time, I launched a handmade market in my town, drawing 1000+ for one off events. I moved into community management in 2012, launching Blackbaud's 1st customer community. I moved from Blackbaud to Alfresco in 2016, and relaunched their developer community space. I just finished DevCon, our developer conference, which had been on hiatus since 2012.

Christoffer Noring

Lead Developer, McKinsey

Christoffer Noring is a Google Developer Expert in Angular and Web Technologies, Telerik Developer, Expert in NativeScript. He is also an author of Learning Angular Second Edition and RxJS Ultimate.

Madeline McQueen

Speaker, Host and Coach, Narratively Limited

Madeline McQueen is an outstanding Speaker, Host and Coach who has the ability to empower and encourage her audiences to be their very best. Madeline helps others to gain clarity on their business and professional direction, build confidence and value from within and to be empowered to step up into their leadership potential. As a speaker her straight-forward, no-nonsense speaking style is seasoned with vivacity, humour and humility as she takes her audiences on a journey that seeks to challenge them to look at where they are, where they are going and how they are going to get there through courage and wonder. As a host her authentic, engaging style is seasoned with the same as she ensures that event is seamless and engaging whilst keeping audiences in their seats. Madeline is an inspiring Performance Coach who works with leaders and emerging leaders to help them build their confidence and strategic thinking so that they can access their greatness and soar to even greater heights of professional success. Her process of uncovering such greatness allows her clients to gain greater clarity, approach their work with more certainty and gravitas amongst their peers and generally be more empowered. Madeline has worked with Prezi, Ericsson, Investec, Grey London, Sopra Steria, UCL, Gibbs S3, Royal Holloway University, Virgin Management to name a few.

Martin Wezowski

Chief Designer, SAP Innovation Center

Martin has been loving and living design and tech his whole career, as musician, as visual designer. Right now he maps, builds and inspires a future we want to live in, as Chief Designer for SAP's Innovation Center. Design is transforming faster than before, from classic styling of the superficial to system design of everything, including social and political systems, deeply rooted in a space of challenges and promises between cutting edge tech and humanism. In an exponential, digital change, we design a relationship, a behavior, the product will follow. This exponential change is our most important design brief and the stakes are high - It is just too important to be left only to designers.

Marcus Wermuth

Mobile Lead, Buffer

Marcus is the Mobile Lead at Buffer and based in Munich, Germany. He is passionate about building effective remote teams and great products in the Mobile Area, where he has been working in for over 7 years. Constantly learning and reading you can find him in traveling around trying to find the best coffees in the world

Jennifer Wadella

Founder, Kansas City Women in Technology

Jennifer Wadella has been writing code since before she realized it was a credible career path. She currently works as the lead front-end developer at a legal tech startup and loves building javascript applications + speaking at technical conferences. Jennifer is also the founder and president of Kansas City Women in Technology, an organization aimed at growing the number of women in technical careers in Kansas City

Kaloyan Kosev

Front-end Architect, DevLabs

Kaloyan is a front-end-focused developer, passionate about web technologies, part of the DevLabs dream-team. He is a guest author at CSS-Tricks where he loves to share his knowledge, experience and the technical challenges he often faces. Kaloyan loves startup projects. He's proudly being a member of the Association of the Bulgarian Leaders and Entrepreneurs (ABLE) and alumni of AIESEC. He loves to create and share useful free software. He co-created EasierEnglish.BG (e-learning website for Bulgarians who wants to learn the English language) and Crypto Tab (a browser extension that replaces the New Tab page with a Bitcoin price chart).

Lotte Larsen

Co-founder, Mindberry

Lotte Larsen is co-founder of mindberry. She helps businesses around the globe to be more user-friendly and more profitable.

Andrej Balukcic

Consultant and IT Project Manager, it-novum

Andrej Balukcic is a Technical Project Manager who works with software development leaders and their teams towards achieving high-quality solutions to customers' goals, developed with an agile approach while staying in-budget and on-time. Andrej brings to bear his first-hand experience of the difficulties that leaders and developers have to face in everyday work. Andrej has extensive experience in large software projects developed by large and distributed teams. He is a team player who aims to awaken the passion in people and bring the team's performance to the highest level. Andrej is a certified project manager, scrum master and requirements engineer. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Media Informatics from the Vienna University of Technology.

Nina Bordet

Co-founder, Mindberry

Nina Bordet is co-founder of mindberry. She helps businesses around the globe to be more user-friendly and more profitable.

Alexander Jakab

Consultant and Technology Enthusiast, it-novum

I live with my family in Vienna and also work there as a consultant to serve local customers of medium-and large-sized enterprises. Coming a long way from creating PHP apps for the web and developing with and training developers on Java Enterprise I now use my know-how to help companies build ECM content and processes solutions. What I love at my work is being part of a great team and working with innovative open source technologies. Whilst creating top solutions also having some fun is actually what I appreciate – because work should mainly be fun! And with it-novum I found a company which not only embraces open source technologies but also invests a lot of time and effort to provide cool and professional solutions on top of them. So I enjoy guiding clients when it comes to using and operating these solutions. Specifically I work with Alfresco, and the content an processes platform has accompanied me for quite some time now. And I still enjoy facing challenging consulting issues and building stuff with it. More importantly, I like the direction Alfresco is taking: towards a cloud-native and service-based platform, building on industry standards and cool frameworks. This ensures that the software will be around also long-term in the future.

Ana Cidre

Co-founder and Frontend Developer, codestrand

Ana Cidre is a frontend developer currently starting up a software development agency (codestrand). She is not your usual software developer, as she has a degree in Fine Arts and a Master in International Business Economics and Management. She has been named Women Techmaker Lead by Google, is the founder of “GalsTech”, a local group for women in tech in Galicia (Spain), and an organiser of the GDG Vigo chapter.

Sherry Aziminia

Senior IT developer, Nordea bank

For the past 15 years, Sherry has worked with a variety of web technologies and is currently focused on Angular. She lives in beautiful Copenhagen, where she works as a front-end lead developer at Nordea bank. Apart from her everyday job, she is a co-organizer of the ngVikings conference, as well as some Meetups groups, such as ngCopenhagen and GDG Copenhagen. She loves animals and supports various non-profit animal protection organizations.

Juho Vepsäläinen

Founder, SurviveJS

Juho Vepsäläinen is behind the SurviveJS effort. In addition to being a core developer of webpack, he has been active in the open source scene since the early 2000s. Blue Arrow Awards winner.

Nicolas Haunold

Software Engineer, Airbnb

Nicolas Haunold is a Software Engineer on the Notifications team at Airbnb in San Francisco, working on infrastructure & tools for all of Airbnb’s outgoing communications. Growing up in Vienna, he previously co-founded a legal marketplace startup connecting attorneys with potential clients, and has accumulated over 10 years of experience in iOS security research and app development, leading development on several high-profile projects such as iRecovery — an open-source utility used by law enforcement agencies for forensic data analysis, and millions of people worldwide.

Andreas de Pretis

Co-founder, 25th-floor GmbH

Andreas describes himself as passionate and professional IT-"Jack of all Trades". Over the last 20 years he worked as Developer, Ops, Project Manager, ScrumMaster, Product Owner, Technical Consultant and co-founded his company, 25th-floor GmbH, in 2004. He was among the first certified ScrumMasters in Austria (2004), embodies Agile and DevOps principles out of deep conviction and right now he is especially interested in Developer Experience, Development Environments, Delivery Pipelines, Docker and Dev/Prod parity. Tearing down the barriers and silos between individual IT disciplines and organisational departments drives him the most.

Romain Huet

Developer Relations Lead, Stripe

Romain leads global developer relations at Stripe. He is responsible for building developer experiences and ensuring developers have everything they need to successful on the Stripe platform. He joined Stripe from Twitter in 2015, where he was a Senior Developer Advocate and the first member of Twitter’s developer relations team outside the US. In 2014, Romain helped launch Fabric, Twitter's mobile development platform, and Digits, a way for people to securely sign in to apps with their phone number rather than a password. Romain's worldwide developer tour has led him to meet thousands of developers at events and conferences in dozens of cities across the US, Europe and Asia.

Catalina Butnaru

City AI & Women in AI ambassador, Humans in AI

Catalina is the the City AI Ambassador for London where she works closely with AI practitioners, researchers, startups and professionals - on democratising access to adequate and correct information about applications of Artificial Intelligence. She was also designated a Women in AI ambassador for London, helping women in robotics, computer science, data science and AI share their work, insights in achievements with a larger audience. She is committed to shaping the future of Ethical Standards in AI, and is part of several Ethics in Action working groups in IEEE. Her work is focused on helping technologists understand how to apply ethical and user-adoption principles, instead of rushing into deploying AI experiments prematurely into the market.

Andreas Denner

Partner SEM & CRO, Acolono Metrics

Andreas Denner is Partner at Acolono Metrics, a company specializing in search engine marketing and conversion-rate optimization. He has more then 10 years experience in marketing and worked for Nestlé as Head of Marketing as well as for an Viennese digital agency. Aside from all aspects of digital marketing, he loves talking about all kinds of crazy ideas for new products.

Roman Kuba

Senior Software Engineer, Codeship by Cloudbees

After finishing university in 2012 Roman Kuba went all in to be self employed as a full stack webdeveloper and soon started to work with international clients. On this journey he met the startup Codeship and joined the team in 2014. At the beginning of 2018 Codeship got acquired and Roman is still working on delivering the best frontend possible for Codeship.

Mateu Aguiló Bosch

Senior Developer, Lullabot

Mateu is the API-First Initiative for the Drupal project. Mateu is also an author and maintainer of Contenta CMS, a decoupled CMS based on Drupal 8. Mateu has been working on omni-channel backends (PHP and nodejs) for large media companies in the US during the last 4 years. He has gained a perspective on fully featured and performant decoupled backends serving to more than 10 different platforms.

Serg Hospodarets

Lead Front-End Developer / Lead Engineering Manager, Guidewire Software

Serg is a Lead Front-End Developer / Lead Engineering Manager based in Dublin. He loves the Web and shares his knowledge in his blog hospodarets.com. Being a big fan of moving JavaScript and CSS forward, Serg participates specifications debates and discusses new features with the community. He likes to stay on top of the latest Web technologies and browser additions, participates their development, standardization, and enhancement. Serg highlights all this and the browsers/DevTools additions on Twitter @malyw

Tessa Mero

Developer Evangelist, Cisco DevNet

Tessa Mero is a Developer Evangelist for Cisco DevNet. She spends her extra time running meetups and conferences involving the PHP and API community. In the past, she has contributed to a leadership team for the Joomla! Project for from 2012 to 2017. She also is an avid career mentor and has helped countless developers become successful. On her free time, she likes to play video games, learn about Crypto/Blockchain, learn about UE4, and cooking/eating Korean food.

Pierre-Yves Ritschard

CTO and co-founder, Exoscale

Pierre-Yves is CTO and co-founder at Exoscale where he is responsible for product, architecture, and strategic technology choices. Pierre-Yves is an active member of the open-source community with a strong penchant for distributed systems, observability, and stream processing, including key contributions to OpenBSD, collectd, and riemann amongst others.

Can Bilgin

Program Architect, Authority Partners Inc.

Can Bilgin currently works in Authority Partners Inc. as a Program Architect. He has been working in the software industry, primarily with Microsoft technologies, for over a decade and has been recognized as a Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP) (https://mvp.microsoft.com/en-us/PublicProfile/5000918) for his technical contributions since 2013. In this period he took key roles in projects for high profile clients using technologies such as BizTalk, SharePoint, Dynamics CRM, Xamarin, WCF and other web technologies. His main passion lies in mobile and IoT development using the modern toolset available for developers. He tries to share his experience on his blog (http://canbilgin.wordpress.com), social media (@can_bilgin) and through speaking engagements in both local and international conferences and community events in the Balkan region.

Michael Fausten

Vice President Urban Automated Driving, Bosch

Michael Fausten took over the project management for automated driving in 2011 and has taken over the responsibility for the development of vehicle systems in the Chassis Systems Control division of Robert Bosch GmbH in Abstatt. In May 2017, he has been appointed head of development for fully automated and driverless automated urban driving at Bosch in cooperation with Daimler. Michael Fausten was born 1969 in Cologne and is married. After graduating from high school, he studied physics at the Rheinische Friedrich-Wilhelms-University in Bonn and received his doctorate in electrical engineering from the Technical University of Berlin. He joined Robert Bosch GmbH in 1997 in Toluca, Mexico. Since 2001, Michael Fausten has held various positions in the development and pre-development of networked chassis systems, including Vehicle Dynamics Management and Combined Active and Passive Safety.

Katy Anton

Principal Security Consultant, CA | Veracode

Katy Anton is a security professional with a background in software development. An international public speaker, she enjoys speaking about secure coding and how to secure software applications. In her previous roles she led software development teams and implemented security best practices in software development life cycle. As part of her work she got involved in OWASP Top Ten Proactive Controls project where she joined as project co-leader. In her current role as Principal Application Security Consultant at CA Technologies | Veracode, Katy works with security teams and software developers around the world and helps them secure their software.

Paweł Królikowski

Senior Software Engineer, Uber

Pawel is a Senior Software Engineer at Uber. After two years of squashing bugs and pushing for engineering sanity in payments teams, he moved to Site Reliability Engineering to find more like-minded people. He's a member of Uber's Rapid Response Team and voluntarily keeps his Pager Duty on more than necessary.

Roland Tiefenbrunner

Voice App Engineer,

Roland loves to explore new trends and to dive into different fields. Therefore he also had different roles in the last couple of years : Developer, Scrum Master, Product Owner or Founder. Currently he is a self-employed voice app developer, focusing on optimizing the user experience of voice interfaces.

Gregor Jarisch

Head of R&D / LABS.AI, E.D.D.I - Open Source Chatbot Platform

Chatbot development since 2006 (industries such as ecommerce, first-level-support, quality management, education). Chatbot Lead @ DIFFER.CHAT Dev Lead of Enterprise-Ready Open Source Chatbot Platform "E.D.D.I.". Agile and Innovation Coaching 10+ years work experience in Software Development, in particular Web Services.

Matthias Huttar

Head of Engineering, OLX

Head of Engineering at OLX and a thorough believer in classifieds. Loves programming as much as agile principles and OKRs.

Max Stoiber

Technical cofounder, Spectrum.chat

Max is the technical cofounder of Spectrum.chat, the community platform of the future. He also makes styled-components, react-boilerplate, micro-analytics and a bunch of other open source projects and he co-organises the ReactVienna meetup. He loves to travel, to brew rad coffee and to ski beautiful mountains.

Stefan Vogl

Head of Software Development, Austrian State Printing House

Stefan Vogl did his Bachelor’s Degree in Computer- and Mediasecurity at the University of Applied Science Hagenberg. He started as an intern in the IT & Security department of the Austrian State Printing House. While working there he finished his Master’s Degree at the University of Technology Vienna. In 2012 he was part of the initial team of the newly founded Innovations department. He later became the Head of Innovations Development and was therefore responsible for all software development in the Innovations Department. In 2017 youniqx Identity AG was founded as a spin-off of the Austrian State Printing House concerned with the field of digital identities, where Stefan Vogl is heading the Software Development department.

Peter Blaschek

Head of Digital Strategy, Kreisel Systems

IT was always a part of my life. I started to study Computer Science in Vienna and ended up working for several Fortune 500 companies in different aspects of IT and CT. But several years ago my life changed when I got in touch with “Energy”. There are so many possibilities and opportunities to change the world - and solutions are everywhere. E-Mobiliy and Renewable Energy, Tesla and Kreisel, Wireless Charging and High Capacity Batteries. Most of the topics in newspapers and magazines these days are related with Energy. And being able to play a part in the world changing movement is the best thing that ever happened to me.

Thomas Mutzl

Senior Consultant, Tieto Austria GmbH

Thomas Mutzl works as software architect, consultant and trainer. Currently his main focus is on Microsoft Azure. He holds a diploma from the Technical University of Vienna in Industrial Engineering. Thomas speaks German, English and C#.

Christina Hauk

Application Engineer, Nagarro GmbH

Hi! Working as a software engineer is something I love. It's not just the coding but also being involved in the entire process that let us build smart software. Finding ideas, working on different concepts and providing functioning code are just a few aspects that keep my job so engaging. However, pretty often I ask myself "How can I produce code that is not just readable but also understandable?”
I’ve been working as a software engineer for three years now. My passion lies in front-end development as well as the process behind software development. Over the years, I've been involved with various projects that needed an update, where the legacy code was required to be enhanced and even on current projects that were starting off from scratch. All of these had one thing in common: the code was very difficult to read. This was not because the code was ugly but mostly due to a lack of structuring and naming. Thus, I was thinking about a concept to solve this issue and finding ways on how to develop an easier to understand code. As a result, I've been starting to think about storytelling in software development and that software in itself can be considered a “story”.

Thomas Goldberger

Test Automantion Engineer, Nagarro GmbH

Thomas Goldberger has worked since 2011 in Software Quality Management and is specialized in Test Automation. As Test Automation Engineer it is important to him, to work as a link between the test team, the development team as well as the business department (Fachabteilung). Since he works closely with project owners and uses methods like BDD for defining better and more understandable requirements, Storytelling in software lifecycle is a natural way of communication.

Florian Neukart

Principal Scientist, Volkswagen

Dr. Florian Neukart took over as Principal Scientist at Volkswagen Group Region Americas in San Francisco where he has been conducting research in the fields of quantum computing and artificial intelligence. Before his current post, he was the CTO of Volkswagen Group’s Data Lab in Munich and responsible for its efforts in Research and Technology. He made various contributions to the fields of mathematics, physics, and computer science, specifically in optimization, quantum computing and bio-inspired algorithms. In 2013, he joined Audi from SAP, where he worked as a data science consultant. Florian Neukart holds a Ph.D. in quantum computing and artificial intelligence from the Transilvania University of Brasov, as well as a Master’s degree in information technology from the CAMPUS02 University of Applied Sciences in Graz, and a Master’s degree in computer science from the Joanneum University of Applied Sciences in Kapfenberg. Neukart, is also a lecturer at Leiden University, where he works on quantum computing and artificial intelligence. He is the author of the book "Reverse Engineering the Mind - Consciously Acting Machines and Accelerated Evolution". He was one of the first researchers to propose and implement quantum neural networks, and among the first ones to solve real-world problems of society and environment by means of quantum computing/ annealing. In 2014, Neukart was awarded for his work in biologically-inspired artificial intelligence software by the Science Park Austria.

Igor Pernek

Senior Software Engineer, Mobfox

Igor Pernek is a Senior Software Engineer at Mobfox, pushing the backbone of the platform to be able to process millions of requests per minute under sub-second latency constraints. He holds a PhD in Computer Science with specialization on pattern detection for human activity recognition and has published articles with researchers from renowned universities such as UC Berkeley and Stanford University. Prior to joining Mobfox Igor has worked as a Data Scientist at the intersection of industry and research.

Uri Goldshtein

CEO, Urigo

Uri (know as Urigo on the web) is the CEO of a open source technology and consulting group. Being a leading open source developer from many years, Uri was part of a joint team from Facebook and Apollo that worked on an update to the GraphQL spec to support real time communications. Uri is working with corporates like KLM, Schneider Electric and Pepper mobile bank to help them integrate new technologies into the organization and hire and educate better modern developers.

Stefan Ebner

Founder and CEO, Braintribe

Serial Entrepreneur. Passionate Leader. Musician. Firestarter. Stefan has founded and sold several companies, always maintaining a clear purpose for his business endeavours - to disrupt outdated business models. After founding Braintribe with the vision of building the OS for Data, Stefan quickly grew his team of talented engineers & disruptors and started attracting customers ranging from Fortune 50 companies to late-stage startups. Are you ready to turn your data into Smart Data?

Kyle Borchardt

Head of People, Braintribe

People. Purpose. Passion. Traveling. Kyle has been obsessed with creating the ultimate employee experience since his first day in the corporate world a decade ago. As the Head of People for Braintribe, Kyle has created a culture of Firestarters. Unlike most companies, Braintribe's people work via aligned autonomy and have the confidence and tools to take control of their role and career by having a voice in their responsibilities and personal development. Are you a Firestarter?

Srushtika Neelakantam

Developer Advocate, Ably Realtime

Srushtika Neelakantam is a realtime fangirl who's currently spreading a word about this technology as a Dev Advocate for Ably Realtime. She is a co-author of “Learning Web-Based Virtual Reality” published by Apress. She is also a regular international speaker, apart from being a longtime volunteer and techspeaker at the Mozilla Foundation.

Sebastian Golasch

, Deutsche Telekom

Sebastian works as a “Specialist Senior Manager Software Developer” at Deutsche Telekom, after some time developing backend applications with Java and PHP he became a citizen of the JavaScript world. Recently he´s getting his hands dirty with Python and Rust. For the last six years Sebastian tries to improve our lives, working on Deutsche Telekoms Smart Home platform Qivicon. Famous last words: “If I would’ve wanted to work in ‘Enterprise’, I’d have joined Starfleet…”

Michael Hladky

Developer/Trainer, Angular College

Michael Hladky is doing angular by heart and code as a developer, trainer and consultant. He has many years of experience in back and frontend development of enterprise applications and has a passion for teaching people. As community enthusiast, he is organizing several angular related organizations and meetups in Austria like #AngularAustria and #AngularVienna Org.

Sara Vieira

Front-End Developer, YLD

Front-End Developer at @YLDio, open sorcerer, maker of useless modules, Blogger, Drummer and horror movie fan girl.

Sebastian Springer

JS Developer, MaibornWolff

Sebastian is a JavaScript developer at MaibornWolff in Munich. He's talking and writing a lot about JavaScript and Node.js.

Bastian Heist

Software Architect / Project Manager, Neos

Bastian creates modern web applications with his colleagues at Sandstorm Media, preferably with Neos. He writes for magazines and blogs, runs the Neos Meetup Rhein/Main and loves to speak about technology. In his free time, Bastian plays volleyball, enjoys good food and loves to travel.

Dmitry Apanasenko

Tech Lead, Exonum, Bitfury Group

Dmitry is involved in IT industry for 7 years. Furthermore, he is getting his PhD in Computer Science. Dmitry has extensive experience in various enterprise projects, one was telecommunications project for AT&T. Also Dmitry run a travel startup that was successfully acquired. In 2017 Dmitry has joined Bitfury as Tech Lead of Exonum Enterprise. He is inspired by trusted future powered by blockchain technologies. He is running a team of 10 people and he was leading the tech side of pilot projects for Aricent company, Ukrainian auction of arrested property, Georgia land registry etc.

Phil Hawksworth

Developer Relations, Netlify

Phil works in Developer Relations at Netlify, the fastest growing automation and hosting platform for modern websites. With a passion for browser technologies, and the empowering properties of the Web, he loves seeking out ingenuity and simplicity, especially in places where over-engineering is common. Phil’s career in web development spans almost 20 years and includes time as a Software Engineer at Verisign, an Open Source Evangelist at British Telecom, and Technology Director at R/GA where he worked with clients around the world such as Nike, Google, Beats By Dre and Samsung to bring engaging and effective experiences to the widest audience possible.

Thomas Konrad

Software security guy, SBA Research

Thomas has a master's degree in Information Security. He studied at the St. Pölten University of Applied Sciences. He has been working in the field of software security since 2010 doing mostly penetration tests and software security training.

Tereza Iofciu

Data Scientist, mytaxi

Tereza Iofciu is working in the Data Science team at mytaxi in Hamburg, focusing on demand prediction. During her PhD time at L3S research institute in Hanover, she focused on user modeling, tag analysis and entity search. After the academic life she switched to industry, starting with working for the Data Science team at XING. Before mytaxi she took a year off and spent it getting creative with all sorts of art projects involving dinosaurs and co, under the name tiyepyep.

Marko Atanasievski

Blockchain Developer, Balkaneum

Marko is a software engineer with decade of professional development experience in various fields (embedded, Android, web and full-stack development). After he learned about blockchain he refocused his career around cryptocurrency and currently works as a freelance Ethereum developer.

Luka Milinkovic

ICT Processes, Controls and Compliance Specialist, Banca Intesa Belgrade

Luka has participated in various development projects such as implementation of authentication and crypto algorithms, security protocols, blockchain technology and communication protocols. He has managed and controlled development of digital payment and stock exchange mobile applications and implementation of models for the automatic detection of internal/external fraudulent acts. Luka is employed within the ICT team at Banca Intesa Belgrade. He is responsible for designing and improving ITIL processes, IT and security controls during development etc.

Lori Olson

Chief Instructor, WNDX School of Coding

Lori is a Ruby, Rails, and RubyMotion developer of many years experience. She has written an iPhone app (WIMBY - http://wimby.ca) in RubyMotion, a book based on her experiences with Core Data while creating WIMBY (Core Data in Motion - http://coredatainmotion), and has spoken at RubyMotion #inspect. She has also taught the well-received Ruby on Rails for Real Developers workshop series at conferences around the world.

Daniel Lebrero

Senior Platforms Engineer, Akvo

Dan Lebrero is a technical architect with more than 15 years of software development experience. He has worked on monolithic websites, embedded applications, low latency systems, micro services, streaming applications and big data. He now creates open source software at Akvo. A long time Java practitioner, he now also loves ().

Michael Schmid

Group CTO, Amazee

Group CTO and Owner of Amazee. Lives in Austin TX but travels the world to Europe and South Africa quite often. Doesn't like repetitive tasks. Tries to skate in every country he goes.

Amela Teftedarija

Lead QA Engineer, COMTRADE

Amela is a senior QA engineer and a team lead at Comtrade Digital Services with more than 10 years of professional experience in software development industry and proficiency in test automation. She is also certified Scrum master and a true Agile believer. She is an active member of Comtrade's testing community and one of the organizers of ShareIT Sarajevo Meetups. She feels passionate about sharing knowledge, and that is the reason she is engaged in the local community and speaks at international conferences whenever there is a chance for that.

Jayesh Kawli

Senior iOS Developer, Wayfair

Hello, I am Jayesh Kawli. I live in Boston, Massachusetts. Currently, I am working at Wayfair as a Senior iOS developer. I have been writing iOS apps for more than 4 years. At Wayfair, I work with checkout and shipping team which is responsible for handling cart, payments, loyalty and gift cards in the application. Previously at Wayfair, I worked on the Platforms team which handles core architecture, network/data layer and general performance optimization of the application. In my spare time, I like to work on side-projects and open source libraries. Currently, I am learning to speak Spanish and it's going really well. I also write a blog at https://jayeshkawli.ghost.io which touches active topics in iOS development along with occasional off-topics such as food, travel and web development. My open source projects can be found on the GitHub page (https://github.com/jayesh15111988).

Colm Doyle

Senior Developer Advocate, Slack

Colm is a Senior Developer Advocate at Slack. Based out of their EMEA HQ, Colm is responsible for leading Slack’s Developer Relations work in EMEA. Prior to joining Slack he worked at Kitman Labs and Facebook.

Ernst Naezer

Platform Architect, ING Bank

Ernst Naezer is an experienced speaker, who brings in creativity and originality on a broad range of topics. He is not shy of large and small audiences. Ernst loves working with creative people and believes that the only way to have a great idea is to have lots of them. When it comes to technology, Ernst has a wide range of experience; from building embedded software for IoT devices to designing and running web applications at large scale. The common thread in all this is that software should be relevant and meaningful. He has been involved with APIs at ING bank from its inception days and has participated in this journey as a trainer, designer and developer. In his current role as an API Thinker, he shapes API Thinking at ING. He loves his coffee black and in single shots.

Jina Anne

Design Systems Advocate,

Jina is a consultant, community builder, and advocate focused on design systems. She organizes Clarity, the first Design Systems conference. She founded the San Francisco Design Systems Coalition (which now has chapters in New York and London). She created and moderates the Design Systems Slack and the Design Systems publication on Medium. She maintains the design and website for Sass. She organizes The Mixin (a Sass and front end meet up). She also curates Sass News. She co-wrote Fancy Form Design and The Art & Science of CSS. She was a tech editor for Sass for Web Designers (by Dan Cederholm) and Sexy Web Design (by Elliot Jay Stocks). She has written articles for publications including A List Apart, 24 Ways, The Pastry Box, Sitepoint, net Magazine, and Treehouse. She has spoken at many conferences including Adobe MAX, An Event Apart, and Beyond Tellerand. At Salesforce, Jina was lead designer on the Lightning Design System. Previously, she has worked at companies including Apple, GitHub, Engine Yard, Crush + Lovely, inferno, Oden, Memphis Brooks Museum of Art. Through agencies and consulting has worked on projects including W3C WAI, Mass.gov, Deloitte, and FedEx. She has been said to be one of the most cheerful goths.

Philipp Krenn

Developer Advocate, Elastic

Philipp is part of the infrastructure team and a developer advocate at Elastic. He is frequently talking about full-text search, databases, operations, and security. Additionally, he is organizing multiple meetups in Vienna.

Chris Mayfield

VP of Product Management, Pluralsight

Chris Mayfield is a VP of Product at Pluralsight, user experience practitioner and design leader. Over the last 15 years he has worked for corporations, non-profits and start-up environments. In each case, Chris has had a passion for solving problems using the principles of user-centered design. He leads cross-functional teams including designers, product managers and engineers. He has made ‘using technology to help change behaviour for good’ a focus and passion. Previously before working at Pluralsight, Chris helped create Welbe, a disruptive technology that helps connect organizations with employees favourite wearable fitness devices. Welbe is the first ever corporate wellness platform that uses real time wellness intelligence enabling employers to influence real behaviour change. Chris resides in Syracuse, Utah with his wife Michelle and his four daughters. His passions are fitness, nutrition hacks, photography and travel.

Stephen Fluin

Developer Advocate, Google

Stephen is a Developer Advocate on the Angular Team at Google. Stephen works to solve real world problems faced by developers and businesses, and to represent the needs of the community within the Angular team.

Una Kravets

Director of Product Design, Bustle Digital Group

Hi I'm Una (pronounced like unicorn). I'm a front-end developer who loves to travel, listen to audiobooks, and do brush lettering. But you're probably here for some tech shenanigans. That's cool, I do those too. I co-host a podcast about tech tools calledToolsday, write code for a living on the Cloud Platform Team within IBM Design, and speak about CSS/Sass, web performance, Open Source, and experiments in visual development. I've started two Sass Meetups and promote designers in Open Source as a core member of the Open Design Foundation. Don't hesitate to reach out! From: https://una.im/about/#?

Ilya Grigorik

Web Performance Engineer, Google

Ilya Grigorik is a web performance engineer at Google, co-chair of the W3C Web Performance Working group, and author of High Performance Browser Networking (O'Reilly) book. In short, an internet plumber. In off time, you'll find him working on open source projects, exploring the outdoors with a camera, or simply enjoying a good book.

Felipe Hoffa

Developer Advocate, Google

Developer Advocate @Google. From Chile to San Francisco to the world. In 2011 Felipe Hoffa moved from Chile to San Francisco to join Google as a Software Engineer. Since 2013 he's been a Developer Advocate on big data - to inspire developers around the world to leverage the Google Cloud Platform tools to analyze and understand their data in ways they could never before. You can find him in several YouTube videos, blog posts, and conferences around the world.

Matthias Tarasiewicz

Director, RIAT - Institute for Future Cryptoeconomics

Matthias Tarasiewicz is active as a digital bricoleur, project manager, researcher and technology theorist and works in the fields of coded cultures, open hardware and cryptoeconomics. He is he director of RIAT - Institute for Future Cryptoeconomics and board member of the OSHWA (Open Source Hardware Association). He worked as project lead on numerous projects, such as the "Artistic Technology Research" (FWF Peek) with the University of applied Arts Vienna, "Making Artistic Technology" (FWF Science Communication), "Journal for Research Cultures” (FWF Open Access), "AXIOM - Open Hardware Cinema" (EU Horizon2020). Publications (selection): Faceless: Re-inventing Privacy Through Subversive Media Strategies (DeGruyter, 2017), Openism: Conversations in Open Hardware (Edition Angewandte, 2016), Coded Cultures (Springer, 2011).

Juergen Hoebarth

Entrepreneur & Exponentialist, tokenization.limited

Juergen Hoebarth started to get early involved with cryptocurrencies dating back to 2014. Today he is a speaker who thinks ahead in terms of what will come next and how it affects our society and businesses. Currently he is Managing at tokenization.limited and as well ICOINVESTMENTFUND.com

Daniel Pichler

Cryptoeconomics Researcher, RIAT - Institute for Future Cryptoeconomics

Daniel Pichler is known in the cryptocurrency scene since 2012 and is boardmember of Bitcoin Austria. Formerly he worked for the international startup community with pioneers.io and he has an MSc in Data Science. Currently he is a cryptoeconomics researcher with riat.at and supports the project conda.online in cryptoeconomic questions.

André Christ

Co-Founder & Co-CEO, LeanIX

André's passion lies in enabling organizations and their employees to build better products by moving to a modern IT architecture. Before André co-founded LeanIX, a Software-as-a-Service vendor for Enterprise Architecture and Application Portfolio Management, he gained extensive experience as a Management Consultant at the world’s largest logistics company. In this role, he advised CIOs and IT leaders on strategic topics at the interface of business and IT. Projects included the execution of a global IT complexity reduction program and the definition of an IT service and cost charging model for their world-wide data centers. During his studies of Information Science in Germany and France, he built modern software architectures for both startups and large enterprises. He is a global thought leader and has spoken at several high-influence industry events including Gartner’s EA Summit, Hamburger IT Strategy Days and Rethink! IT.

Dariusz Kalbarczyk

Angular Evangelist at 7N, author of AngularJS - First steps

NG Poland and JS Poland Conference organizer. Co-founder of the group Angular Warsaw and Angular Krakow. Skilled programmer with over 17 years of IT industry experience. Emerging technologies and social media enthusiast. He’s also spent years working closely with some of the biggest companies on the financial and telecommunication markets. While working with AngularJS for the past 5 years, he participated in the creation of a cutting edge banking transaction system designed for mobile platforms, and a group insurance support system, among others. His experience with and enthusiasm for Angular are thoroughly discussed in the aforementioned book AngularJS - First steps (Helion publishing), as well as videos such as AngularJS tworzenie aplikacji (Angular creating applications) and Angular. Czysty kod (Angular clean code). In his free time, he listens to music with a little kick to it, plays the bass, and cycles.

Amahdy Abdelaziz

Developer Advocate, Vaadin

International technical speaker, Google developer expert (GDE), trainer and developer advocate. Passionate about Web and Mobile apps development, including PWA, offline-first design, in-browser database, and cross platform tools. Also interested in Android internals such as building custom ROMs and customize AOSP for embedded devices. www.amahdy.net

Yosun Chang

hacker. entrepreneur., visionary

CTO founder with 20+ years of professional software development, 3D AR experiments since 2002, building apps for emerging devices since 2009. I. Yosun is a creative hacker – a software developer and entrepreneur who specializes in 3D augmented reality, virtual reality, and rapidly prototyping “cool hacks” involving emerging technologies.

Martin Sonnenholzer

Senior Developer,

Sebastian Schrittwieser

Professor, University of Applied Sciences St. Pölten

Sebastian Schrittwieser heads the Josef Ressel Center for Unified Threat Intelligence on Targeted Attacks (https://www.jrz-target.at) and is a professor (FH) for information security at the University of Applied Sciences St. Pölten, Austria. Sebastian’s research interests include, among others, code obfuscation, digital forensics, and mobile security.

Thomas Brandstetter

Managing Director, Limes Security

A computer security expert with almost 20 years of hands-on experience, Prof. Thomas Brandstetter is already a veteran in his field of expertise, cyber security in the industrial sector. He is best known as the incident handler of Stuxnet for Siemens in 2010 as well as the founder of the Siemens Product Cyber Emergency Readiness Team, which is still one of the most effective industrial incident and vulnerability response teams worldwide today. He currently divides his time on the one hand being managing director of Limes Security, a company specializing in top-notch industrial cyber security consulting and secure software development coaching, on the other as being Professor at the University of Applied Sciences St. Poelten, where he teaches various computer security courses at bachelor and master security degree programs. Prof. Thomas Brandstetter presented numerous times at world-class security conferences such as Blackhat USA, Blackhat Europe and SANS ICS Summits. Besides those professional security conferences, Thomas also spoke at federal critical infrastructure conferences such as the BSI Summit or Meridian, or academic research-oriented conferences such as IFIP WG11.10, CIRED and ICS-CSR, as keynote or regular presenter. He holds the renown GSEC, GICSP and CISSP certifications, an academic degree in IT security from the University of Applied Sciences Hagenberg, Austria and a Master's degree in business administration from the Universities of Augsburg and Pittsburgh

Kaz Sato

Staff Developer Advocate, Google Cloud, Google

Kaz Sato is Staff Developer Advocate at Google Cloud team, Google Inc. Focusing on Machine Learning and Data Analytics products, such as TensorFlow, Cloud ML and BigQuery. Kaz has been invited to major events including Google Cloud Next SF, Google I/O, Strata NYC etc., authoring many GCP blog posts, and supporting developer communities for Google Cloud for over 8 years. He is also interested in hardwares and IoT, and has been hosting FPGA meetups since 2013.

Bálint Csuthy

Drupal Tech lead, Ferratum

Bálint has a long history as a contributor to the Drupal project. Created and co-maintained many well known modules, and worked on some of the largest Drupal based websites. For the last 6 years he has been working as a technical lead for web development at Ferratum. His latest challenge is to prepare the migration of 30+ company websites to a new platform using the latest technologies.

Ellen Shapiro

iOS and Android developer, Bakken & Bæck

Ellen Shapiro is an iOS and Android developer from the US currently living in the Netherlands. She works with the Amsterdam office of Bakken & Bæck building mobile apps for all sorts of clients. She also is a longtime member of the RayWenderlich.com tutorial team, writing and editing tutorials and books about iOS and Android. On the side, she works on Hum, a leading songwriting app for iOS. In the time she has left, she enjoys traveling, cycling, hanging out with her girlfriend, and relentlessly Instagramming their cats.

Feross Aboukhadijeh

Mad Scientist, Open Source Maintainer, Study Notes

Feross Aboukhadijeh is a programmer, designer, teacher, and mad scientist. He is currently building WebTorrent, a streaming BitTorrent client for the browser, powered by WebRTC. Before that, he built PeerCDN, a peer-to-peer content delivery network that makes sites faster and cheaper. He is a graduate of Stanford University and he has worked at Quora, Facebook, and Intel. In the past, Feross did research in the Stanford human-computer interaction and computer security labs. He enjoys working on "mad science" — projects that make people say, "Whoa! I didn't know that was possible!".

Mete Atamel

Developer Advocate, Google

Mete is a Developer Advocate at Google, currently focused on helping developers with Google Cloud Platform. As a long-time Java and a recent C# developer, he likes to compare the two ecosystems. Prior to Google, he worked at Microsoft, Skype, Adobe, EMC, and Nokia building apps and services on various web, mobile and cloud platforms. Originally from Cyprus, he currently lives in Greenwich, not too far away from the prime meridian.

Niklas Heidloff

Developer Advocate, IBM

Niklas Heidloff works for IBM as a Developer Advocate. He likes learning, conversational user experiences and serverless technologies. Niklas is a proud father of five and loves BBQ.

Flavia Sequeira

Platform Architect, ING Bank

Flavia Sequeira is an experienced speaker, who brings in creativity and originality on a broad range of topics. She is not shy of large and small audiences. She is a software engineer turned architect turned designer turned good thinker, and currently calls herself an API Thinker. She loves technology that makes a difference in society, business and organizations. She has been involved with APIs at ING bank from its inception days and has participated in this journey as a trainer, designer and developer. In her current role, she shapes API Thinking at ING. She truly believes that mixing people from different backgrounds is what creates progress. And loves her coffee black, in single shots.

Tobias Bürger

Team Lead Data Platform, BMW Group

Tobias leads the Platform and Architecture Group within the Big Data, Machine Learning, and Artificial Intelligence Department at BMW Group, where he is responsible for the global big data platform that is the core technical pillar of the BMW data lake and is used across different divisions inside the BMW Group, spanning areas such as production, aftersales, and ConnectedDrive.

Josef Viehhauser

Lead Data Scientist (Beta Labs), BMW Group

Josef is a full stack data scientist at the BMW Group, where he leverages machine learning to create data-driven applications and improve established workflows along the company’s value chain. Josef also works on scoping and implementing such use cases in scalable ecosystems primarily via Python. Outside of work, he is interested in technological innovations and soccer.

Manfred Steyer

Angular Trainer and Consultant, SOFTWAREarchitekt.at

Manfred is a Trainer and Consultant with focus on Angular. He is a Google Developer Expert (GDE) who writes for O'Reilly, the German Java Magazine, windows.developer and Heise. He regularly speaks at conferences.

Jeremiah Lee

Independent API consultant, JeremiahLee.com

Jeremiah Lee was one of the first people to promote using user experience research methods for developers and calling it developer experience. He has helped create multiple API businesses (Fitbit, Awesm) and worked with several companies on their platform strategies (Spotify).

Sebastian Witalec

Senior Developer Advocate, Progress

Sebastian Witalec is a Developer Advocate for Progress who specialises in Angular and NativeScript. He loves working on both serious and fun projects and one day he will use his roboarmy to conquer the world.

Viv Richards

Senior Test Engineer, Vizolution

Viv Richards is a Senior Test Engineer at Vizolution, a blogger and a community bumble bee. In his spare time he enjoys teaching children to code as a CodeClub volunteer at a local junior school as well as bringing communities together to share skills and knowledge by organising local meet-up's as well as organising South Wales largest agile and developer conference.

Dennis Traub

Fellow at codecentric AG, codecentric AG

With more than 20 years in the industry, Dennis has been building software for many clients, ranging from startups to multinational corporations. As a Fellow at codecentric he helps his clients transforming their business through technology, with an emphasis on digitization and the cloud. At the same time he is passionate about the very personal aspects of the modern workplace and how it can affect your life, your health and well-being.

Lassi Kurkijärvi

SVP, Solita

With two decades of digital experience, Lassi Kurkijärvi has built numerous digital services & startups, and led the digital transformation of multinational corporations. An investor and a board member in many ventures, he believes in actively building a future we want to live in. Lassi is a cancer survivor and a charity leader, with the mission to empower us to lead better and more fulfilling lives, while at the same time building a fast growing, 700 employee business as a partner and SVP at Solita, the leading AI, software & human-centric design company in the Nordics.

Pranav Jain

System Software Engineer, Nvidia

Pranav recently completed his bachelor's degree in CS from India. He loves solving problems using technology and is a Hackathon freak. He has worked / interned with Nvidia, Debian (GSoC), Deloitte in past. Currently he works as a System Software Engineer at Nvidia and manages Outreach program like Google Summer of Code for Debian.

Urvika Gola

Outreachy with Debian,

Urvika is a bachelor's in CS student who started her contribution towards open source projects through Outreachy programme, where she worked under Debian Organization. Outreachy is a programme which aims at uplifting participation of underrepresented sections in open source projects. She is now interning at Intel and also mentoring for GSoC 2018 with Debian.

Stefan Lingler

CTO and Senior Backend Developer, Shpock

Stefan is a Senior Developer and part of the management team of Shpock, a mobile marketplace that brings millions of private buyers & sellers and local businesses together. Since the launch, he largely contributed to optimizing the performance and scaling the rapidly growing platform – making it one of Europe’s leading shopping apps with more than 10 million active users per month. Besides his 10+ years full-stack experience – from conventional LAMP to modern NoSQL, Messaging, CRM, HA and high traffic technologies, Stefan has built the backend team from ground up. He holds a Diploma of Engineering Media Technology and accomplished vast experience in MongoDB, Elasticsearch, Nginx and System Engineering in general.

Boris Gloger

Founder, Owner and General Manager, Borisgloger Consulting

Boris Gloger is one of the pioneers and innovators of Scrum. He was the first Certified ScrumTrainer, directly trained by Ken Schwaber. Boris Gloger modified the Scrum practices to make them applicable for teams all over the world by taking into account of cultural differences. As a coach, he has set standards in teaching Scrum in Scandinavia, the D-A-CH region, Brazil and South Africa: The ball-point game, magic estimation and many other of his ideas are now widespread and most used tools when implementing Scrum. His experience speaks for itself: Since 2004 Boris has trained and certified about 5,000 ScrumMasters and Product Owners. Boris and his team of trainers are the first choice of companies within the auto- motive industry, the banking and insurance sector, as well as telecommunication and e-business enterprises when Scrum needs to be implemented quickly, effectively and successfully. The bor!sgloger professionals is headquartered in Vienna. The bor!sgloger consulting office is located in Baden-Baden, Germany.

Peter Alberer

Engineering Manager, bwin

Peter has many years of experience in the world of software development, ranging from project management to development and management roles. Currently he is working as engineering manager at bwin.party, responsible for the trading, content and risk management department. Previously he was the product owner of the frontend framework for all bwin.party applications and before that delivery manager for 3rd party gaming integrations. Prior to joining bwin.party, Peter was one of the main developers of [email protected], the e-learning system of the Vienna University of Business Administration.

Diana Vysoka

Developer Advocate, WeAreDevelopers

Diana represents a connection between technology and community. Despite her young age, she has managed to earn experience in event management as a Google Developer Group Organizer and in Marketing & PR. Currently, she studies computer science and runs a startup, where she develops its product as a junior developer. Her dream is a diverse environment in technology. As a Developer Advocate at #WAD, she feels she can have a positive impact on diversity.

Florian Grunow

Security Analyst, ERNW

Florian Grunow is a security analyst at ERNW. He holds a Master of Science degree in computer science with a focus on software engineering. His research focus is the security of medical devices.

Maxim Salnikov

Full-Stack Engineer, FORGEROCK

Maxim Salnikov is Oslo-based Web UI Engineer, a Google Developer Expert in Web Technologies and a Microsoft MVP in Development Technologies. He develops complex web applications since the end of the last century and has extensive experience with all aspects of web front-end: UX/UI prototyping, HTML/CSS/JS, main frameworks, progressive web apps. Maxim is a founder and active contributor to two conferences: Mobile Era and ngVikings - Nordics’ main conferences for mobile and Angular developers respectively. Also, he leads Norway’s largest meetups dedicated to web front-end and mobile: Framsia, Angular Oslo, Mobile Meetup Oslo. Maxim is passionate about sharing his web front-end experience and knowledge with the community. He travels extensively for visiting developers events and speaking/training at conferences and meetups around the world.

Juni Mukherjee

Developer Advocate, Continuity

Juni is a thought citizen in the DevSecOps space. Her work is showcased at https://continuity.world/gallery. She has functioned as a developer advocate, engineer, architect and product owner in Silicon Valley, and is an author with a couple of books to her name. She interacts with the community on Quora and has published articles on DZone andTechBeacon. Some of the conferences she has spoken at are Jenkins World, AllDayDevOps, DevNet Create, PrairieDevCon (PrDC) and Knowledge Discovery in Databases (KDD). She also participates as a panelist in Continuous Discussions (C9D9).

Hans-Peter Grahsl

Software Engineer & Technical Trainer, NETCONOMY

Hans-Peter Grahsl is working as technical trainer for Java Web Development and is responsible for the internal education department at NETCONOMY Software & Consulting GmbH in Graz, Austria. As an independent trainer and consultant he is supporting customers during the conception and implementation of on-premise or cloud-based data architectures using modern technology stacks and NoSQL data stores. Hans-Peter is also an associate lecturer for Software Engineering at CAMPUS 02 University of Applied Sciences.

Yan Cui

Principal Engineer, DAZN

Yan is an experienced engineer who has worked with AWS for nearly 10 years. He has been an architect and lead developer with a variety of industries ranging from investment banks, e-commence to mobile gaming. In the last 2 years he has worked extensively with AWS Lambda in production, and he has been very active in sharing his experiences and the lessons he has learnt, some of his work has even made their way into the Serverless Well-Architected whitepaper published by AWS. Yan is polyglot in both spoken and programming languages, he is fluent in both English and Mandarin, and counts C#, F#, Scala, Node.js and Erlang amongst programming languages that he has worked with professionally. Although he enjoys learning different programming languages and paradigms, he still holds F# as his undisputed favourite. Yan is a regular speaker at user groups and conferences internationally, and he is also the author of AWS Lambda in Motion and a co-author of F# Deep Dives. In his spare time he keeps an active blog at http://theburningmonk.com where he shares his thoughts on topics such as AWS, serverless, functional programming and chaos engineering.

Björn Ganslandt

UX & Frontend Consultant, Intuio

Björn bridges the gap between user experience and frontend development at intuio in Vienna. He splits his time between user observation, CSS wrangling and UI scribbling. At one point he was a design theory researcher and hosted a weekly radio show, but still feels very much inadequate when it comes to discussing typography and music. In his spare time Björn typesets books and builds duplo houses with his daughter Ada.

Oleksandr Bondar

CEO, Vertalab

Oleksandr is a software engineer with 14 years of experience. Currently, he is leading Vertalab, a software development company, he founded in 2013. Oleksandr is responsible for hiring, managing, and mentoring software developers. He is passionate about building an atmosphere that would allow employees realize their full potential. Founder and lead mentor at RubyForce, Oleksandr teaches coding in Ruby. In his free time, you can find him running a marathon, being a self-defense instructor or coding next world-changing idea.

Martin Splitt

Senior Software Engineer, Archilogic

Martin is open source contributor and web evangelist by heart from Zurich with a decade experience from the trenches of software engineering in multiple fields. He works as a software engineer at Archilogic in front- and backend. He devotes his time to moving the web forward, fixing problems, building applications and systems and breaking things for fun & profit. Martin believes in the web platform and is working with bleeding edge technologies that will allow the web to prosper.

Kristina Fox

iOS Software Engineer, Intuit

Kristina Fox is an iOS Software Engineer at Intuit. She regularly writes tutorials and technical commentary on iOS and watchOS development on her website kristina.io. As an international speaker, she has presented on topics ranging from Apple Watch development to using technical writing to advance engineering skills. Her past speaking events include talks at AltConf, try! Swift NYC, iOSDevUK and many more. Kristina's main goal in life is to consume as much avocado toast as she can. In her spare time, she also enjoys watching cat videos and Twittering.

Simon Stiebellehner

Data Scientist, Craftworks

Simon is a Data Scientist at Craftworks and lecturer in statistics and digital marketing at WU Wien and FH Wien. After having completed his Bachelor in Information Systems, he gained diverse industry experience, ranging from Microsoft to global players of the consulting industry. Subsequently, Simon obtained his Masters degree from University College London (UCL), specializing in Machine Learning and Data Science. Afterwards, he was a doctoral candidate and research associate, conducting research at the intersection of Neural Probabilistic Language Models and Recommendation Systems in a Real-Time Bidding context.

Johannes Pichler

Lead Web Developer, Karriere.at

Johannes Pichler is a Lead Web Developer working at karriere.at, the biggest job platform in Austria. At karriere.at he is building RESTful APIs and the karriere.at website powered by Laravel. In his spare time Johannes loves to contribute to open source projects like laravel.io and other PHP/Laravel related projects. Based on his former experiences he forces his team mates and himself to follow a test-driven development approach and to use supportive tools as efficient as possible. You can find him blogging at https://johannespichler.com.

Hermann Hauser

Co-Founder, I.E.C.T. – Hermann Hauser

Hermann Hauser, fellow of the Royal Society, of the Institutes of Physics at the Royal Academy of Engineering and honorary fellow of the Kings College, is a worldwide recognized and successful computer- and venture capital entrepreneur. He got well known due to his involvement in ACORN Computer 1978, who developed the ARM processor, which can be found in billions of mobile phones today. In 1997 Hermann Hauser founded, together with Anne Glover and Peter Wynn, Amadeus Capital Partners and a couple of other very successful companies in the years after. He founded the Hauser Forum in Cambridge which contains among other things an ideaSpace, Cambridge Enterprise and Cambridge Networks. All these institutions help start-ups to create a successful venture. In 2016 he co-founded the I.E.C.T. - Hermann Hauser and Hermann Hauser Investment GmbH together with his cousins Josef and Johannes Hauser to enhance the potential of start-ups in the alpine region and invest in deep tech start-ups with high scalability.

Gleb Bahmutov

VP of Engineering, Cypress.io

Gleb Bahmutov is JavaScript ninja, image processing expert and software quality fanatic. During the day Gleb is making the web a better place as VP of Engineering at Cypress.io. At night he sleeps.

George Fairbanks

Software Engineer, Google

George designed and implemented a Hadoop system for a big data analytics firm. Designed and implemented a scripted continuous deployment process using Jenkins, Puppet, and Amazon Web Services. Recently written code in Java, Scala, Pig, Python, Puppet, bash, etc. Now he is the Technical lead for several projects on the Google Ad Exchange (AdX) and supply chain teams.

Julien Decot

Director Platform Partnerships, EMEA, Facebook

Julien serves as Director Platform Partnerships EMEA at Facebook. He is a veteran Internet executive with more than 10 years of experience in Silicon Valley, in multiple senior roles in large consumer internet companies, in strategy and business development role. He started his career at General Electric, where he completed GE's Financial Management Program. He joined Amazon.com in 2000 to support the launch of both Amazon France and Amazon Canada. in 2006, he joined eBay in the Corporate Strategy Group, where he was involved in multiple partnerships and M&A activities. He joined Skype in 2007 where he built the team in charge of Strategy, Business Development and Corporate Development. In his latest role at Facebook, which he joined in 2016, he manages the strategic platform partnerships.

Brian Holt

Senior UI Engineer, Netflix

Brian is currently working as a senior user interface engineer at Netflix. This means he's using JavaScript to enable your (and his) binge watching of House of Cards. Previously he worked as the director of redditgifts front end at reddit. When not on a Netflix bender or devouring content on reddit, Brian is probably hanging out with his wife and dog, running, traveling, or playing video games. Brian is presently a resident of San Francisco, CA.

Eva Lettner

Front-end Web Developer, Chillbill

Eva is a self-employed web designer, she works on web development projects such as Schlechte-Schlagzeilen.at, the Bean Brew Crew, and a BMR calculator concept. She was a Junior Front-end Web Developer for TheVentury and has extensive experience in Marketing, PR, and programming positions. Eva is currently finishing her studies in Web Design & Development at the SAE Vienna.

Franz Enzenhofer

Masterchief at Full Stack Optimization,

Tall, handsome, good looking! Also working the internet since 1998 in every possible way and position, developer, coder, project manager, sales, marketing, business development, PR. Recreational Coder. Since 2011 Masterchief of his new company www.fullstackoptimization.com, the SEO agency to make all SEO agencies redundant, including itself. It's not possible to go online in Austria and to not at least once visit a website he worked with in some way. Grew ViennaJS from 5 people in a cellar to Austria’s biggest developer meetup. Likes Code more than people.

Felix Krause

Software Architect, Google

Felix is the founder of fastlane, an open source tool for iOS and Android developers, with focus on building and releasing apps easier. He is currently working at Google on Fastlane and other open source projects, like danger and TSMessages. He holds a B.S. in Computer Software Engineering at the University of Central Lancashire in the UK.

Christian Kern

Chancellor of Austria,

Christian is the Federal Chancellor of Austria. He began his career with positions in journalism and as a staff member in the Austrian Parliament and at the Federal Chancellery. Prior to becoming Chancellor, Christian was CEO of the Austrian Federal Railways (ÖBB).

Wojciech Gaca

Engineering Manager Core Services, OLX

Ali Sharif

Product Owner & Developer, 25th Floor

Ali has deep expertise in agile software development, with a very strong focus on product development, team culture and high performance. At 25th-floor he works as a Product Owner and Software Developer, consulting a wide range of clients.

Damir Svrtan

Ruby on Rails Team Lead, Infinum

Robert Prosenc

Software Developer, 25th-floor

Robert is a senior web developer for nearly two decades now. During that time, he took part in developing many projects from the first ideas to the fully featured product, with clients ranging from small start-ups up to multinational corporations. At 25th-floor he works as a full stack developer and product owner responsible for various projects. In his private time he has a passion for complex origami.

Alois Reitbauer

Vice President, Dynatrace

Philipp Belcredi

WeAreDevelopers Conference '17, Moderator

Daniel Kalbeck

WeAreDevelopers Conference '17, Moderator

Michael Bromley

WeAreDevelopers Conference '17, Moderator

Michael is a front-end developer originally from England and now based in Vienna. He created his first website with Netscape Composer at the age of 13 and has been making websites of varying quality and utility ever since, eventually managing to get paid for the activity. Michael is an active open source project maintainer and is currently focusing on generative and audio-visual coding projects.

Mark A.M. Kramer

WeAreDevelopers Conference '17, Moderator

Mark is an university lecturer, academic researcher and User Experience (UX) Designer. Mark lectures part-time within the Dept. of Mobile Computing at the University of Applied Sciences at Hagenberg while conducting research at the Center for Human Computer Interaction at the University of Salzburg. Mark actively freelances as a covert UX Researcher / Designer under StealthUX.studio

Sebastian Krumhausen

Head of Product, Sure

Alexandru Oprescu

Senior Software Developer, MobFox

Senior Software Engineer @MobFox where he builds software that helps developers to smarter monetize their apps and websites. The MobFox platform offers ad mediation, ad exchange, a private marketplace and an easy to integrate SDK. He has 7+ years of experience in Java and likes to take part in developing large scale applications that process a high volume of data, require high availability and low latency. Was introduced to reactive programming while working at Mobfox and never looked back. When he is not coding he is enjoying the Austrian skiing and cycling scenery.

Bernhard Sagmeister

Managing Director, Austria Wirtschaftsservice

Since July 2009 Bernhard Sagmeister serves as Managing Director of Austria’s Federal Promotional Bank “Austria Wirtschaftsservice GmbH” (aws) and the ERP-Fund (European Recovery Program). Furthermore, he chairs two Equity Funds and Austria’s “National Foundation for Research, Technology and Development” (NFTE). Bernhard Sagmeister draws on over 20 years of professional experience in the financial and banking industry. In addition to his current appointment at aws Bernhard Sagmeister is affiliated to the supervisory board of the Austrian Bank for Tourism Development (ÖHT), member of “Austria´s External Economic Relations Advisory Board” (Federal Chamber of Commerce, Austria) and board member of Austria’s “Water and Waste Management Association”.

Radoslav Stankov

Senior Developer, Product Hunt

Web developer for more than a decade. He believes that frontend and backend are equally important. In the last several years he is juggles between Ruby and Javascript projects. Currently works at AngelList. Radoslav holds a B.S. in Computer Science from the Technical University at Varna

Tom Bocklisch

Machine Learning Engineer, Lastmile

Tom Co-Founded scalable minds, a software agency which is using cutting edge technologies to realize almost impossible ideas. Driven by the fascination of technology and data science, he is improving his knowledge constantly. At Lastmile Tom is leading the development of the conversational AI platform including open source projects as well as internal projects. He supports leading corporates in solving their biggest challenges like automating parts of their customer service by applying our conversational AI.

Roman Pickl

CTO, Fluidtime

As Chief Technical Officer, Roman is in charge of the technical development at Fluidtime. He has comprehensive experience in project management, the technical coordination of national and international mobility projects and the optimisation of business and development processes. Roman Pickl studied business management and commercial information technology at the Vienna University of Economics and Business and the University of Technology, Sydney, as well as software engineering at the University of Applied Sciences Technikum Wien. There he specialised in the fields of entrepreneurship & innovation management, project & process management and information management as well as software evolution and mobile computing.

Herbert Lohninger

Head of Digital Workplace, Porsche Informatik

Herbert likes to serve his users with a modern enterprise workplace where usability is in the focus. Since a lot of years he works for Porsche Informatik in the technology business unit. Now he is responsible for the new Digital Workplace for the Porsche Holding Salzburg. Together with his team he’ll create a state-of-the-art digital workplace for the company.

Thomas Lobinger

Software Development Manager, Amazon Web Services

Thomas studied engineering in Berlin and Vienna for way to long which allowed him to found two startups. One of them got acquired by Amazon in 2012 and became the foundation of the Amazon Development Center in Berlin Germany, where Thomas works as a Software Development Manager. His area of expertise includes user interfaces, usability and design. Thomas will introduce us to a peculiar process that Amazon uses to stay focused on the customer all the time.

Santosh Viswanatham

Mozilla Tech Speaker,

Santosh is a Software developer, maker, open source contributor and a tech enthusiast. He works as a Frontend web developer at Infosys Ltd and has been volunteering to Mozilla from the past 3 years as a Tech speaker and a Participation leader. He speaks about his favourite web stuff including webVR, webExtensions, PWA, Devtools etc. Presently he is a Advisory committee member for Mozilla Campus Clubs, Firefox Add-on feature board member and got his name listed in about:credits of the Firefox Browser for his contributions to Mozilla.

Christian Köberl

Lead Software Architect, Porsche Informatik

Christian is a software architect, developer and evangelist at Porsche Informatik in Salzburg, Austria. He has 18 years of experience in the field of web-based applications and the Java platform.

Sacha Vrazic

Director of Autonomous Driving R&D, Rimac

Sacha is the Director of Autonomous Driving R&D at Rimac Automobili, where he works on solving issues to achieve the full autonomy for self-driving vehicles. Previously, he was the Head of a Research Lab belonging in the Toyota Group companies, where he contributed to the Research of cutting-edge ADAS and future technologies. He is the author of numerous publications and patents. For many years, he was lecturer in an engineering school at Nice University, France.

Roman Kuba

Lead Frontend, Codeship

Roman is passionate about sharing technology, experiences and loves to enable others. Eventually this resulted in building tools for other engineers by joining the early Codeship team in 2014. Prior he had the pleasure to work with various national and international clients as self-employed fullstack engineer. When not coding Roman enjoys cooking for his family and to cuddle his dog.

Peter Alberer

Engineering Manager, bwin

Peter has more than 20 years of experience in the world of software development, ranging from development to management roles. Currently he is working as engineering manager at bwin, responsible for the trading, content and risk management department. Previously he was the product owner of the frontend framework for all bwin applications and acted as delivery manager for 3rd party gaming integrations. Before joining bwin, Peter was one of the main developers of [email protected], the e-learning system of the Vienna University of Business Administration. He is a fan of OpenACS and reusable, high performing application design.

Nick Shadrin

Product Manager, NGINX

Nick is a Product Manager at NGINX, the company behind the most popular web server technology among high-performance web sites. Nick has helped many top websites to get to the next step in application delivery through the use of cutting-edge architecture approaches and solutions. He enjoys hands-on work with Linux systems, networking, HTTP, and IoT; he likes to see a challenging technical problem and solve it on a fundamental level. Previously to NGINX, Nick worked at Citrix and ZScaler, helping their users to make web experience faster and more secure.

Michael Ramirez Ziegler

Head of SAP Cloud ERP, Aicomp

Michael Niessl

Director of Engineering, Tricentis

Matthias Waltz

Partner and Head of Product Development, Aicomp

Manvel Saroyan

Software Developer, AdBlock Plus

Open source-minded web developer always looking for good ideas to implement.

Manfred Steyer

Trainer and Consultant for Angular,

Trainer and consultant with focus on Angular. Google Developer Expert (GDE) who writes for O'Reilly, the German Java Magazine, windows.developer and Heise.

Klaus Gamauf

Head of IT Operations, Shpock

Klaus is Head of IT Operations at Shpock, the boot sale app. In the last couple of years, he and his colleagues were faced with the challenge to deliver an entirely new classifieds experience – and to massively scale it to attract over 10 million users per month.

Julian Doucette

Software Developer, AdBlock Plus

Developer, problem-solver, creative thinker, open source advocate.

Tracy Lee

Google Developer Expert, Co-Founder, This Dot

Tracy is a Google Developer Expert, JavaScript developer, and serial entrepreneur. After the acquisition of her last startup as CEO, she discovered code and spends her time exploring JS frameworks. Tracy is the creator of This.JavaScript, ng-cruise, Modern.Web podcast, RxWorkshop, and Contributor Days. She is also Co-Founder of This Dot Labs, a framework agnostic agency helping mentor teams build ambitious apps. You can find her at http://thisdot.co/about and on Twitter @ladyleet.

Joe Sepi

NYC Lead Developer/Advocate, IBM

Joe Sepi is passionate about advancing the web forward through open source technologies and open communities. He has held engineering leadership positions at companies such as The New York Times, Adobe, Credit Suisse and Sears and currently leads the developer advocacy mission in NYC for IBM. He also plays in two punk rock bands.

Christopher Hejl

Product Design Governance, Automic Software

After a few years of web-development and about a year in IT-Security, Christopher worked as a consultant and freelancer for enterprise solutions, mostly in the telecom and financial sector. Ever since he joined Automic in 2011, he shifted his focus on Release Automation and Continuous Delivery, spending the first couple years building integrations for over 50 technologies with teams spanning three continents. Christopher is currently driving the Continuous Delivery efforts within Automic’s Engineering in the role of Lead Application Architect.

Pierre-Yves Ritschard

Co-Founder and CTO, Exoscale

Pierre-Yves is responsible for product, architecture, and strategic technology decisions. As an industry veteran, Pierre-Yves relies on experience leading teams in large corporate environments and in smaller highly technical startups. Recognised distributed system expert, Pierre-Yves is also an active member of the open-source community with key contributions to OpenBSD, Collectd, and Riemann amongst others.

Markus Oberlehner

Web Developer, Karriere.at

Harry Roberts

Consultant, Google Developer Expert

With a client list including Google, Unilever, and the United Nations, Harry is an award-winning Consultant Front-end Architect who helps organizations and teams across the globe to plan, build, and maintain product-scale UIs. A Google Developer Expert, he writes on the subjects of CSS architecture, performance, and scalability at csswizardry.com; develops and maintains inuitcss; authored CSS Guidelines; and Tweets at @csswizardry.

Lukas Praml

CEO, Österreichische Staatsdruckerei

Lukas Praml serves as CEO of Österreichische Staatsdruckerei Holding AG and also served as its Member of the Management Board.

Susanne Kristufek

Web Developer, 25th Floor

Susanne is a passionate web developer and UX/UI Designer with wide interests inside and outside of computer sciences. After studying Russian linguistics & literature as well as concert piano she combined her passions for linguistics, solving riddles and logic to work as a programmer. Alongside her current studies of mathematics she works as a developer at 25h-floor, while focussing on subjects like cross-paradigm programming, brewing the perfect coffee and solving layer 8 mysteries.

Johannes Moser

Product Owner, Crate.io

Johannes Moser loves working with code and people. He has worked as a developer for several years and led development teams. Providing an environment of creativity and freedom to let developers create better software is his passion. At Crate.io he is Scrum master and community guy.

Johann Pluy

CEO, ÖBB Business Competence Center

Johann Pluy is CEO of ÖBB Business Competence Center GmbH. Up to now, he was Head of Rail Systems at ÖBB-Infrastruktur AG, where he was responsible for, among other things, the power supply of the ÖBB Group, the operation of telecommunication networks as well as the control and fuse technology with over 600 employees. He has also helped develop the mobile communications strategy of the company.

Christoph Holter

High Performance Computing, Catalysts

An expert in high performance computing, Christoph works for Catalysts and will give an inspiring speech about Big Data and its contribution in leading to new applications and insights for developers.

Daniel Siegl

CEO, LieberLieber Software

Daniel has been involved with model-based engineering since 2000. He first experienced model-based engineering with Together, and then moved on to the current focus: enhancing modelling platforms for embedded users. The next logical step was to join European-based LieberLieber, the Enterprise Architect Specialists, in 2006. In 2009 he became CEO, and in his role as developer of international business he also became CEO of LieberLieber Software Corp. He is an experienced speaker, a founding member of the Enterprise Architect User Group and represents LieberLieber at the Object Management Group.

Petra Hauser

CEO, Exponential Business Hub

Petra is CEO and Founder of the Exponential Business Hub, a company based in Vienna supporting corporates in the area of digital innovation management. Petra also represents Silicon Valley’s Singularity University (SU) as their Austrian Chapter Leader. SU is one of the leading faculties addressing exponential technologies and their impact on the global grand challenges. With her strong media background as the CEO of radio station 92.9 RTL Vienna, private TV station Sat.1 Österreich as well as of Austria’s second biggest media agency group media.at, Petra is a passionate speaker on topics related to digital transformation in marketing and media.

Gabriele Tatzberger

Head of Start-up Services, Vienna Business Agency

Gabriele is Head of Start-up Services at the Vienna Business Agency and passionate to support start-ups and the Vienna startup scene. She is also managing director of the Vienna Region Ltd. Gabriele studied Urban and Regional Planning at the University of Technology in Vienna and achieved her doctor’s degree from the University of Technology in Delft/NL.

Christoffer Noring

Frontend Developer, Google Developer Expert

Christoffer is a Google Developer Expert, a public speaker, and educator and a developer with more than 10 years of experience. He has a great interest in javascript with surrounding frameworks, tools and technologies.

Colin McFarland

Head of Experimentation, Skyscanner

Colin is Head of Experimentation at Skyscanner. He leads the development of Dr Jekyll, Skyscanners in-house experimentation platform, as well as working to foster the culture of experimentation at Skyscanner. Prior to Skyscanner he initiated and scaled experimentation at Shopdirect.com and Rentalcars.com.

Martin Splitt

Head of Engineering, Archilogic

Martin is pretty decent at humaning and pretty good at computering, so he decided to use his computering to improve his and other's humaning. He loves the open web and open source and helps to make things better with, but not limited to, code.

Ermin Dzinic

CTO & Co-Founder, Chainium

Ermin is a technically sophisticated engineering professional with broad experience in business intelligence, data analytics, software development methodologies and strong expertise in database systems. Ermin started his career in 1998 in the finance and banking sector, developing and supporting banking systems in Bosnia. In 2001 he moved to a Munich start-up company, working on the development of various CRM systems with a focus on shareholder relationship management and data analytics. In his next role at the largest global share registry and transfer agency in the world Ermin led various software development teams with a focus on data warehousing and web development. In his most recent position he was in charge of a regional (EMA) data analytics unit with a focus on gathering and analysing data about market trends and business opportunities to maximise efficiency and revenues, using data mining and machine learning to evaluate past trends and predict future events. Master’s Degree in Electrical Engineering and IT Technology, SCRUM Master, Certified Oracle Professional and Associate coupled with the completion of relevant Management and Technical Education. Multilingual proficiency in Bosnian, English, German and Spanish.

David Tanzer


David has been working as an independent software consultant since 2006. He helps his clients with implementing agile software development and improving software quality by providing coaching and training or by working as a developer on the team. He is working with teams that do Java and .NET development on the server, client and mobile devices. More recently, he is working more with JavaScript and as a player coach. In his "spare time", he likes to experiment with Clojure, ClojureScript and JavaScript.

Christian Hassa

Managing Partner, TechTalk

As CEO of TechTalk, Christian is responsible for its technological and methodical orientation. Christian is the product owner of the Story Mapping tool SpecLog, and co-initiator of the Open Source BDD tool SpecFlow. Christian is a specialist in agile planning and specification methods, in particular, Impact Mapping, Story Mapping and Specification-By-Example.

Christoph Reinartz

Team Lead for UI/UX Engineering, Trivago

Teamlead UI/UX Engineering at Trivago. Christoph is working on scaling and improving the User Interface of the trivago products on a large scale since more than 4 years now. He worked in several agencies before. Christoph puts all his passion into making user interfaces and front-ends more consistent, accessible, performant and scalable. If he isn't rolling out Design Systems or fixing CSS specificity graphs he might be out for a run to train for his first marathon.

Robert Kubis

Developer Advocate, Google Cloud

Robert is a developer advocate for the Google Cloud Platform currently based in London, UK, specializing in container, storage, and scalable technologies. Before joining Google, Robert built over 10 years of experience in software development and architecture. He has overseen many full-stack application developments at SAP with a passion for distributed systems, containers, databases, and performance optimization.

Henrietta Egerth

Managing Director, Austrian Research Promotion Agency

Henrietta studied commercial science at the University of Linz and then worked for some years in Brussels, including for the EU Commission. On her return to Vienna, she worked for the Federation of Austrian Industry before moving to the Ministry of Economics and Labour in 2000, where she was responsible for business promotion and research and development. Since 2004 Henrietta Egerth is CEO of the FFG-Austrian Research Promotion Agency.

Olga Dmitricenko

Software Engineer, Rise Digital

Olga is a full stack developer at Rise Digital, where she builds digital video streaming solutions in her everyday work. She is passionate about development processes, the evolution of the web, and the re-emergence of VR. In her free time, she is exploring different technologies and how they can be brought together to create enhanced user experiences.

Dirk Rombauts

Behavior Driven Dev. Coach, Pickles Pro

Dirk has 12 years (as of 2015) of experience with software development in C# and .NET. He developed several ASP.NET projects. He has continuously broadened and refreshed his skills, for example ASP.NET MVC, jQuery, XHTML and CSS. He developed several Smart Client applications as well, using both Windows Forms and WPF, both for desktop PCs and for mobile devices.

Sani Yusuf

Founder, Haibrid

Sani is the founder of Haibrid, a London based consultancy that offers Ionic training & consultancy. Sani is also the co-organiser of Ionic UK & has spoken about Ionic on 4 continents. A published book author, Sani also recently created the first Ionic 3.0 course online VIA Lynda.COM. When he is not doing geeky stuff, he enjoys food tourism & paddle boarding on the ocean.

Armin Ronacher

Creator of Flask web framework,, Jinja and Twig template engine

Armin is the creator of the Flask web framework, the Jinja and Twig template engines. Lover of all things open source and currently software engineer at Sentry.

Teona Burdiladze

Developer and Product Manager, Aicomp

Developer and Product Manager for C4C and ByD

Genta Kondo

Catalyst, NPO Mission ARM Japan

Genta is a software engineer who holds a degree specializing in BMI and cybernetics from the School of Engineering, University of Tokyo. After finishing his study, he worked at Sony, where he undertook robot research and business creation. Now co-founder and ex-CEO of Tokyo-based of prosthetic manufacturer exii Inc., Mr. Kondo is focusing his energies in Mission Arm Japan, looking to revolutionize the production of prosthetic arms using 3-D printing.

Courtney Bowman

Privacy and Civil Liberties, Palantir Technologies

Courtney leads Palantir Technologies’ in-house Privacy and Civil Liberties Engineering Team, focused on developing information systems that anticipate and address privacy and data protection challenges. He also works with civil society and privacy advocacy groups to ensure that the broader concerns from the community are addressed in the design and implementation of Palantir’s software. Prior to Palantir, Courtney earned degrees in Physics and Philosophy at Stanford University and worked as a quantitative and economic analyst at Google.

Linda Früh

Head of Platform Development, Wirecard

Linda Früh serves as Head of Platform Development & Innovations at Wirecard AG.

Robert Fink

Software Developer, Palantir Technologies

Robert is a software developer at Palantir Technologies in Palo Alto, CA. After bootstrapping Palantir's nascent commercial business in Australia and New Zealand, he joined the product development organization in Palo Alto where he and his team built Palantir's newest data integration and analytics platform. Robert experimented - unsuccessfully - with a career in physics and holds a DPhil in Computer Science from Oxford University.

Peter Steinberger

Founder & CEO, PSPDFKit

Peter is an Indie developer who dedicates most of his work full-time on an iOS framework for the B2B market with A-list customers like Dropbox or Evernote. He is an entrepreneur, a developer, a speaker, and loves pushing the limits of Cocoa. He is currently working on @PSPDFKit, the most advanced PDF framework for iOS, Android and your browser.

Jan Mendling

Information Systems and Operations, Vienna University of Economics and Business

Jan Mendling is a Full Professor with the Institute for Information Business at Wirtschaftsuniversität Wien, Austria. His research interests include business process management and information systems. He has published more than 300 research papers and articles, among others in the Journal of the Association of Information Systems, ACM Transactions on Software Engineering and Methodology, IEEE Transaction on Software Engineering, Information Systems, European Journal of Information Systems, and Decision Support Systems. He is a board member of the Austrian Society for Process Management, one of the founders of the Berliner BPM-Offensive, and member of the IEEE Task Force on Process Mining. He is a co-author of the textbooks Fundamentals of Business Process Management and Wirtschaftsinformatik.

Swizec Teller

Software Engineer,

Swizec Teller is a geek with a hat.  He is the author of React+D3v4, Why programmers work at night, and others. His goal is to turn coders into engineers.

Chris Minnick

Author, Javascript for Dummies

Chris is a prolific published author, trainer, web developer and founder of WatzThis?. He has authored over a dozen books, including JavaScript for Kids, Coding with JavaScript For Dummies, and Adventures in Coding. In addition to his work with WatzThis?, Chris is also an avid swimmer, cook, musician, and winemaker. Chris holds a B.A. in Creative Writing / Literature / Film from the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, MI.

Christian Kaar

Co-founder & CTO, Runtastic

Christian is CTO and co-founder of Runtastic, the Austrian mobile fitness company that combines traditional fitness with mobile applications. He also lectured students on C++ and Windows Phone development at the University of Applied Sciences in Hagenberg. He holds a Master’s degree in Mobile Computing at the University of Applied Sciences in Hagenberg in Austria.

Ruth John

Consultant Creative Technologist, Google Developer Expert

Ruth is a web technologist and Google Developer Expert. She likes to educate people about new web technologies and inspire them to try them, coming up with exciting and engaging ways to use them. She’s a founding member of { Live: JS }, a collective of audio and visual artists that solely rely on JavaScript to create their performances. Her favourite things include interactive audio/visual installations and 80s cartoons, usually at the same time!

Sanja Bonic

Lead Developer Advocate, Exoscale

Sanja likes to promote open source and data privacy whenever she can. She started her career in the early 2000s with web development and design until her main focus turned to data. She was a member of the W3C CSS WG and is now organising several community gatherings, such as the Vienna Linux Meetup. Since 2007, she has worked with data from various angles - analytics, engineering, statistics, and quality assurance.

Gerhard Zeiner

Chief Operating Officer, SAP Austria

As COO, the business informatics specialist Gerhard is responsible for the go-to-market of SAP Austria (marketing, business development, pre-sales, value engineering, operations) as well as quality management and business maintenance. He also acts as a sponsor of innovation, cooperation with universities, schools, and CSR. He started his career at Hewlett Packard in 1989, where he was Head of Sales & Marketing for the Services division. His career led him to CA Leasing, where he was responsible for the company's overall market presence, as head of marketing, communication and personnel development. He also accompanied the merger with BA Leasing.

Dan Cuellar

Principle Development Manager, Appium / Fr. Shazam

Dan is Head of Testing at FOODit in London, previously managed the test organizations at Shazam Entertainment in London and worked as a software engineer at Microsoft, working on Outlook for Mac and other products in the MS Office suite package. He is notably the creator of Appium, the open source test automation framework for use with native, hybrid and mobile web apps. He holds a B.S. in Computer Science from Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, PA.

Eric Steinberger

AI Researcher, Vienna University of Technology

Eric Steinberger is a 19 years old, self-taught AI expert and researcher. He wants to take part in the research that makes general superhuman AI become reality in a safe and beneficial way; This is why Eric started self-studying AI and Mathematics at the age of 15. He now works at the Vienna University of Technology, where he researches in the fields of AI and Robotics