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WeAreDevelopers Talent Solutions is a hiring platform matching you with developers who are really interested in working with you. It’s the new best friend of your HR department.

Why hire with WeAreDevelopers Talent Solutions?

100% Pre-evaluation

We give you a 100% guarantee that all candidates match your requirements and are interested in working with you.

Workload Optimization

WeAreDevelopers Talent Solutions is powered by highly experienced Talent Managers who actively communicate with developers from the first moment to signing the contract.

Total Cost Control

You are in full control of your developer streams. (Re)activate them whenever you need them.

Easy Interface

We keep the entrance barrier low so that you can focus on what is important.

Save Money

The ROI gets better the more you need to hire. You can save money and can forecast recruiting costs.
DevJobs Screenshot WeAreDevelopers Job Platform How it works

How to hire with WeAreDevelopers Talent Solutions?


Tell us about the developers you want to hire

We fully analyze your hiring needs and requirements based on job position, technology and seniority.

Stay risk-free

Your costs are determined upfront - you select the package that fits your needs before the process begins. There are no hidden costs at any point.

WeAreDevelopers Talent Solutions does the rest

WeAreDevelopers Talent Solutions does the profiling magic. Our Talent Managers pre-screen the top developers who are interested in your open positions and who specifically match your requirements. They are the voice of developers.

Your processes can stay

After the candidates enter your streams you can interview those that actually have the skills that you are looking for. They know about your company and are guaranteed to be interested in your job offer. No need to change your hiring process.

Welcome your new team member(s)

The hiring process is over! No need to scan hundreds of CV's. It's fast, simple and effective.

How it worked for Kaia Health

We used WeAreDevelopers Talent Solutions to hire candidates for both frontend and backend. The WeAreDevelopers Talent Solutions team was very proactive and did a great job in understanding our hiring needs well. Candidates were presented swiftly and they always ensured that both us and the candidates are well informed about the hiring process. The quality of the provided candidates was very high overall and included a more diverse skill set than we could find through other channels. We always had full control over the process and could still apply our proven interview process without friction.

David BoutellierCo-Head of Drug Development, Kaia Health

Available Streams

Streams are built with three attributes: Position, Technology and Seniority.
Here are the position and technology streams we offer:

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Frontend Engineer

Angular | JavaScript

Backend Engineer


Mobile Engineer

iOS | Android

Coming Soon

Fullstack Engineer

JavaScript | Angular | TypeScript React | PHP | C++ | C# | .NET | Python

Coming Soon

DevOps Engineer

Linux | DB

Coming Soon

QA Engineer/Tester

Automation | Manual/Exploratory

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