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Inventor of the World Wide Web

Sir Tim Berners-Lee

Sir Tim Berners-Lee invented the World Wide Web and HTML. He has received multiple awards and honors, including the Turing Award, the Queen Elizabeth Prize for Engineering, the election as Fellow of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences and many other accolades.

He has been named as one of the '100 Most Important People of the 20th Century' by the TIME magazine.  Sir Tim’s latest project, Solid, is a technology to reconnect individuals with their own data, and allow for interoperability on the Web.  He is co-founder of Inrupt which was launched to fuel the uptake of Solid and empower people with their data within healthcare, finance, telecommunications, government and media to enable richer choices for people, organizations and app developers globally.

We are beyond pleased to welcome Sir Tim Berners-Lee as keynote speaker to the WeAreDevelopers World Congress 2021.

"He wove the World Wide Web and created a mass medium for the 21st century. The World Wide Web is Berners-Lee's alone. He designed it. He loosed it on the world. And he more than anyone else has fought to keep it open, nonproprietary and free." —Tim Berners-Lee's entry in Time magazine's list of the 100 Most Important People of the 20th century

Sir Tim Berners-Lee
Inventor of the World Wide Web
Håkon Wium Lie
Inventor of CSS | Web Standards Activist
Brenda Romero
Award-winning Game Designer
Miško Hevery
Inventor of Angular/AngularJS | CTO at
John Romero
Award-winning Game Creator | Father of FPS | DOOM, Quake, Wolfenstein
Arthur Breitman
Co-Founder & Early Architect of Tezos
Sani Yusuf
Founder of Haibrid | Author | Trainer | Angular Expert
Rowdy Rabouw
Web & App Developer, Sr. DevOps, International Tech Speaker
Johanna Pirker
AI VR Researcher; Asst. Professor, Game Lab Graz at Graz University of Technology
Tanya Janca
Application Security Trainer | Best-selling Author
Matt Hamilton
Director of Developer Relations at Ripple
Marc Backes
Full-Stack Web Developer, Speaker, Consultant
Chester Santos
Memory Expert, Motivational Speaker, US Memory Champion
Francis Powlesland
Global Solution Architect at IBM, Watson Center Munich
Muhammad Ahsan Ayaz
Senior Software Engineer at Klarna, Speaker, Blogger, Google Developer Expert
David Mosen
Chief Data Scientist at Crayon
Josh Goldberg
Staff Frontend Developer at Codecademy
Justin Halsall
Software engineer and founder of Record Once
Kate Stapleton
VP Blockchain Education Network, Community Lead at Axelar
Peter Steinberger
Founder & CEO of PSPDFKit
Jeremy Keith
Founder of Clearleft; Author; Tech Speaker
Alexandra Waldherr
ML & Quantum Computing Enthusiast
Adam Bien
Developer Architect, Author, Podcaster & Java Champion
Eric Steinberger
CEO at Climate Science & AI Researcher
Rob Richardson
Developer Advocate at Cyral, Tech Speaker, Community Leader
Maxim Salnikov
Angular, PWA & Web Expert | Founder of PWASummit | ngVikingsConf | DevRel Microsoft
Mira Jago
CEO & Coder at Cuckoo Coding GmbH
Ruwan Xaviour Fernando
Product Architect at Axinom
Chad Carlson
DevRel Engineer at
Martina Kraus
Google Developer Expert Angular at Kraus Consulting IT
Christine Wahlmüller-Schiller
CEO at CWS Communications and Founder of WOMENinICT
Monty Munford
Andrew Morgan
Staff Developer Advocate at MongoDB
Jan-Rainer Lahmann
IBM Distinguished Engineer at IBM Germany
Jiří Činčura
Independent developer & .NET, C# and Firebird expert
Denis Washington
Senior Full-Stack Developer at Futurice
Adam Klein
Co-founder of 500Tech, Author, Web GDE
Chloé Messdaghi
Award-winning Security & Tech Changemaker
Natan Silnitsky
Backend Infra Developer at
John Collins
Director of Engineering at Vinted
Naoufel Testaouni
President of QueerTech
Allard Buijze
CTO & Founder at AxonIQ
Elena Kotljarova
Team Lead Client Engagement at IBM, Watson Center Munich
Denis Grahovac
Software Development Manager at Rimac Automobili
Fabian Hüger
AI Safety Expert at CARIAD
Hüdaverdi Cakir
DevOps Engineer at brandcompete GmbH
Samuel Nzekwe
FreeTech Software Engineering Student at FreeTech - Axel Springer Academy of Journalism and Technology
Chris Riley
Sr. Tech Advocate at Splunk, Host of Developers Eating the World
Vladimir Novick
Software Architect & Consultant at Vladimir Novick Labs
Dubravko Dolic
Global Team Lead Applied Analytics & AI at Continental Tires
Avichay Eyal
Fullstack Architect at Tikal Knowledge
Simon Stiebellehner
Lead Machine Learning Engineer at TMNL (Transaction Monitoring Netherlands)
Parinaz Roghany
Jr. Software Developer at ebay
Christopher Miller
Developer at Jump Twenty Four
Luka Kladaric
Chaos Manager at Sekura Collective
Elena Pishkova
YouTrack Product Marketing Lead at JetBrains
Markus Möller
Application Architect at Avanade Deutschland GmbH
Olivér Pintér
Blockchain developer at Kiss Consult
Nameer Alkhayyat
FreeTech Software Engineering Student at FreeTech - Axel Springer Academy of Journalism and Technology
Nacho Iacovino
Developer Advocate at
György László Kiss
Kiss Consult, Blockchain Developer at
Phil Bennett
Engineering Manager at Klarna
Elad Shechter
CSS/HTML Architect at Appwrite
Thomas Konrad
Principal Information Security Consultant at SBA Research
Kristin Schulze
Head of Academic Affairs at FreeTech - Axel Springer Academy of Journalism and Technology
Daniel Graff
Technical Product Owner at CARIAD
Shiva Ghahremani
Committee member at Women in AI
Adam Mullen
Director of Engineering at Vinted
Sebastien Stormacq
Principal Developer Advocate at Amazon Web Services
Olli Salonen
Senior Tech Lead at Futurice
Hauke Brammer
Senior Software Engineer at finpair
Rainer Stropek
Co-founder & CEO of Software Architects GmbH
Stephanie Jakoubi
co-founder of sec4dev, lead strategic partnership management at SBA Research
Mettin Parzinski
Christian Kühn
Software Developer at dmTECH GmbH
Markus Harrer
Software Development Analyst at
Steffen Heilmann
CTO at Aroundhome
Justin Vanessa Reichelt
Head of Tech Program at FreeTech - Axel Springer Academy of Journalism and Technology
Christian Grail
Development Architect at SAP
Roman Alexis Anastasini
Lead Engineer at ZEISS Group, ZEISS Digital Innovation Partners
Eric Rabinovich
VP of Engineering at Aspectiva - a Walmart Company
Natalie Sieradzki
UX Consultant at Google
Dominik Berger
Founder & Head of Growth at Attention Fox
Alin Kalam
Strategic Business Intelligence & Analytics Lead at Lufthansa Group AG
Brien Colwell
Co-Founder, CTO at Headspin
Andreas Fertig
CEO of Unique Code GmbH, Trainer and Consultant for C++
Florian Bruhin
Founder at Bruhin Software
Sead Ahmetovic
CEO & Co-founder of WeAreDevelopers
Manfred Steyer
Trainer & Consultant at; GDE; Microsoft MVP
Anastasia Bartasheva
YouTrack Lead Support Engineer at JetBrains
Nočnica Fee
Developer Advocate at New Relic
Ulrike Gehmacher
Vice President Global Sustainability at RHI Magnesita
Sascha Depold
Engineering Manager at ebay
Alireza Chegini
DevOps expert / Author on DZone blog site
Frank Müller
Team Lead Development at Kubermatic
Manu Nelamane Siddalingegowda
Lead Backend Developer at Lisk
Stefan Steinbauer
Director Community at Tricentis
Jonay Mayer
Software Consultant at TNG Technology Consulting GmbH
Jimmy Song
Author, Programming Bitcoin & Bitcoin Fellow at Blockchain Capital
Tillman Radmer
Data Scientist Computer Vision & Hardware Acceleration at CARIAD
New speakers are being announced on an on-going basis.
Stay tuned for an unparalleled line-up of tech speakers and industry experts.

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