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We asked 1000+ developers across Europe what matters the most at work. From salary transparency and how it affects their decision-making, to mental and physical health prevention, and to better understand their career aspirations. Read our findings!

#Wanted and #Misunderstood: A Developer Survey 2023

Misunderstanding #1

Communicate the Salary

Developers love transparency - and clear announcements! Salary transparency makes 86% of surveyed IT professionals more likely to apply for a job!

Misunderstanding #2

Values Matter

Rewards beyond salary are of the utmost importance! Devs prefer meaningful work over monetary compensation (46%) and value fulfillment but demand strong retention programs!

Misunderstanding #3

Rising Health Concerns

Developers enjoy energizing tasks and value team dynamics, showing they are more then just coding machines! 40% of surveyed participants identify stress and heavy workloads as their main concerns.

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Our methodology

  • Data collection method: CAWI
  • Target group: IT professionals
  • Fieldwork period: April 2023
  • Sample size: n=1.254
  • Survey area: Across Europe
  • Survey language: English

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