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Consulting, Information Tech



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JavaScript, Node.js

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Striving to transform Human Resources - the way we hire, learn and create our career paths, all in ONE ☝️ CLICK - we are on a mission to empower people with remarkable and fulfilling careers.

Cobrainer 🧠⚡️gives your employees career transparency, by making their skills and skill gaps visible, while providing you with actionable workforce insights, huge cost savings, and significant reductions in time to hire.

Your organization's workforce houses massive amounts of untapped data and talent potential.  

With Cobrainer Talent, you will harness it and: 
✂️ Fill positions internally in half the time 
📈 Develop your workforce’s talent with the most popular reskilling and upskilling platforms 
👀 Enable your employees to plan their career path with ease and clarity  

You get happier and more productive people, while retaining and improving your best. 🥇

So, join us on this journey to make remarkable careers and happy employees. 👏

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Developer jobs at Cobrainer

We don’t have any open positions right now.