europe's ultimate
coding competition

A live coding show unlike anything you've seen before!
Join the crowd and experience the best developers competing for the title of Europe's Ultimate Coding Champion.

Playoff - Amsterdam
29 Feb 2024
Playoff - UK
Q2 2024
Finals - Berlin
18 Jul 2024
CODE100 Amsterdam
Official Host
CODE100 Amsterdam
Official Partner

»Participating is certainly one of the most thrilling experiences one can have in this industry.«

Felix Wotschofsky
CODE100 Ultimate Champion 2023

A Coding Event Series. Reimagined.

Dive into CODE100, where Europe's best developers engage in a groundbreaking coding competition, all set against the electrifying atmosphere of a live show.

Each playoff in Europe's major tech hubs brings challengers closer to the Grand Final — where they will compete for a prize pool of EUR 100,000.00 and Europe's Ultimate Coding Champion will be crowned. Picture unforgettable nights, combining esports' energy with coding skills, making CODE100 a must-experience journey for developers and tech enthusiasts alike.

Whether you're stepping up as a challenger or soaking in the vibrant atmosphere as an attendee, CODE100 offers you an unparalleled adventure where coding meets celebration.

Road To The Finals

Past stops:
Zagreb - Playoff - 29 Nov 2023 6:30 PM
16 Challengers - 200 Attendees
Official Partner Event of Advanced Technology Days
Winner: Matija Herceg (qualified for the Grand Final)
Runner-up: Mihael Cugovčan (qualified for the Grand Final)
Next stops:
Amsterdam - Playoff - 29 Feb 2024 6:30 PM
16 Challengers - 500 Attendees
Official Partner Event of DEVworld Conference
Winner and Runner-up will qualify for the Grand Final
UK - Playoff - Date & Location to be announced
16 Challengers - 500 Attendees
Winner and Runner-up will qualify for the Grand Final
Berlin - Grand Final - 18 Jul 2024
Europe's 32 best developers to compete for the title of the CODE100 Ultimate Champion and a prize pool of EUR 100,000.00
Main Evening Event of WeAreDevelopers World Congress - the world's largest event for developers and tech leaders.

Competition Format

Challengers navigate through various types of elimination rounds, each designed to rigorously test their knowledge and coding skills.

Individual Coding Challenges
Team Buzzer Quiz
Extreme Pair Programming
Flash Questions
The Final Codedown

Winning in CODE100 means displaying exceptional coding skills, logical thinking, and resilience. Beyond technical mastery, champions stand out for their ability to thrive amidst the live audience's energy, showcasing nerves of steel and a strategic mind.

Save Your spot for the
Amsterdam Playoffs

Real time coding

Follow along what happens on the Challengers screens in real time and root for your favorite to become the CODE100 Champion.

Perks and rewards for everyone

Both Challengers and attendees have the chance to win big at CODE100. A test ride in the worlds fastest car, tickets for WeAreDevelopers World Congress and much more — you’re in for a surprise each time.

Meet the local tech community

CODE100 brings the local tech community together for an unforgetable night - share the excitement as the tension grows with each round of coding.

CODE100 Amsterdam

CODE100 Attendee Ticket

Date & Time
Thursday, 29 February 2024
Entrance at 6:30 PM

The Harbour Club - Amsterdam East (Theater)
Cruquiusweg 67, Amsterdam

2x Drink vouchers included‍

Networking and music until midnight

CODE100 Amsterdam
Official Host
CODE100 Amsterdam
Official Partner

The Venue in Amsterdam

The Harbour Club - Amsterdam East (Theater)
Cruquiusweg 67, Amsterdam
Google Maps | Venue Website

»Taking a ride in the world’s fastest car after wining CODE100 Zagreb was an unforgettable moment. Now I am ready to face the other CODE100 Champions at the finals in Berlin!«

Matija Herceg
CODE100 Champion Zagreb
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