Europe's Ultimate Coding Competition

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100 Challengers, 6 Rounds, one champion.

After 6 rounds against 99 other competitors, Felix Wotschofsky was declared the first CODE100 Ultimate Coding Champion on 27.07.2023 at the WeAreDevelopers World Congress in Berlin.

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CODE100 is Europe's ultimate coding competition, where the technical challenge of coding meets the excitement of a live show.

After its adrenaline-packed premiere, CODE100 is now heading to major tech hubs all over the continent. Get ready for the best developers showcasing their skills in developer trivia, pair programming, finding solutions and keeping cool while the whole crowd is glued to what's happening on their monitor.

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Applications for the next edition of CODE100 in one of Europe's tech-hubs open soon.
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Don't miss out on entering the prize pool of €100K+ by competing at CODE100, Europe's ultimate coding competition!

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