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Cologne, Germany


From 201 to 500


Advertising, Information Tech, Design



dvrTech stack

PHP, Java, JavaScript, HTML, Node.js, Angular, React, GIT

gradeKey values

checkDiverse team
checkAwesome co-workers
checkFlat hierarchy
checkOffers mental health resources
checkTogether at lunchtime
checkValues skills
checkRespect & trust

Work at denkwerk GmbH

Hi, we're denkwerk!

Our mission is to help shape the digital future. What drives us is an interplay of strategy, design, communication and technology - we call it Creative Business. And when we say Creative Business, we mean creative and needs-oriented solutions for brands and people that offer added value to both.

At our four denkwerk locations in Cologne/Berlin/Munich/Hamburg, we employ 220 experts from 24 nations.


Great Place to Work

Now we have it in red and white: denkwerk is a Great Place to Work! A full 84 percent of our employees think that denkwerk is a good place to work. Read our blog for more about our employee survey – what makes us happy and where we see potential for #createpositivechange

Tech Stack

Check out our stackshare to get to know all of our tools!

Cologne Office Stroll & denkwerk impressions
The Application Development

Hello U+1F5FA, we teach applications of all shapes and sizes how to run. The team itself is just as colorful as the projects are; from large to small, beginner or professional: everyone is welcome here.

Whether at the FlexDesk or remotely, together we live web services, CMS, native- & cross-platform apps, store systems as well as single-page applications and build the interface between front-end, back-end and customer requirements. With Java, JavaScript, TypeScript, Kotlin, Dart and C/C++, we speak more languages than the towering Babel-bug report and still understand each other perfectly.

We answer the question "is it possible?" as regularly as "are we there yet?" on a long car ride. On this trip we bring Spring, Vue, React, Flutter as well as Storybook along. And with passion, experience, shared helpfulness, patience & humor we make sure that everyone arrives safely.

- Civan, Steffi, Franz and Team

The Frontend Development

"We are Angular, VUE, React, SASS to CSS converters, HTML blind as markup writers, vanilla JS creators, and Figma to code generators.
For better debugging, we are each other's support in case of ambiguity, we are virtual analog frontend lovers with the urge to be responsive!
... And all that with a pinch of humor, mobile working and an after work beer.
In addition, we share bootstrap and tailwind as empathy and understand not only PURE CSS, but also DRY, KISS and CC as a tailor-made suit for the design of digital attractions. In short, we are the link between visible and understanding code."
Mehmet & Yvonne, part of the Frontend-Team in Cologne

Berlin Office Stroll
Hi, we're denkwerk!
Why denkwerk?

4 locations - in all directions
The denkwerk headquarters are located in Cologne-Ehrenfeld, further denkwerk locations are in Berlin, Hamburg & Munich.

Mobility & Fitness
Fitness and health with the denkwerk x UrbanSportsClub cooperation - all over Germany! Take advantage of the offer to switch off after a working day or pursue your sporting interests together with denkwerkers.

Environmentally conscious in the big city? Our leasing offer of the JobRad makes this easy to implement!

Flexibility & Balance
You want to go to the gym before your first appointment or have a doctor’s appointment in the afternoon? No problem, this is possible through our flexible and trust working hours. Of course, everything in compliance with the applicable rest breaks.

Whether in the office, at home or still with the family on site? Our offer of mobile working combines leisure and work to create a good balance for you.

Hey, you want to combine your city trip with work? Nice idea, our offices are always happy to welcome visitors from other denkwerk locations.

Career & further education
We offer all denkwerkers individual onboarding based on their experience and qualifications. In addition to the professional part, a "denkmate" - an experienced denkwerker - is available to you as a buddy with advice and support.

Depending on your interests, we will work with you to climb the career ladder and offer you various development opportunities.

We offer our denkwerkers various internal and external training opportunities, financed by a training budget per person, which can also be used for teambuilding and events.

Culture & Atmosphere
There is no dress code here. Just come as you feel comfortable.

In addition to the way we treat each other, we also want to create a feel-good atmosphere in the offices. Different meeting rooms, free choice of seats and telephone boxes for quiet conversations help you to feel really comfortable.

Our foosball and table tennis tables in Berlin are a great place to let off steam during hot project phases.

Coffee, spritzer or rather an after-work beer together with colleagues? Our office team provides cool drinks as well as fruit and vegetable snacks.

For new employees, there's the new starter coffee, and for interns, juniors and working students, there's a monthly lunch.

You are part 
Windows or Mac? Just as you like! The special thing about it - you can also use our hardware privately.
Our denkwerkers are our most valuable asset, which is why all permanent employees share in the profits through a bonus system.
You help us to grow in personnel? We reward this with a bounty bonus.
We like to celebrate, especially our successes - look forward to celebrations of all kinds, whether digital or face to face

denkwerk goes Urban Sports Club

New year, new BeneFIT: From now on denkwerk cooperates with Urban Sports Club!
Join the club, come join our team, apply now for one of our open positions - in Cologne, Berlin, Hamburg or Munich!

Achieving accessibility by 2025

Do Not Panic about the BFSGV: We support you in the correct implementation of the new Accessibility Strengthening Act – with a holistic concept for accessible design in technology, design, content, UI/UX and strategy. Interested? Our Technical Director Robert explains in our blog what exactly is important here:[…]m=social&utm_campaign=content-blog&utm_content=accessibility

The optimal content management system for our customers

There is no such thing as the best CMS - but there is the best fit. In the denkwerk blog, we present the path to the optimal content management system for our customers. #createpositivechange #contentmanagement #CMS #webdev #denkwerk

Developer jobs at denkwerk GmbH

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