5 areas of borderless hiring to benefit tech talent acquisition
January 12, 2022
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5 areas of borderless hiring to benefit tech talent acquisition

Rudi Bauer
Rudi Bauer

Finding the right tech talent is a major requisite in the tech industry. 

Tech startups and companies face a scarcity of experts needed to improve their quest for innovation on a daily basis. 

At this point, maybe only the tech industry itself has the opportunity to explore the benefits of borderless hiring with relative ease. This way, it solves its most noticeable problem – the shortage of tech talent and lack of diversity.

Benefits and challenges of borderless hiring

Besides rapid digitalization, the pandemic fortified the trend of working from anywhere to become a reality as working from home. 

Lockdowns and other pandemic protective measures made companies increasingly more open to recruiting talent from previously unreachable places. And it worked well, as the much sought work-life balance for software developers was easily maintained! 

Situations like these opened the door to build stronger diversity impact, inevitably reaping the benefits of hiring candidates from different backgrounds, as we wrote before.

International recruiting and borderless hiring

Still, finding the best tech talents doesn’t come without obstacles. No matter how much recruiters widen their research, there is a big question if the candidate will be a right fit for their organization, or do they possess the skills and expertise for the ongoing or upcoming projects?

As with ‘conventional', borderless hiring comes with compliance challenges, especially when hiring without experience, knowledge, and guidance.

Borderless hiring demands a lot of knowledge about laws and regulations when transferring people from one country to another, putting additional stress on HR leadership. 

If that occurs, there are specialized agencies ready to guide, train or provide actual relocation services to help overstressed recruiters.

Why does borderless hiring matter more than ever?

Borderless hiring positively affects tech talent acquisition through these areas:

  • Access to unreachable tech talent. The only concern is how to manage different time zones in case of remote employees or relocate tech talents from one city or country to another. 
  • Expansion of tech talent pool. Giving priority to remote employees makes the tech talent pool significantly wider by incentivizing software developers who value their work-life balance.
  • Cost savings. Your organization will cut overhead costs by saving on relocation expenses, especially valuable for young startups.
  • Employee retention. Most studies now show that home office policies have repeatedly improved employee satisfaction and retention rates across the tech industry.
  • Increased diversity. As an ongoing problem in the tech industry, considering itself as a lead by example in this matter, transition to an entirely remote workforce would increase gender diversity.

Besides the positive aspects, borderless hiring puts a complex set of actions, rules, and techniques in front of recruiters. Recently, we have teamed up with experts from Localyze to give you an overall picture and navigate you more easily through all dimensions of international recruitment.


Borderless hiring brings a new perspective to tech recruiting continuous efforts to attract promising talent. Depending on organizational preferences, it brings more options for efficient recruiting overall.

Companies and startups that have already embraced the trend are now benefiting the most.


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