5 reasons to bring your entire team to your next conference and not fly solo
March 20, 2020
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5 reasons to bring your entire team to your next conference and not fly solo

Adnan Pavlovic
Adnan Pavlovic

Conferences are a great way to boost your skill set, connect with industry leaders, get visibility for your company and have fun along the way. 

Although going solo has it’s benefits, we reckon there are many more reasons to bring the whole team along - here’s why:

1. Conferences: the best team-building activity

Having a great company culture is essential - not just to keep your business running but to ensure your people stick with you along the way. 

Conferences are probably one of the most effective team outings you can think of - ROI wise. On the one hand, the team gets to leverage the event by representing the company, gaining valuable know-how and getting to know the right people. And on the other, they can join the after-party with their colleagues and explore a potential new city in the evenings. First work, then play.

2. Evoke inspiration and creativity in a team

When’s the last time you had a great idea? We bet it was somewhere between the shower, when roaming the streets of Stockholm or maybe even during a conversation over a glass of wine.

Great ideas and creative solutions often don’t come when you’re stuck in your day to day wheel of work. This is why getting the team out of the office walls and into a completely new location filled with energy and inspiring people can get the creative juices going. 

Conferences are a great way to harness inspiration, creativity and innovation in a team. All the better when they can share those ideas and start working on them right away upon return.

3. The more people, the more exposure

When you attend an event as a team, you’re not just there for the keynotes but (whether you like it or not) you will also be representing the company. Even if it’s just wearing a hoodie with the company’s logo on it. On average, it takes 5 to 7 impressions for people to remember your brand. The more people that are seen walking around with that hoodie - the more likely they are to remember you. Just saying.

4. More knowledge transfer

A team usually has an array of talents, skills, interests and personalities. All of which absorb and process information in a different way. Which is why attending with a team you can heighten the knowledge transfer at a conference. 

This is a numbers game really. One person cannot be at every stage all the time. Just like one person can't talk to several people at the same time. Splitting up to tackle the most relevant things to do and people to see - will lead to an overall increase of knowledge-transfer into the company. 

5. Reduce overall cost

Sure, sending a whole team can seem like a large expense at first. But when you think about it, it could even save you money in the long term. For a larger group you can organize shared transport, lodging, meals and more. If everyone waltzes off to a conference separately - you simply wouldn’t be able to do that and it would cost twice as much. 

At WeAreDevelopers we also offer discounted registration rates for teams. So there’s really not much reason not to come and bring your coworkers along. Check out more about team tickets and how you can secure yours here.


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