10 best sites to hire software developers
March 1, 2024
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10 best sites to hire software developers

Rebeka Meszaros
Rebeka Meszaros

The tech world is in a paradoxical spot right now. Even though there have been major layoffs worldwide — in the US only, over 150,000 tech workers have lost their jobs since the start of 2023 —  companies are still desperately looking for skilled folks in areas like system architecture, cybersecurity, and AI. Deloitte's recent report sheds light on this odd situation, showing that there's a big gap between the people looking for jobs and the high-level skills tech companies really need. In fact, nearly 90% of tech bosses say finding and keeping the right kind of talent is a big challenge for them, highlighting just how serious this skills shortage is.

Recruiting in the tech sector is becoming more complex, especially as younger professionals emphasise the importance of remote work and flexible schedules. This shift requires recruiters to adopt a more thoughtful approach — one that goes beyond merely filling vacancies to align with the needs and culture of their organisations.

Picking the right hiring platform is key because you need more than just a place where employers and job seekers meet. The best platform finds candidates who fit the job's technical demands and are culturally aligned. Since many platforms come with yearly subscriptions, it’s important to choose one that really gets the tech scene and how people in it move. The right choice helps you match with the perfect candidates, ensuring your investment in the platform pays off by effectively meeting your company's and candidates' needs.

Top 10 platforms to hire software developers

In the quest to find the right software developer, the choice of platform can make all the difference. Here's an overview of the top 10 platforms — each comes with distinct features designed to streamline your hiring process and connect you with the talent that best fits your project requirements.

1. WeAreDevelopers

At WeAreDevelopers, we're proud to be a leading hub for tech talent in Germany and Europe. Our platform is home to the biggest community of developers, covering a wide range of specialities. Our platform facilitates direct interactions that simplify your initial contact with candidates. We offer features like company profiles and job listings to boost your visibility among potential hires. Additionally, we host community events and webinars, offering a dynamic way to engage with tech professionals.

Whether you're in search of software engineers or CTOs — across all key tech disciplines — we've got you covered. We provide each company with a specialised tech recruiter to ensure your hiring success. With access to over 120,000 actively searching tech professionals, we streamline your hiring journey through pre-screening, interview notes, and an applicant tracking dashboard, making the entire process efficient and effective.

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2. Aloa

Aloa is all about delivering quality and making sure you find the right tech talent. They have a thorough vetting process to pick out top global talent. Their smart matching algorithms help connect your project with developers with the necessary skills. Plus, they keep track of how projects are doing and make sure everyone's skills — both technical and interpersonal — fit well with your team. You'll get updates every two weeks, so you always know how things are progressing.

Their services are pretty flexible, too. If you're just starting up and need to get an MVP off the ground or work on specific features, designs, or prototypes, their project-based work option is spot on. For startups with funding or enterprises with ongoing projects but few or no tech folks on board, Aloa can set you up with a dedicated team. And if you're looking to grow your team fast or bump up what your in-house team can do, their staff augmentation service is the way to go. Aloa keeps it straightforward, focusing on matching you with the tech talent you need to push your projects forward.

3. RemoteOK

RemoteOK is your gateway to remote professionals, offering everything you need to tap into a global talent pool. You'll get updates on the latest remote work trends and salary benchmarks, helping you stay ahead. Thanks to their robust filtering system, zeroing in on the right candidates is simple. And, you’ll get alerts and notifications whenever new applications come in.

There's also a community forum for swapping tips on remote hiring, a great way to stay connected and informed. Plus, RemoteOK isn't shy about spreading your job posts far and wide, thanks to integration with other job boards. You're spoiled for choice with access to over 1 million remote pros, especially software developers. Tailor your job listings with specific programming languages and preferred time zones to attract exactly who you're looking for. And don't worry about the hassle; they've streamlined the job posting and candidate search process to keep things smooth for recruiters. 

4. Arc.dev

Arc.dev is about boosting your hunt for remote developers and designers, making sure you find exactly who you need without the headache. They put each candidate through a rigorous vetting process, checking for technical skills and how well they adapt to remote work. Their aim? To quickly fill your project gaps with the right talent.

With access to over 300,000 developers and designers worldwide, you're looking at a vast pool of skills and expertise. Arc.dev makes things easier by serving up curated candidates ready to jump into interviews, chopping down your time to hire. These candidates come with verified skills and clear availability, smoothing out the screening steps from the get-go. Whether you're in the market for full-time hires or top-notch freelancers, Arc.dev offers a risk-free trial to make sure you've got the perfect fit. 

Plus, their AI gets to work on your job postings, pulling together a shortlist of candidates that match your needs down to a T. And with expertise spanning over 170 technical skills, finding that niche expert for your project is no longer like looking for a needle in a haystack. 

5. Hired

Hired has an excellent matching algorithm that looks at skills and how well a candidate fits your company culture. Plus, they throw in personalised support and give you the scoop on what the going rates are for salaries, so you're always in the know.

Their platform is super user-friendly, making managing applications and interviews a breeze. You get access to a vetted bunch of interview-ready tech professionals, spanning roles like software engineers, product managers, and data analysts. Hired makes sure these candidates are skilled, eager, and ready to dive into new opportunities, matching them with your openings based on their activity and your needs.

What's great is that the platform gets refreshed daily with new candidates tailored to your preferences, keeping you on top of the game with the latest talent insights. They're also big on diversity, offering tools and support to help you meet your diversity hiring goals and bring in talent from underrepresented groups.

6. Turing

Turing focuses on senior remote developers, making it easy for companies to find top-notch, pre-vetted talent. With access to developers from over 150 countries, each rigorously checked for their tech and communication skills, you're spoilt for choice. They offer a wide range of expertise, covering 100+ skills to fit any project need.

What’s great about Turing is its no-risk trial period. If things don’t work out in the first two weeks, you won’t be charged. They focus on finding developers who are not just brilliant at what they do but also great communicators who can take charge of their work without constant oversight. Turing keeps you updated daily, so you can rest assured that the developers’ work is perfectly in sync with your goals. Plus, they match developers to your timezone, guaranteeing at least a 4-hour overlap with your workday for smooth collaboration. 

7. Landing.jobs

Landing.Jobs offers services for both global and local hiring. With access to over 300,000 users from 160+ countries, you can hire tech professionals ready for local work, cross-border projects, or relocation. Choose from pre-vetted talent or get handpicked candidates from their recruiters, and enjoy ranked and curated applications to simplify your selection.

Worried about a bad hire? They offer a free replacement, reducing your recruitment risks. For international hires, there’s comprehensive visa and Employer of Record (EOR) support. Plus, Landing.Jobs integrates with over 50 Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) for easy candidate management. From Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) to EOR and Agency of Record (AOR) services, Landing.Jobs covers a wide range of your tech recruitment needs.

8. CrunchBoard

CrunchBoard offers a space where passionate tech candidates meet startups hungry for ambitious talent. It's a cost-effective way to post jobs, ensuring your openings get seen by a focused group of software developers from the UK, US, and Canada.

Your postings don't just sit there; they're featured for 30 days, with various plans to match your hiring needs. Thanks to its connection with TechCrunch, your listings get extra exposure on their site, too. Plus, your job gets shouted out in daily newsletters, reaching a broad audience of eager job seekers. When applications come in, you get everything you need — from portfolios to contact info — making your recruitment process as smooth as possible.

9. Honeypot.io

Honeypot.io flips the script on tech recruitment by letting companies pitch to candidates, giving tech pros the power to pick their interviews. This invite-only platform boasts over 50,000 vetted tech talents, from software developers to UX designers. Candidates are rigorously checked through code reviews and interviews, guaranteeing only top-notch matches. Profiles are up for grabs for three weeks at a time, making for a quicker hiring process. Plus, their AI does the heavy lifting, analysing code to pair companies with the perfect fit, streamlining the search for quality tech talent.

10. Stack Overflow

Stack Overflow's job board taps into its massive community of 18 million engineers actively engaging in tech discussions, making it an ideal spot for scouting talent. It doubles as a powerful platform for boosting your employer brand and getting noticed by tech professionals. Users showcase their expertise through reputation points and badges earned from valuable contributions, hinting at their skills and interests. Engineer profiles offer a glimpse into their tech prowess, including reputation scores, tech tags, and top posts.

Despite evolving features, recruiters can leverage tools like HeroHunt.ai to conduct thorough searches across Stack Overflow and beyond, piecing together comprehensive profiles for precise matching. Some profiles may include contact details, or recruiters can employ additional tools to connect with candidates, simplifying the outreach process.

What to look for in a developer

When scouting for a developer — whether for a specific project or a long-term role — it's crucial to consider a mix of technical and soft skills. Here are some key attributes you should look for:

  • Location: Ensure they're in the right place or are willing to work remotely, which is crucial for aligning with your team's logistics and collaboration hours.
  • Profile clarity: A well-written profile offers insight into their professional journey and skills, making assessing their fit for your project easier.
  • Portfolio quality: An impressive portfolio demonstrates their technical abilities and problem-solving skills through past projects, giving you confidence in their capabilities.
  • Role suitability: Understanding whether they excel in leadership roles or as team contributors helps match them to the role that best leverages their strengths.
  • Technical skills: Confirming they possess the necessary technical skills, or the aptitude to learn them quickly, ensures they can contribute effectively to your project from the start.
  • Independence: Candidates who can work independently are valuable for pushing projects forward with minimal supervision, which indicates strong problem-solving skills and initiative.
  • Adaptability: Their ability to adapt to your company culture and workflow is key for seamless integration and maintaining team harmony.
  • Communication: Effective communication skills are essential for collaboration, sharing ideas, and overcoming challenges together, ensuring the team stays on track and productive.

Including these factors in your hiring strategy can really make a difference in how well your projects turn out and how smoothly your team works together. Moreover, when considering whether to hire a freelance or full-time developer, it's important to tailor your approach based on the nature of the job. Freelancers are ideal for short-term projects or when needing specialised skills for a specific task. In contrast, full-time developers are better suited for ongoing projects and contributing to the company's long-term goals.

In a nutshell, understanding what to look for when hiring a developer goes beyond assessing technical abilities. It involves evaluating how well they'll integrate with your team, their problem-solving approach, and their capacity for growth and learning within your organisation.

Why WeAreDevelopers is your premier hiring platform

WeAreDevelopers stands out among tech recruitment platforms. It offers unique services that cater to both recruiters and tech professionals within Europe’s leading developer community. Here’s a recap of why it’s the platform of choice for your tech hiring needs:

  • Europe’s #1 developer community: Tap into the largest developer community in Europe, connecting with a vast network of tech talent

  • Streamlined hiring process: Easily post job ads, manage applications, and communicate directly with candidates through an all-in-one platform
  • Employer branding: Enhance your company’s visibility with a personalised brand page, showcasing your culture through stories and videos to attract top talent
  • Recruiting as a service: Work with recruiting experts to get pre-screened candidates tailored to your tech stack needs, ensuring you only pay upon successful hires
  • World-class events: Gain unparalleled exposure and networking opportunities at the WeAreDevelopers World Congress and other year-round events, virtual and in-person, to elevate your brand, and meet potential candidates
  • Tech recruiting insights: Access expert advice and explore the latest trends in tech recruiting and employer branding through webinars and the Tech Recruiting Academy

WeAreDevelopers simplifies the recruitment process and provides a platform for continuous engagement with the tech community, helping you find the perfect match for your team. Explore what WeAreDevelopers has to offer and transform your tech hiring strategy today.

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