The 12 best websites to hire developers for your startup in 2024
March 1, 2024
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The 12 best websites to hire developers for your startup in 2024

Rebeka Meszaros
Rebeka Meszaros

Are you searching for the ideal platform to find top-notch developers for your startup? With a ton of options out there, pinpointing the best place to start can feel overwhelming. This article simplifies that process for you. 

We're zeroing in on the 12 best websites to hire developers in 2024, that cater to the diverse needs of tech startups. Whether you're debating the merits of freelance versus full-time talent or just looking for the most efficient way to fill your tech team, we've compiled a list that covers the spectrum.

Understand your hiring needs

Finding the right developer for your startup is more than ticking off a list of technical skills. It starts with a clear understanding of your project's needs and making a key decision: do you need a freelance or a full-time developer? This choice significantly influences your hiring strategy and where you look for talent.

Freelancers bring flexibility and specialised skills, perfect for short-term projects or when you need particular expertise without the commitment of a full-time role. On the flip side, full-time developers offer stability and are integral for sustained growth, becoming a core part of your company culture and driving long-term projects forward.

But there's more to consider than just the type of employment. Think about what to look for when hiring a developer: cultural fit, adaptability, and a passion for innovation are just as crucial as technical prowess. Also, weigh your project's nature, budget limits, the need for team cohesion, potential scaling, and how the role aligns with your vision. Moreover, don't forget to evaluate your team's capacity to manage freelancers versus full-time staff and how remote or on-site work preferences could affect your operations. 

With these factors in mind, let's explore the top websites that can help you find the right developer for your startup.

The top platforms for hiring developers

There's no shortage of job boards and hiring platforms. Yet, WeAreDevelopers stands out as it is renowned for being the largest developer community — and platform — in the DACH region and provides a bridge between startups and developers. Following closely, here's a rundown of the 12 best websites to scout for developers, each tailored for startups in 2024 and designed to meet various hiring needs in the tech industry.

1. WeAreDevelopers

WeAreDevelopers is a top choice for finding tech talent in Germany and Europe, hosting the largest community of developers with a variety of skills. They make it easy to connect with candidates directly, offering features like company profiles and job listings to help you stand out to potential hires. They also run events and webinars to engage with tech experts. Are you looking for software engineers or CTOs across all tech areas? WeAreDevelopers can help. They provide a specialised tech recruiter for every company, ensuring a smoother hiring process. With access to over 120,000 tech professionals actively looking for jobs, they streamline everything from pre-screening to tracking applications, making your recruitment journey more efficient.

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2. Hired

Hired makes hiring easier by checking skills upfront and giving you personal help. It's great for startups looking for specific tech skills, because this platform connects you directly with pros ready to tackle unique tasks. Its matching algorithm goes beyond just skills. It also considers work preferences and cultural fit, ensuring you find candidates who'll really gel with your team. Hired also shows what salaries are like out there, so you can make competitive offers. The site is user-friendly and provides comprehensive profiles to help you quickly find the right fit.

2. RemoteOK

RemoteOK is a great site for startups looking to hire for remote tech roles, giving you access to tech talent from all over the world. It's perfect for teams who need the flexibility to hire people ready to work from anywhere. The site's easy to use, letting you post jobs quickly, set up job alerts, and sift through candidates with a solid filtering system. You'll get the lowdown on remote work trends and what to pay, so you can make offers that stand out. Plus, there's a lively forum for swapping tips and networking, which makes RemoteOK a real hub for anyone building a remote team.

3. connects startups with Senior remote developers quickly and efficiently. It's ideal for teams needing tech talent that can dive in right away. The standout feature here is the thorough vetting process, which checks not just for technical skills, but also for a candidate's ability to thrive in a remote setting. This means recruiters spend less time on resumes and more on engaging with candidates who really fit the bill. streamlines the search for that expert developer ready to make a difference in your projects from day one, which makes the hiring process smoother and more focused.

4., based in Portugal, is a popular platform for recruiters seeking tech talent across Europe. It's tailored for a wide range of tech roles, including full-stack, front-end, back-end developers, DevOps, data scientists, engineers, product managers, mobile developers, and UX/UI designers. stands out by offering relocation support, easing the transition for talent moving for work.

5. specialises in helping startups find tech talent willing to move for the right job. It's perfect for companies looking to bring in experts from around the world, offering detailed support on relocation packages to the EU, Japan or the USA, and visa information. This platform stands out by ensuring that both startups and candidates are clear on the moving process, making international hires smoother. For startups aiming to attract top talent regardless of their location, provides a straightforward way to showcase opportunities that include relocation benefits.

6. WeWorkRemotely

WeWorkRemotely is a favourite among startups aiming to build or expand their remote teams. It offers a straightforward platform where you can quickly post jobs and reach a wide audience of remote professionals across various tech disciplines, from programming and product development to design, sales, and marketing. What makes WeWorkRemotely stand out is its focus on remote work, attracting a community of candidates who are not just looking for any job but are passionate about the remote lifestyle. This alignment means startups can find individuals who are already equipped to thrive in a remote setting, reducing the onboarding time and ensuring a smoother integration into distributed teams.

7. is ideal for recruiters aiming to fill tech roles in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, the Netherlands, and Spain. What sets Honeypot apart is its reverse-recruiting model, where companies reach out to developers, flipping the traditional job search on its head. Although this platform caters to all skill levels, those with European experience and a solid tech background tend to attract more interest. Honeypot streamlines the hiring process by showcasing developers' salaries and tech stacks upfront, which eliminates the need to sift through resumes and cover letters. With pre-screened talent, talent relocation services, and a 90% response rate from developers, recruiters can efficiently fill positions. 

8. Wellfound 

Wellfound (previously known as AngelList) is a great place for recruiters targeting the startup scene, with over 10 million startup-ready candidates, including engineers, PMs, designers, and sales & marketing professionals. It offers a streamlined platform where you can set up in under 10 minutes for free, post jobs, and directly message unlimited candidates, including those open to remote work. Unique filters allow for pinpointing niche talent, and the platform provides insights like job search status and skills. With a focus on startup enthusiasm and a no-cover-letter approach, Wellfound simplifies connecting with entry-level and experienced candidates globally.

9. CrunchBoard

CrunchBoard, part of the TechCrunch ecosystem, is a go-to for startups aiming to connect with tech enthusiasts who keep up with industry trends and innovations. It's perfect for finding candidates who are not only skilled but genuinely excited about tech and startups. With access to millions of TechCrunch readers, your job postings gain exceptional visibility among an internet-savvy, technically inclined audience. Posting a job is budget-friendly at just $200 for two months, offering great value. As TechCrunch's official job board, CrunchBoard taps into a readership passionate about tech, making it an effective platform for recruiting talent ready to dive into the latest in tech.

10. Turing

Turing connects you with senior remote developers who've been through a tough vetting process, ensuring they're not just skilled in tech but also in communication. It's a straightforward way to hire top talent from over 150 countries at a reasonable cost. With Turing, you get access to developers skilled in over 100 areas like React, Python, and Data Engineering, ready to work within your time zone. The platform promises a zero-risk trial; if it's not working out within two weeks, there's no charge. Turing simplifies remote collaboration, offering daily updates and making it easier to manage your team's progress.

11. Tech Job Wall

Tech Job Wall pulls together thousands of jobs from across the web, giving your listings wide exposure with just one click. This way, you're not just posting jobs; you're reaching candidates directly where they hang out online, thanks to smart targeting across social media and job sites. With features like personalised job alerts and a matching process that focuses on the right skills and ratings, finding the perfect fit becomes simpler. Whether you're after software engineers or niche tech talent, Tech Job Wall helps you connect with the right candidates efficiently, saving you time and effort in your search for top talent.

12. Hire Tech Talent

Hire Tech Talent is great at streamlining your search for tech professionals. It's a platform trusted by over 500 companies, including big names like Zalando and NetApp, and is designed to connect you with a broad spectrum of candidates. From software developers to data scientists and engineering leaders, you have access to a diverse talent pool. Each week, over 200 new candidates are rigorously screened, ensuring you meet only the top talent ready for roles across IT, sales, marketing, and management. This platform simplifies your recruitment process and matches you efficiently with verified tech professionals, saving both time and resources.

Why WeAreDevelopers is your go-to for tech talent

WeAreDevelopers is recognised as the largest tech-focused job board in Germany and across Europe. The platform is designed to streamline how companies find potential hires, making sure they are thoroughly vetted and available for new opportunities. Create your company profile, and quickly get your job listings in front of thousands of candidates in Europe. What sets this website apart? Not only can you assess candidate compatibility based on their skills and experience, but candidates can also get in touch with you directly, showing their interest in your openings.

Forget the traditional hiring hassles. There's no need for cover letters or sifting through endless applications. Candidates can show their interest directly, and you have the opportunity to approach them with an offer, making the process more direct and efficient. This approach is why this platform is favoured by companies eager to fill their tech roles with the best talent available.

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