This is how software engineers want to work in 2023
December 12, 2022
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This is how software engineers want to work in 2023

Barbara Oberrauter-Zabransky
Barbara Oberrauter-Zabransky

People are different. Everyone has preferences and needs that apply to the way of working, the place of work, and the operational structures.

Nevertheless, there are some similarities and clear trends in various industries and occupational groups, but the same goes for software engineers.

Therefore we have investigated in our latest WeAreDevelopers survey what things engineers need to be able to work happily and successfully. Let’s find out together what are the working trends in 2023!

Positive: What really matters after the home office?

After the big, pandemic-related migration to the home office, many software companies are reorienting themselves toward thinking about what their teams appreciate and need in the workplace.

Clearly, the most important benefit of spending more time in the office is again: the colleagues. Almost half of the respondents state that contact with the other team members is increasing again, which connects people.

More than a third (37%) of software engineers also say that returning to the office makes it easier if it’s possible to separate private and professional matters again. The daily routine and structure that work in the office entail a clear advantage for almost a third of those surveyed.

Negative: Commuting and lack of retreats define work

Software engineers (34% of respondents) see two disadvantages when returning to the office: First, this often doesn’t offer a reasonable opportunity to withdraw and work in a quiet place.

And secondly, it's annoying: commuting. A lot of time is spent on the outward and return journey. Being stuck in a traffic jam or crammed in a packed bus is not quality time.

It is also annoying for many that they are constantly interrupted in the office during work.

This meeting could have been an e-mail.

It also annoys them when colleagues talk too loudly or talk on the phone, as 31% of respondents find it difficult to work concentrated in the office. When considering working in an open-plan office, 29% are determined against it for the same reason. If they can choose, four out of five developers prefer their own room or share the space with two or three colleagues.

What you need to offer your team in 2023

Developers know how to work motivated and productively. You have to listen carefully and take the individual needs of your team members seriously. A good salary is still an important reason to do your job. But the opportunity to work on interesting projects is a huge motivation factor.

Apart from that, the time and place of work are more important today than ever. Today’s developers want flexible working time models that meet their wishes and life realities. This also applies to how much time to dedicate at home and how much in the office - or what the company plans with "workation" offers.

Employers who grant their teams more freedom will be awarded by their tech workforce with more commitment and conscientious work.

Appreciation and further development define the work culture

It should be no secret that a positive, respectful corporate culture adds value for every employee through cooperation, support, open communication, respect, diversity, and appreciation. Developers are no different from others. They will be motivated to get to work if they receive constructive feedback instead of aggressive criticism, if their successes are rewarded and praised, or if their needs and the work-life balance are taken seriously.

This appreciation is also evident in the topic of learning and further education. Software engineers always want to develop further and learn new things. Demanding training, conferences, and exchanging ideas are important benefits for them. Therefore, ensure that your team members never feel they aren’t moving off the current spot or making progress in their professional development.

Software engineers are especially concerned about health. They appreciate when companies are seriously and sustainably committed to the well-being of their workforce. Health promotion through sports and recreation, ergonomic workplaces, and on-site healthy food is a plus for many developers.

5 future values for software engineers

Today, large groups aren’t only looking for fast money in their careers. Instead, they look for meaning.

Software engineers want to be part of something bigger. They want to feel that their work is actually changing something. They don’t have to work on a large humanitarian project to achieve this. Instead, they mustn’t feel that their efforts and results don’t matter.

Of course, employees can find additional motivation in their own company if it represents a true set of values, prescribes itself to social concerns, or applies a moral compass when making decisions. If the company seriously wants to contribute to a livable, fairer world, the motivation and perhaps even the pride of being part of the team increases for software engineers.

If you think about these aspects and take appropriate steps, your tech team will be glad to come to the office. Here are a few more tips on how to make this more attractive.

  • Top equipment: Don't be stingy for furniture, lighting, hardware, or software...
  • Communication infrastructure: Ensure that all team members can work together efficiently via technically suitable channels from home, on the go, or in the office
  • Data access: Software engineers want to work efficiently. To achieve this, you need constant rapid access to relevant data, figures, and information from customers, analysts, or superiors.
  • Personalization: Enable employees to design their workplace according to individual tastes and personal needs
  • Space for relaxation: Create relaxation areas and social spaces with cozy furniture where you can ‘chill’ well.

Conclusion: Good planning is everything

To work happily and successfully, software engineers need a few specific things: autonomy in their work, opportunities to learn new things quickly, development opportunities, and a sense of community. In addition, software engineers must have the opportunity to contribute their ideas and to be heard.

All these things won’t cost the company much but require targeted planning - and a clear concept of where the company wants to go. Like so many currently looking for IT specialists should take these results to heart and offer software engineers a workplace with added value.


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