How to promote tech job postings in a clogged virtual space?
August 30, 2021
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How to promote tech job postings in a clogged virtual space?

Adnan Pavlovic
Adnan Pavlovic

We have said numerous times that hiring great talent starts with writing a compelling job posting. 

As tech recruiting revolves around a very competitive and clogged talent market, it makes job postings efficient promotion an essential activity.

The recent pandemic shook things even more and made the recruiting game immensely challenging. We have relocated most of our activities into virtual space, also making it the prime communication environment.

Blending in various channels optimizes job posting promotion

Creating an effective job posting promotion requires recruiting and marketing teams to collaborate closely. 

Assuming that the quality of job descriptions is where you want them to be, the next step should be a definition of suitable communication channels to address software developers.

Suppose you decide to continue as many companies by using primarily social media in the communication process. You will probably hit the obstacle, if not already.

HR professionals should use a custom-made communication mix to optimize their promotional results instead of focusing just on social media. The graphic below depicts a communication mix concept that blends in different platforms to provide more maneuverable space when reaching out to software developers.

tech job postings promotion

Social media has become one of the favorite channels for communicating job postings. Under the assumption that tech candidates connect with other people on social media, companies regularly present their employer brand and culture. This isn't a completely wrong approach, but this channel shouldn’t be the main or only choice. Think of it more likely as a top-of recruiting funnel communication tool. In case you want to push deeper down the recruiting funnel, we suggest using other channels.

For example, job boards, still with us and not even close to being dead. Job boards are especially suitable as an option for sourcing candidates. Custom-made solutions such as the WeAreDevelopers job marketplace allow recruiters to create precise job descriptions, use rich media, and shorten up sourcing-to-interview stage candidate journey.

Employee referrals are the most sought promotional tool for recruiters. They can’t be artificially driven, programmatically marketed, or whatsoever. Building a referral program throws hard work for HR departments but paying a significant dividend once set right. Your employees, especially recently hired ones, are the best brand ambassadors. They make sure that potential candidates fit your company culture and working environment.

Job postings further enhancements

No matter how optimized the communication strategy is, the HR department and marketing team still need to write engaging job postings to attract software developers. 

Recently, we wrote about what it takes to create attractive ones. Rich content (i.e., images or videos) should become the main component of any tech job posting. It increases its overall visibility and gives better clues of what to expect from certain job positions. 

Using different channels to promote job postings will also require a deeper understanding of internal mechanisms. The job title still is the first thing candidates will see on any channel. Do anything you can to make your job title-specific (i.e., Software Engineer ---> Senior Software Engineer ---> Role ---> Coding Language). Besides improving your SEO results, it will also contribute to job post visibility and support advanced communication strategies. 

As a tech recruiter, always make sure to analyze every role you are looking for correctly. In that sense, you will be able to create job postings that are:

  • Easy to read and understand 
  • Driven by technical language
  • Having distinction between must-have and nice-to-have skills

No matter how much success you have in writing compelling job postings, each of them can be seen through two perspectives: demanding and supportive ones. We encourage tech recruiters to create supportive job postings when looking to provide necessary information about what candidates need to do. It’s better not to demand too much from them immediately. Not to mention that these types of job postings perform better in clogged virtual space. 

tech job postings promotion

A recent study has revealed that the salary is still the most important deciding factor for developers to change or keep their job. It comes with even a bigger priority compared to working hours and other conditions affecting their work-life balance.

Salary transparency adds substantial visibility to job postings at any job board, providing a sense of respect for developers.


Your job postings have to advance in writing and optimizing communication, no matter if looking to attract junior or senior tech candidates. 

If a candidate doesn’t believe in having the skills needed for the job, they won’t apply for certain positions. Distributing and fine-tuning different versions of the same job posting through various channels will optimize the overall reach and increase the chances to make it stand out.


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