How to recruit a DevOps engineer
December 11, 2023
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How to recruit a DevOps engineer

Ivana Spiridonovic
Ivana Spiridonovic

In our recent episode of the Tech Recruiting Academy, industry experts, Hung Lee, Rudi Bauer, Ixchel Ruiz, and Iwan Gulenko, delved into the intricate relationship dynamics between recruiters and DevOps engineers. Unpacking their conversation reveals key insights essential for understanding this complex interplay.

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DevOps: beyond Cloud

DevOps goes beyond server management. What truly defines a DevOps engineer are their soft skills, adept conflict navigation, and a strong sense of purpose. This role isn't one-dimensional; it requires a blend of technical proficiency and sharp interpersonal abilities.

Communication: crafting the connective thread

One resounding theme echoed throughout the discussion: effective communication is pivotal in bridging the gap between recruiters and DevOps engineers. DevOps, with their highly analytical minds, prioritize clarity and directness in communication, a trait not always mirrored in typical recruiter interactions. Their reluctance toward ambiguity means they appreciate direct, succinct styles—such as shorter emails, bullet points, and straightforward articulation—over verbose narratives. This mismatch in communication styles often leaves DevOps candidates feeling frustrated, especially when faced with recruiters using open-ended or unreal questions that lack specificity. 

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Providing desired feedback

Additionally, the scarcity of feedback in the hiring process is a notable concern for DevOps candidates who value constructive input, even if not explicitly sought. Recruiters often operate in a more ambiguous manner, leaving candidates uncertain about their standing—a stark contrast to the DevOps preference for a pragmatic, clear communication style. Understanding and adapting to these nuanced communication preferences is crucial for establishing a more effective and harmonious rapport between recruiters and DevOps engineers.

From decoding the behavioral incentives to unraveling the multifaceted nature of DevOps roles, the session underscored the importance of empathy, clarity, and adaptability in this relationship. It's not just about technical skills; it’s about the subtle dance of understanding, communicating, and respecting each other’s unique perspectives.

The evolving landscape of tech recruitment requires a recalibration—a shift from conventional approaches to a more nuanced understanding of the intricate relationships that drive the industry forward.


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