10 great job ad examples
March 1, 2024
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10 great job ad examples

Rebeka Meszaros
Rebeka Meszaros

Are you trying to write a job ad that not only gets noticed but actually pulls in the tech talent you're after? It's tough out there, with everyone vying for the same brilliant minds. But don't worry, we're about to show you some job ad examples that really stand out from the crowd. 

We'll pick apart what makes them tick and how you can steal a bit of their thunder for your own ads. Whether you're drafting your first job advertisement or looking to jazz up your current approach, these examples are your ticket to catching the eye of top tech talent. Let's get into it and make your job ad the one they can't scroll past.

1. Platomics: Clear prospects and support

First, check out Platomics GmbH's Full Stack Engineer job post — it's a solid example of a tech job ad done right.

Here's why we like it:

  • By listing out the tech skills needed, it's easy for techies to see if their toolkit matches up.
  • They're big on clean code and smart decision-making, which is music to the ears of devs who pride themselves on quality work.
  • With talk of an open feedback culture and personal growth, it's clear they're all about supporting their team.
  • The ad gives a peek into the role's impact and the chance to collaborate, perfect for those looking to make a difference.
  • They lay out the goodies — competitive pay, flexible hours, remote work — making it tempting for anyone looking for a great opportunity.
  • Clearing up the language requirements upfront means everyone's on the same page, communication-wise.
  • The ad's layout makes finding what you need to know hassle-free, which is always a plus.
  • The writing style is excellent and concise — gets straight to the point.

What really stands out:

Platomics GmbH's job ad invites the reader to join a team that values quality and supports its crew — which is particularly important when it comes to attracting top candidates.

2. Apple: A focus on clarity and engagement

Apple's Multimodal Generative Modeling Engineer job post is a lesson in crafting spot-on tech job ads. 

Here's why we like it:

  • Being straight to the point with the required skills saves time and attracts only qualified applicants. A clear list ensures a better match right off the bat.
  • Detailed role descriptions pique the interest of candidates aligned with the mission, helping to attract those genuinely interested in the role's impact. 
  • Showcasing career development appeals to ambitious candidates looking for growth, which helps attract motivated talent and improves retention.
  • Clear info on pay and benefits sets expectations early, building trust and attracting those candidates who value openness.
  • Takes a clear stance on inclusivity, which broadens the talent pool.

What stands out:

Apple's ad isn't just a list of requirements; they invite candidates into their world. They are clear and upfront about pay, benefits and growth opportunities, which makes this ad a prime example of how to attract top-notch talent.

3. Amazon: A fresh take on tech job ads

The way Amazon describes its AWS Cross Domain Services role breaks the mould. 

Here’s why we like it:

  • Mentioning the role's direct effect on AWS data exchange sets a purpose-driven tone. It tells candidates their work matters, right from the start.
  • Points out that the engineer’s work will visibly impact customer success is motivating. It assures candidates that their contributions will be recognised and valued.
  • Describes the job as part startup, part tech powerhouse suggesting a dynamic work culture. It appeals to those looking for innovation with the security of a well-established company.
  • It is upfront about the need for security clearance, is transparent and sets clear expectations for applicants, streamlining the hiring process.
  • Highlights diversity initiatives and culture showing Amazon’s dedication to an inclusive workplace.

What really stands out:

The emphasis on customer interaction is a clear signal that Amazon values engineers who are not just technically proficient but also deeply understand user needs. 

4. Meta: All about innovation

Meta's job ad for a QA Engineering Manager in London is another great example of job ads for tech roles.

Here's why we like it:

  • It mentions the role's impact on major products like Facebook and Instagram, which immediately makes the post stand out.
  • Targets forward-thinkers very clearly by detailing the shift towards early testing and automation development, showing Meta's innovative edge.
  • They provide a clear, detailed list of responsibilities and qualifications, which helps candidates quickly decide whether they are fit.
  • Meta's commitment to diversity and inclusivity broadens the ad's appeal, signalling a welcoming workplace culture — one of the top requirements for quality candidates.

What really stands out:

The ad's focus on automation and its role in Meta's QA processes highlights the company's commitment to tech innovation and efficiency. This angle appeals to the most ambitious talent out there.

5. Red Bull: How to really stand out

Red Bull's Senior Data Scientist role is very unique and avoids using more words than it is absolutely necessary

Here's why we like it:

  • They dive right into what's exciting about the role, avoiding fluff. 
  • A quick snapshot of the TV-Insight project shows candidates exactly what they'll be working on, making the opportunity tangible.
  • The ad makes it clear this isn't just any job but a chance to significantly shape a product, appealing to those looking to leave their mark.
  • With a concise list of what's needed, the ad respects candidates' time, making it easy for them to see if they're a good fit.
  • The use of images breaks up the text, making the ad more engaging and easier to digest, especially on mobile devices.
  • Encouraging candidates to show their personal style in applications adds a human touch, inviting diversity and creativity.

What really stands out:

Red Bull's job ad is efficient and engaging. The clear, jargon-free language and visually appealing layout make it accessible and easy to understand, setting a high standard for tech job ads.

6. Amgen: The power of fresh language

Amgen's ad for a Specialist IS Business Systems Analyst is a lesson in keeping things fresh.

Here’s why we like it:

  • Ditching the usual "Requirements" for something like "How might you defy imagination?" keeps readers hooked. It's a smart way to make the ad pop.
  • They start strong, showing you're stepping into a role that matters. Making the impact clear from the start draws in those looking to make a difference.
  • Giving the lowdown on the Agile team and what they're building helps candidates see where they fit. Clear project details mean applicants can easily match their skills to the role.
  • Bullet points lay out what's expected, no fluff. This clarity helps candidates quickly see if they're up for the job.
  • Splitting must-haves from nice-to-haves makes it easy for folks to check if they qualify. Clear qualifications mean less guesswork for everyone.
  • Phrases like "Let’s change the world" inject energy and appeal to go-getters. Vibrant language grabs attention.

What really stands out:

Using catchy subheads throughout the ad makes the description more engaging and easier to digest. It's a clever trick for recruiters to keep candidates reading and interested.

7. Verizon: Emphasise the mission

Verizon's Network Security Engineer listing stands out for its format and nails the content.

Here’s why we like it:

  • Begins with a compelling narrative, instantly drawing candidates in by showcasing the role's significance within Verizon's global mission.
  • Hits the sweet spot with detailed yet concise information, perfect for candidates scanning quickly.
  • Clearly outlines the technical skills and experiences needed, making it easy for candidates to self-assess their fit.
  • Highlights work with cutting-edge technologies like big data and machine learning, appealing to tech enthusiasts eager for advanced projects.
  • Encourages a broader range of applicants by welcoming those who may not meet every single qualification, potentially expanding the talent pool.
  • Uses visuals and related job links effectively, creating a more engaging and visually appealing ad.

What really stands out:

Starting the ad with a background that connects the role to Verizon's broader mission is appealing to candidates motivated by impactful work.

8. Glassdoor: Transparency in focus

Glassdoor's ad for their Director of Engineering role captures what’s really important for candidates in the tech job market. 

Here’s why we like it:

  • They kick things off with their mission, instantly showing you're not just signing up for a job, but a cause. It’s a smart move to attract folks who want their work to mean something.
  • They're upfront about remote work possibilities, hitting the sweet spot for those craving flexibility.
  • The ad spells out how this role fits into Glassdoor's grand scheme, perfect for drawing in strategic thinkers ready to lead.
  • It balances the techy stuff with the leadership qualities needed, appealing to well-rounded pros.
  • Highlighting a solid benefits package, including health perks and stock options, shows they really look after their team.
  • With catchy subheads and bullet points, the ad’s a breeze to read, especially on mobile.

What really stands out:

The mission-driven start really makes this ad pop. It’s not just about what you’ll do, but why it matters, setting Glassdoor apart as a place where work is more than just tasks and targets. 

9. Nvidia: Be part of something great

NVIDIA's Senior System Software Engineer ad really shows how to entice top candidates.

Here’s why we like it:

  • Kicks off with NVIDIA's big wins, sparking interest for the innovation lovers.
  • Breaks down the role focusing on the tech used, so the right folks can see they're a fit.
  • Lists the must-have skills clearly, making it a breeze for candidates to check if they're up to snuff.
  • Points out the extra skills that could give candidates an edge, guiding them on how to shine.
  • Lays out the pay and perks upfront, so everyone knows what's on the table.
  • Wraps up with a strong nod to being open to everyone, broadening its draw.
  • The layout's very user-friendly too, with neat headings that guide you through without any hassle. 
  • The language they use is lively and inviting, reflecting NVIDIA's forward-thinking vibe.

What really stands out:

Starting with NVIDIA's groundbreaking work isn't just for show; it frames the whole job in a way that says, "Here's your chance to be part of something huge.

10. Aedifion: Relatable language hits the spot

Aedifion GmbH's ad for a Senior Backend Developer nails it with its no-nonsense approach.

Here’s why we like it:

  • Cleverly points out language requirements — which often gets left out — making it clear who fits the bill.
  • Uses catchy phrases for technical skills, making the list memorable and less dry.
  • Breaks down the job into bite-sized tasks, so candidates know exactly what's expected.
  • Briefly touches on the company's dynamic work style, appealing to those who prefer agile environments.
  • Promotes remote and hybrid options, showing they're in tune with today's work preferences.
  • Lists unique benefits clearly, setting them apart from standard job ads.

What really stands out:

The job ad's knack for blending detailed role expectations with a light-hearted tone makes technical requirements more approachable. 

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