Flexibility, the next big thing in tech recruiting
October 25, 2021
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Flexibility, the next big thing in tech recruiting

Adnan Pavlovic
Adnan Pavlovic

We might have forgotten that being flexible provides us with different options when making strategic decisions. Nowadays, tech recruiting centers itself mainly on using the same tools over and over. It’s a no-brainer why we often hear that tech recruiting is very difficult today.

We had to ask ourselves if was time to change our approach. Instead of using recruiting tools as standalone products, WeAreDevelopers recently introduced an innovative combined approach for tech recruiters - the Company Membership!

Company Membership, a way to get closer to the devs

The search for qualified tech talents is often so tedious.

According to our study, more than 60% of developers aren’t actively looking for a job, which directly correlates with the overall amount of time recruiters have to invest in attracting and hiring tech candidates. 

As all-year-round access to the WeAreDevelopers dev community, Company Membership provides recruiters with more flexibility to deliver messages efficiently towards potential candidates and also to generate respect over the longer course of time.

From now on, companies can combine different products from our platform (e.g., job ads, brand pages, or pay-per-hire services) while having a constant overview of their hiring strategy through an optimized Membership dashboard.

Company Membership dashboard

Get an oversight on functionalities

Be constantly aware of your membership plan and functionalities. Do you have a small or big recruiting team, or are you a solo recruiter? It doesn’t matter! Whoever takes over the recruiting duties, there is a constant overview of what is at your disposal.

Company Membership dashboard

Curate brand pages according to the hiring plans

Whether presenting your tech stack or featuring insights about real projects, the Membership dashboard helps you curate your brand page.

Company Membership dashboard

Job ads pipeline overview in all its simplicity

Get a complete overview of your job ads plan situation and design pipeline according to your needs, urgencies, and of course, the budget. When you need more job ads, simply purchase an additional quota.

Company Membership dashboard

Hiring plan delivered to your virtual desk

Whether you are looking for quick hires, visibility, or additional benefits such as our acclaimed pay-per-hire service, you will have it all at your virtual desk. Easy to track and report to upper management.

Company Membership dashboard

Setting billing information has never been easier

Who loves to bother with the administration? We certainly don’t. Keep your focus on recruiting plans, and all you need to do is fill out the billing information. We will do the rest!


As tech recruiting changes and evolves, WeAreDevelopers goes along to bring tech recruiters of the future closer to dev communities. Check our Company Membership, start embracing the bigger picture!


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