The secret sauce to collaborating with hiring managers
March 14, 2024
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The secret sauce to collaborating with hiring managers

In a this episode of the Tech Recruiting Academy, titled "The secret sauce to collaborating with hiring managers," host Ana Gospodinova welcomed recruiting expert Rassam Yaghmaei to discuss the do's and dont's of working with hiring managers.

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While there's no magic formular, here's three key takeaways from this episode to help you work with hiring managers more effectively and build a successful relationship.

Try to understand your hiring manager's perspective

It's important to understand the business priorities and challenges your hiring manager is facing. It's equally important to assess your hiring managers biases to improve the recruitment process. Which leads us to the following key takeaway.

Collaboration is key

Try to view the recruitment process as a collective project and not just an HR responsibility. Ask your hiring manager for tools and tips on evaluating candidates, but don't forget to take a look at your own assesment process too. Good hiring managers often want to help but lack the time and resources to do so. Recruiters can facilitate the hiring process by providing guidance and support.

Recognize your hiring managers efforts

Recognize your hiring managers' efforts throughout the hiring process. Celebrate the journey rather than just the end result. Your hiring managers will be more likely to prioritize recruitment needs and go the extra mile to ensure successful hires.


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