Top tech recruiting tools to hire tech talent
September 22, 2023
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Top tech recruiting tools to hire tech talent

Luis Minvielle
Luis Minvielle

The tech industry is facing a huge talent gap in 2023. As the demand for developers continues to increase, the supply of qualified candidates is not keeping up. According to the IMF, the world will need well over 85 million additional developers by 2030 to meet the growing needs of the digital economy. At the same time, developer salaries are going up in Europe, creating competition among tech recruiters to secure the best talent for their companies.

What can HR professionals do to overcome these obstacles and hire top European tech talent? One solution is to leverage technology to optimise their recruiting process. 

Many tools on the market can help recruiters with various aspects of their hiring journey, such as sourcing, screening, interviewing, evaluating, and engaging with candidates. In this article, we will present you the best tools for HR recruiters in 2023 that can help you find and hire the developers you need.

1. WeAreDevelopers

WeAreDevelopers is a leading software developer community that bridges the gap between companies and potential candidates. We offer a range of services to boost your results in tech recruiting, employer branding, product marketing, and brand awareness. We’ve designed our platform to empower recruiters with invaluable insights and proven recruitment strategies for attracting highly skilled software engineers.

Here are some of our special features as a tech recruitment tool:

  • Unlimited job ads: With a company membership, you can post an unlimited number of high-converting job ads on the WeAreDevelopers’ job board.
  • Premium Brand Page: Showcase your employer brand and gain constant visibility in the developer community.
  • Constant visibility: WeAreDevelopers offers constant visibility in the developer community through events and on-demand content.
  • Full access to Tech Recruiting Lounge: Gain full access to WeAreDevelopers’ Tech Recruiting Lounge, which provides valuable insights and tips for tech recruiting.
  • Free tickets to developer events: As a member, you’ll receive complimentary tickets to our developer events.

What’s more, we offer an end-to-end recruiting service that helps companies build their software engineering teams. The platform provides a range of services to further shrink hiring times and manage the process without forcing companies to adopt project management software. These are some key features of our recruiting services:

  • Dedicated Talent Manager: Meet WeAreDevelopers’ experts who are available to maximise your hiring success.
  • Active sourcing: Our career advisors identify and approach suitable candidates within our registered and actively searching community of over 50,000 developers.
  • Pre-screening and interview notes: We deliver pre-filtered and pre-screened candidates based on the job requirements directly to your hiring manager.
  • Applicants tracking dashboard: Get a clear overview of your candidates and keep track of them in the hiring pipeline.
  • Matching engine: Our matching engine connects you with developers who are actively looking for jobs on our platform.
  • Increased visibility and outreach: Your job offers will be published as highly visible Premium Ads throughout the WeAreDevelopers Job Marketplace.

Companies that take advantage of these services can connect with pre-screened and interview-ready candidates, reduce your time-to-hire, and hire for all tech roles, including Software Developers, Data Scientists, DevOps, QA Engineers, Product Managers, and more.

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2. Textio

Textio addresses bias in all aspects of the hiring process, from job descriptions to performance evaluations. By using Textio, recruiting teams can quickly optimise job posts and candidate outreach with inclusive language, ensuring their communication resonates with diverse jobseekers.

Unconscious bias in written communication can negatively impact performance reviews and opportunities for employee growth. Textio enables managers to detect and eradicate discriminatory language, attempting to create a more inclusive workplace. Besides its admirable — and technically intricate — goal, Textio might turn out to be statistically helpful. Research consistently shows that shorter, more concise job descriptions engage jobseekers to a higher degree. Since Textio covers language and writing style as well, recruiters could leverage it to get their job posts sharper.

Source: LinkedIn

3. SeekOut

SeekOut is a candidate sourcing software for technical and expert-level positions. The main difference with other platforms is that It allows you to find passive candidates from various sources, such as GitHub or LinkedIn. Besides verifying their contact details and helping recruiters reach out to them with email templates and campaigns, SeekOut enables recruiters to filter candidates by diversity criteria and use a blind hiring mode to reduce bias. Moreover, SeekOut analyses the talent market and provides insights on salary, hiring trends, skill distribution, and talent availability. With surveys showing how recruiting is still a major challenge to most companies, tapping into the passive candidate pool sounds like a promising prospect.


Workflow, project, and team management are all improved with, a project management tool of sorts that can be similar to ClickUp and Trello. Human resources departments can use this highly customisable to monitor applicants as they progress through the hiring process — checking that each deliverable has been accounted for.

You’ll notice out-and-out, though, that is not a specialised HR tool — but it’s still a marvellous time-saving software. Recruitment-related features on include to-do lists, calendars, and message boards. If recruiters can use these tools to streamline their operations, they'll have more time to devote to finding top-tier IT professionals.

The upside of using such a tool is that it might already be available in your company: you should simply ask for a separate folder, URL, or username and start incorporating it into your talent acquisition strategy.

5. SurveyMonkey

Companies looking for European tech talent can use SurveyMonkey to easily collect feedback from their target demographic. Twenty million questions are processed daily on the SurveyMonkey platform for market research and surveys. The platform's abundance of pre-made survey formats makes it possible to gather responses in a matter of minutes. It’s better known as a customer experience platform, certainly, but the company has publicised how it can be used to get insights from candidates, besides the more evident approach of using it to gauge employee satisfaction.

Companies can collect the necessary information thanks to customisable, high-quality surveys and forms. The platform's widespread data-gathering capabilities make it easier for businesses to communicate with their intended customers. After collecting data, SurveyMonkey's advanced analytics show you how to put it to good use. Over a hundred different applications and plugins can be used in tandem with the platform to hike up effectiveness.

SurveyMonkey is a user-friendly platform for conducting market research, employee feedback surveys, and other types of customer satisfaction surveys. As such, combined with offerings such as end-to-end recruiting services, SurveyMonkey can help to continuously hone a talent acquisition strategy.

6. LinkedIn

LinkedIn is the most popular social network for professionals. With that said, is it the best place for developers? On the one hand, LinkedIn offers several features for finding and hiring professionals. These include LinkedIn Recruiter, which enables recruiters to search and connect with candidates based on their skills, experience, and location. LinkedIn Jobs allows businesses to post vacancies and attract qualified applicants. Additionally, LinkedIn Career Pages provide a platform for businesses to showcase their employer brand, culture, and opportunities.

Yet, on the other hand, this mammoth social network also has some drawbacks that make it less appealing for developers, and thus for recruiters hiring tech talent:

  • It is not a developer-focused platform. LinkedIn is a general platform that caters to all kinds of professionals, meaning developers have to compete with millions of other users for visibility and attention. This is bad news for recruiters who’re forced to sift through resumes of UX designers when looking for a senior backend developer. In the blame game, though, if recruiters notice so many mismatches between applicants and the role, they might want to reconsider their job ad and check if it’s adequate."
  • It is not a community of developers. It is a network of connections, meaning developers have fewer opportunities to interact with other developers, share their projects, learn new skills, and get feedback. Recruiters might have difficulty sourcing talent if it’s a nit-picking job.
  • Maintaining one’s privacy is not exactly a walk in the park. It is accepted that LinkedIn, like most socials, collects user data and uses it for targeted advertising and recruitment purposes. However, the extent to which user data is shared with advertisers and recruiters may vary and is subject to LinkedIn's privacy policies. But let’s take that aside, as well as the well-known fact that, by default, LinkedIn will tell users who’s been checking their profile. Many interactions on LinkedIn are plainly public: “Drop a line in the comments section 👇,” “Answer here, and you’ll get a freebie in the job application form,” and such rogueries are common practice. More wary developers would rather not have a network of professionals know what they’re up to, and LinkedIn is not exactly fit for that kind of secrecy.

While LinkedIn is a solid choice for general job recruitment, it may not fully address the specific needs and preferences of tech developers who seek more than just an empty job posting. For tech recruiters actively searching for a platform that understands and appreciates developers, offers a supportive community of like-minded peers and mentors, and keeps them up to date with the latest tech trends, it may be worth considering other alternatives.

7. Recruitee

If you ever applied for a job in, well, any line of work, you’ll probably recognise the Recruitee’s logo; that’s how ubiquitous the ATS Recruitee has become. This tool helps organisations save time and effort in talent acquisition. By automating manual tasks throughout the recruitment journey, companies can free up as much as 64% of their time, enabling them to focus on more strategic aspects of the hiring process, such as checking the cultural or techincal match.

Recruitee goes beyond traditional applicant tracking systems and, allegedly, turns everyone in the organisation into a recruiter. Teams can actively participate in talent sourcing and outreach through social sharing links, sourcing tools, and referrals. With over 120 integrations with popular apps, Recruitee fits into existing tech stacks. Its remarkable 97.1% customer satisfaction rate, its memorable logo, and its alleged handling of over 20 million total applicants solidify its position as a leading tech recruiting solution in the market.

Utilising Recruitee will allow you to focus on developing a powerful brand narrative. Having a large and talented developer pool is possible if you partner up to advertise your company's culture and values to prospective employees.

8. Togglhire

Togglhire’s implicit message is that, since a resume can be made up, it’s important to test abilities in a scalable way. Thus, their purpose is to offer HR professionals a skills-based hiring platform that lets recruiters create and administer skills tests to candidates.

Companies can choose from over 150 pre-built templates or create their own custom tests for any skill or role. Togglhire helps filter out unqualified candidates and shortlist the best ones based on their test scores.

Have you found the appropriate tool yet?

As a recruiter, you understand the importance of reliable and effective recruitment processes. By leveraging the tools described in this article, you can save time, attract talent, and secure data. With tedious processes automated, you’ll be able to focus on branding, communication, and building relationships with potential candidates.

In today’s challenging tech job market, recruitment tools can be the helping hand you need. Partnering with us, WeAreDevelopers, will enhance your talent acquisition strategy and enable you to make the best use of these tools.

Our developer community, insights, proven recruitment strategies, end-to-end recruitment services, brand pages and unlimited job ads make us stand out as an exceptional option for tech recruitment. We’re ready to partner up and learn how we can help you out. Book a call with our representatives to learn more about our offerings. 


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