Devs' life at a glance

Developers often raise their voices with clear demands but usually get misunderstood by hiring managers and tech recruiters. Our 2022 survey inspects three important aspects of devs' life: looking for, being at, and retaining their job. Read the full report and get the latest insights into devs' life!

#Wanted and #Misunderstood: A Developer Survey 2022

Misunderstanding #1

Job boredom

When bored with their job, developers start looking for a new jobs after just one or two months. However, before making the final decision, they will try mending things with their current employer.

Misunderstanding #2

Discrimination at work

Shockingly, more than half of the survey participants have felt or seen discrimination at their workplace! Expectedly, these incidents are mainly concerning women.

Misunderstanding #3

Toxic environments affect the desire for a job change

Awareness of the negative impact of toxicity grows among developers as one of the key factors for a job change. The traditional factor - salary - is still the most decisive factor, but for not long.

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Our methodology

  • Data collection method: CAWI
  • Target group: IT professionals
  • Fieldwork period: April 2022
  • Sample size: n=756
  • Survey area: DACH (Austria, Germany, Switzerland)
  • Survey language: English or German

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