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WeAreDevelopers is a worldwide community of software developers and tech enthusiasts. Hosted by developers, this exclusive 1-on-1 fireside chat series gives a glimpse into world-class tech minds. Their anecdotes, career busts, wins, and everything in between. Grab a cup of coffee and tune in for a good time.

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Software Developers
Software Architects
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QA Engineers
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Product Owners
Software and product development enthusiasts

»WeAreDevelopers is the place where you meet everyone else in the industry and learn about the latest things.«

David Singleton
CTO, Stripe

What's Brewing?

This podcast series brings together brilliant tech minds that drive insightful conversations and simply enjoy sharing their experiences with developers worldwide.



Join the community of tech minds from all walks of life.


Get to know the most exciting names in the industry from a new, more personal angle.

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Proceed with caution. Episodes in this series might leave you seriously inspired.

PS. If you want to grab a coffee with our community in person, join us in Berlin for the world's flagship event for developers.

»WeAreDevelopers is my favorite conference. It's the best event you can go to if you are a developer!«

Joel Spolsky
Founder of Stack Overflow, Trello, Glitch & HASH